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Name in Japanese Tattoos

These beautiful designs, hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, come in formats for personal and professional use. All designs are delivered digitally when your order is placed - there is no waiting.

by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

Over 4000 Names Meticulously Translated to Japanese

For each name, we start by giving the pronunciation of the name. This is important because names can be pronounced differently and this is the only way to know whether the translation is right for you. Then we cross check each name against Japanese dictionaries, and movie and entertainment databases. This way you know the translation is commonly used and we take it a step further because we then show which celebrities use the translation. And, finally, at Reference Materials we provide you with the resources to check our work if you would like.

About Translating Names to Japanese

Katakana is the standard way that names are translated to Japanese. Katakana preserves the pronunciation and is the option most likely to be recognized as a name. Katakana is also the way that non-Japanese names appear in Japanese dictionaries.

Hiragana can be used to write names in Japanese. Hiragana is considered more feminine as it was created by the poetesses of the Heian period. Like Katakana, hiragana preserves the pronunciation and is likely to be recognized as a name.

A literal translation to kanji translates the meaning of the name. Names have both a pronunciation and a meaning and so a complete translation is created by combining a phonetic translation and the literal translation to kanji.

For more information read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese

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Sab (sahb, sabu)

Sabich (sah-biCH, sabicchi)

Sabina (sah-bEE-nah, sabi-na)

Sabine (sah-bEE-nuh, sabi-nu)

Sabino (sah-bee-no, sabino)

Sabir (sah-bir, sabiru)

Sable (say-buhl, seiburu)

Sabnani (sahb-nah-nee, sabunani)

Sabrina (sah-bree-nah, saburina)

Sacha (sa-SHah, sassha)

Sacha (sah-shah, sasha)

Sachi (sah-chee, sachi)

Sachie (sah-chee-e, sachie)

Sachiko (sah-chee-ko, sachiko)

Sachio (sah-chee-o, sachio)

Sada (sah-dah, sada)

Sadashiv (sah-dah-sheev, sadashivu)

Sadie (sah-dee, sadi)

Sadie (say-dee, seidi)

Sadie (say-dEE, seidi-)

Sady (sah-dee, sadi)

Sadye (say-dEE, seidi-)

Saeed (sah-EEd, sai-do)

Saemundur (sEE-muhn-dur, shi-munda-)

Safat (sah-fahT, safatto)

Saffron (saf-rawn, safuron)

Saga (sah-gah, saga)

Sagamore (sah-gah-mor, sagamoa)

Sagar (sah-gahr, sagaru)

Sage (sayj, seiji)

Sahar (sah-hahr, saharu)

Sahara (sah-hah-rah, sahara)

Sahil (sah-hIl, sahi-ru)

Sahil (sah-hil, sahiru)

Sahira (sah-hee-rah, sahira)

Saia (sah-ee-ah, saia)

Saibal (sie-bahl, saibaru)

Said (sah-EEd, sai-do)

Saif (sah-EEf, sai-fu)

Saira (sie-rah, saira)

Sairag (sie-rAHg, saira-gu)

Sajan (sah-jan, sajan)

Sajen (say-jeen, seijin)

Sajid (sAH-jeed, sa-jido)

Sajid (sah-jeeD, sajiddo)

Sakari (sah-kah-ree, sakari)

Saki (sah-kee, saki)

Sakina (sah-kee-nah, sakina)

Sakke (sah-Ke, sakke)

Saku (sah-koo, saku)

Sal (sal, saru)

Salaetin (sah-lah-e-tin, saraetin)

Salahuddin (sah-lah-hoo-deen, sarafudin)

Salam (sah-lahm, saramu)

Salamat (sah-lah-mahT, saramatto)

Saleh (sAH-lehf, sa-refu)

Salida (sah-lee-dah, sarida)

Salim (sah-lim, sarimu)

Salimata (sah-lee-mah-tah, sarimata)

Salley (sa-lEE, sari-)

Salli (sa-lEE, sari-)

Sallie (sa-lEE, sari-)

Sally (sa-lEE, sari-)

Salma (sahl-mah, saruma)

Salman (sahl-mahn, saruman)

Salome (sah-lo-me, sarome)

Salvador (sahl-bah-dhOr, sarubado-ru)

Salvador (sahl-vah-dhOr, saruvado-ru)

Salvador (sahl-vah-dor, saruvadoru)

Salvator (sahl-vah-tOr, saruvato-ru)

Salvatore (sahl-vah-tO-re, saruvato-re)

Salvo (sal-vo, saruvo)

Sam (sam, samu)

Samaire (sah-mEE-ah, sami-a)

Samaire (sah-mEE-rah, sami-ra)

Samantha (sah-man-tah, samanta)

Samantha (sah-man-thah, samansa)

Samar (sah-mar, samaru)

Sameera (sah-mEE-rah, sami-ra)

Sami (sa-mee, sami)

Sami (sah-mEE, sami-)

Samia (sah-mee-ah, samia)

Samir (sah-mEEr, sami-ru)

Samira (sah-mee-rah, samira)

Samm (sam, samu)

Sammi (sa-mee, sami)

Sammi (sa-mEE, sami-)

Sammie (sa-mEE, sami-)

Sammo (sa-mo, samo)

Sammuel (sa-myoo-el, samyueru)

Sammy (sa-mEE, sami-)

Sampson (samp-son, sanpuson)

Samson (sam-son, sanson)

Samual (sa-myoo-el, samyueru)

Samuel (sa-myoo-el, samyueru)

Samy (sa-mEE, sami-)

Sanaa (sah-nah, sana)

Sanchez (san-ches, sanchesu)

Sanchez (san-chez, sanchezu)

Sancho (sahn-cho, sancho)

Sanci (san-see, sanshi)

Sandahl (san-dAHl, sanda-ru)

Sande (san-de, sande)

Sandee (san-dee, sandi)

Sandeep (san-dEEp, sandi-pu)

Sander (san-dur, sanda-)

Sandhu (san-doo, sandu)

Sandi (san-dee, sandi)

Sandie (san-dee, sandi)

Sandor (sahn-dOr, sando-ru)

Sandoy (sahn-day, sandei)

Sandra (san-drah, sandora)

Sandrine (san-dreen, sandorin)

Sandro (san-dro, sandoro)

Sandven (sahn-ven, sanven)

Sandy (san-dee, sandi)

Sanford (san-fohrd, sanfo-do)

Sang (sang, sangu)

Sangeeth (san-gEEt, sangi-to)

Sanjay (sahn-jay, sanjei)

Sanjay (sahn-jie, sanjai)

Sanjaya (san-jah-yah, sanjaya)

Sanjeev (sahn-jEEv, sanji-vu)

Sanjo (sahn-jo, sanjo)

Santa (sahn-tah, santa)

Santana (san-ta-nah, santana)

Santannah (san-tan-nah, santanna)

Santi (san-tee, santi)

Santiago (sahn-tee-ah-go, santiago)

Santo (sahn-to, santo)

Santos (sahn-tos, santosu)

Santosh (san-tosh, santoshu)

Sanvi (sahn-vee, sanvi)

Saoirse (see-ur-shah, shia-sha)

Sapphire (sa-fier, safaia)

Saputa (sah-poo-tah, saputa)

Sar (sAHr, sa-ru)

Sara (sah-rah, sara)

Sara (say-rah, seira)

Sara (sE-rah, se-ra)

Sara (se-rah, sera)

Sarah (sah-rah, sara)

Sarah (sah-rAH, sara-)

Sarah (say-rah, seira)

Sarah (sE-rah, se-ra)

Sarah (se-rah, sera)

Sarai (sah-rie, sarai)

Sarain (sah-rah-in, sarain)

Sargent (sahr-jent, sa-jento)

Sari (sah-ree, sari)

Sari (sah-rEE, sari-)

Sarit (sah-reeT, saritto)

Sarita (sah-ree-tah, sarita)

Sarmah (sahr-mah, saruma)

Saro (sah-ro, saro)

Saroj (sah-roj, saroji)

Sarrah (sah-rah, sara)

Sarwar (sar-wAHr, saruwa-ru)

Sasa (sAH-sah, sa-sa)

Sasa (sah-sah, sasa)

Sascha (sah-shah, sasha)

Sase (sah-se, sase)

Sasha (sAH-shah, sa-sha)

Sasha (sah-shah, sasha)

Sasha (sah-SHah, sassha)

Sasheen (sah-shEEn, sashi-n)

Sasisa (sah-see-sah, sashisa)

Saskia (sahs-kee-ah, sasukia)

Sason (sah-son, sason)

Sasson (sah-Son, sasson)

Satch (saCH, sacchi)

Satinder (sah-tin-der, satinderu)

Satish (sah-teesh, satishu)

Satish (sah-tiSH, satisshu)

Saturnino (sah-toor-nEE-no, sachuruni-no)

Satya (sah-tee-yah, satiya)

Saul (soul, souru)

Saul (sowl, sauru)

Saunders (san-durs, sanda-su)

Saunders (sOn-durs, so-nda-su)

Saundra (san-drah, sandora)

Saundra (son-drah, sondora)

Savanna (sah-van-nah, savanna)

Savannah (sah-van-nah, savanna)

Saveli (sah-ve-lEE, saveri-)

Savely (sah-ve-lEE, saveri-)

Saverio (sah-ve-ree-o, saverio)

Savvas (sah-vas, savasu)

Sawai (sah-wie, sawai)

Sawyer (sO-yur, so-ya-)

Sayaji (sah-yahj, sayaji)

Sayed (sah-EEd, sai-do)

Saylee (say-lEE, seiri-)

Sayoko (sah-yo-ko, sayoko)

Sayward (say-wahrd, seiwa-do)

Scamehorn (skah-mee-hohrn, sukamiho-n)

Scarlet (skahr-leT, suka-retto)

Scarlett (skahr-leT, suka-retto)

Schechter (shek-tahr, shekuta-)

Schengen (shen-gen, shengen)

Schenone (skee-no-ne, sukinone)

Schlegel (shlE-gel, shure-geru)

Schorsch (shohrsh, sho-shu)

Schuyler (shoo-ee-lur, shuira-)

Schuyler (skie-lur, sukaira-)

Scilla (si-lah, shira)

Scoop (skOOp, suku-pu)

Scooter (skOO-tur, suku-ta-)

Scot (skawT, sukotto)

Scotch (skawCH, sukocchi)

Scott (skawT, sukotto)

Scottie (skaw-Tee, sukotti)

Scotty (skaw-tee, sukoti)

Scotty (skaw-Tee, sukotti)

Scout (skowt, sukauto)

Seamus (sEE-mus, shi-masu)

Sean (shAWn, sho-n)

Seann (shAWn, sho-n)

Seara (se-ah-rah, seara)

Season (sEE-zuhn, shi-zun)

Seaton (sEE-ton, shi-ton)

Seau (say-ou, seiou)

Seau (sO, so-)

Sebastian (se-bahs-chee-an, sebasuchian)

Sebastian (se-bas-chan, sebasuchan)

Sebastian (se-bas-tee-an, sebasutian)

Sebastian (ze-bahs-tee-AHn, zebasutia-n)

Sebastiano (se-bahs-tee-AH-no, sebasutia-no)

Sebastien (se-bas-chan, sebasuchan)

Seema (sEE-mah, shi-ma)

Seidy (say-dee, seidi)

Sekkou (se-kOO, seku-)

Sela (sE-lah, se-ra)

Sela (sEE-lah, shi-ra)

Selda (sel-dah, seruda)

Selen (se-len, seren)

Selena (se-le-nah, serena)

Selene (se-lE-ne, sere-ne)

Selene (se-len, seren)

Selig (se-lig, serigu)

Selima (se-lee-mah, serima)

Selina (se-lEE-nah, seri-na)

Selina (se-lee-nah, serina)

Selma (sel-mah, seruma)

Selmer (sel-mur, seruma-)

Sem (sem, semu)

Sema (se-mah, sema)

Sema (sEE-mah, shi-ma)

Senih (se-nEE, seni-)

Senn (sen, sen)

Senta (zen-tah, zenta)

Sepideh (se-pee-de, sepide)

Sepp (zeP, zeppu)

Sequoia (se-koi-ah, sekoia)

Seraphim (se-rah-fim, serafimu)

Seras (se-rahs, serasu)

Serena (se-re-nah, serena)

Serena (se-rEE-nah, seri-na)

Serenity (se-re-ni-tee, sereniti)

Serge (serzh, seruju)

Serge (surj, sa-ji)

Sergei (ser-gay, serugei)

Sergej (ser-gay, serugei)

Sergey (ser-gay, serugei)

Serghio (ser-jee-o, serujio)

Sergi (serj, seruji)

Sergio (ser-jee-o, serujio)

Sergio (ser-jo, serujo)

Serif (se-rif, serifu)

Seriff (se-rif, serifu)

Serik (se-riK, serikku)

Serina (se-ree-nah, serina)

Serrano (se-rAH-no, sera-no)

Servantes (ser-vahn-tes, seruvantesu)

Seth (seth, sesu)

Sett (seT, setto)

Settimio (se-Tee-mee-o, settimio)

Settimio (se-Tee-mo, settimo)

Setu (se-too, setsu)

Seu (seu, seu)

Severine (se-ve-rEE-noo, severi-nu)

Severn (se-vahrn, seva-n)

Sevinc (se-vinch, sevinchi)

Seymour (sEE-mor, shi-moa)

Shaad (shAd, sha-do)

Shabana (sha-bah-nah, shabana)

Shad (shaD, shaddo)

Shadrak (shad-rahk, shadoraku)

Shae (shay, shei)

Shah (shAH, sha-)

Shaheen (sha-hEEn, shahi-n)

Shahid (shah-hEEd, shahi-do)

Shahid (shAH-hid, sha-hido)

Shahriyar (shah-ri-yahr, shariya-)

ShahRukh (shAH-rook, sha-ruku)

Shaila (shei-la, sheira)

Shaila (shie-lah, shaira)

Shaina (shie-nah, shaina)

Shaine (shayn, shein)

Shainee (shay-nEE, sheini-)

Shake (shayk, sheiku)

Shakiem (shah-kEEm, shaki-mu)

Shako (shah-ko, shako)

Shalaka (shah-lah-kah, sharaka)

Shaleena (shah-lEE-nah, shari-na)

Shalil (shah-lil, shariru)

Shalom (shah-lOm, sharo-mu)

Shalom (shah-lom, sharomu)

Shalva (shahl-vah, sharuva)

Shamari (shah-mAH-ree, shama-ri)

Shamim (shah-meem, shamimu)

Shamin (shah-min, shamin)

Shamita (shah-mee-tah, shamita)

Shammi (shah-mee, shami)

Shamus (shay-mus, sheimasu)

Shana (sha-nah, shana)

Shanae (shah-nay, shanei)

Shanae (she-nay, shenei)

Shane (shayn, shein)

Shane (shEn, she-n)

Shanell (shah-nel, shaneru)

Shani (shah-nee, shani)

Shania (shah-nie-ah, shanaia)

Shanice (sha-nEEs, shani-su)

Shankar (shahn-kahr, shankaru)

Shankar (shan-kAHr, shanka-ru)

Shanna (sha-nah, shana)

Shannan (shah-nahn, shanan)

Shannen (sha-nahn, shanan)

Shannen (sha-nen, shanen)

Shannon (sha-nawn, shanon)

Shannyn (shah-nin, shanin)

Shanon (sha-nawn, shanon)

Shantell (shahn-tel, shanteru)

Shanthini (shahn-thee-nee, shanshini)

Shanynn (shah-nin, shanin)

Shaobo (shao-bO, shaobo-)

Shapir (shah-pir, shapiru)

Shaquille (shah-kEEl, shaki-ru)

Sharat (shah-rAHt, shara-to)

Sharayah (shah-rah-yah, sharaya)

Shareen (shah-rEEn, shari-n)

Shari (shAH-rEE, sha-ri-)

Shari (shah-ree, shari)

Shark (shahrk, sha-ku)

Sharla (shahr-lah, sha-ra)

Sharlene (shahr-lEEn, sha-ri-n)

Sharman (shar-man, sharuman)

Sharon (sha-ron, sharon)

Sharron (sha-ron, sharon)

Sharyn (shah-rin, sharin)

Shaun (shAWn, sho-n)

Shauna (shAW-nah, sho-na)

Shauna (show-nah, shauna)

Shaunna (shAW-nah, sho-na)

Shaw (shou, shou)

Shawn (shAHn, sha-n)

Shawn (shAWn, sho-n)

Shawna (shAW-nah, sho-na)

Shawnee (shO-nEE, sho-ni-)

Shawnee (shou-nEE, shouni-)

Shawnee (show-nEE, shauni-)

Shay (shay, shei)

Shayesteh (shie-yah-ste, shaiyasute)

Shaylen (shay-len, sheiren)

Shayna (shay-nah, sheina)

Shayne (shayn, shein)

Shaznay (shaz-ne, shazune)

Shea (shee-ah, shia)

Sheb (sheb, shebu)

Shecky (she-KEE, shekki-)

Shedrack (shed-raK, shedorakku)

Sheehy (shEE-hee, shi-hi)

Sheeka (shEE-kah, shi-ka)

Sheena (shEE-nah, shi-na)

Sheenagh (shEE-nah, shi-na)

Shefali (she-fAH-lee, shefa-ri)

Shefer (she-fur, shefa-)

Sheik (shEEk, shi-ku)

Sheila (shEE-lah, shi-ra)

Sheilah (shEE-lah, shi-ra)

Shek (sek, seku)

Shekhar (she-kAHr, sheka-ru)

Shekina (she-kee-nah, shekina)

Shela (shEE-lah, shi-ra)

Shelbie (shel-bEE, sherubi-)

Shelby (shel-bEE, sherubi-)

Sheldon (shel-don, sherudon)

Shelia (she-lee-ah, sheria)

Shelley (she-lEE, sheri-)

Shelli (she-lEE, sheri-)

Shellie (she-lEE, sheri-)

Shelly (she-lEE, sheri-)

Shelton (shel-ton, sheruton)

Shemsedin (shem-se-din, shemusedin)

Shen (shen, shen)

Shena (shEE-nah, shi-na)

Shenae (shah-nay, shanei)

Shenah (she-nah, shena)

Shenna (shEE-nah, shi-na)

Shepherd (she-pahrd, shepa-do)

Shepperd (she-pahrd, shepa-do)

Shera (shEE-rah, shi-ra)

Sheraga (she-rah-gah, sheraga)

Sheralinda (she-rah-lin-dah, sherarinda)

Sheree (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sherell (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherelle (she-ril, sheriru)

Sheri (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sheridan (she-ri-dahn, sheridan)

Sherie (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sherill (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherilyn (she-ri-lin, sheririn)

Sherira (she-rEE-rAH, sheri-ra-)

Sheritta (she-ri-Tah, sheritta)

Sherley (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Sherlock (shur-loK, sha-rokku)

Sherloque (shur-lok, sha-roku)

Sherly (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Sherman (shahr-man, sha-man)

Sherrell (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherri (she-ree, sheri)

Sherri (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sherrie (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sherril (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherrill (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherry (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sherryl (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherryll (she-ril, sheriru)

Sherwood (shur-wooD, sha-uddo)

Shery (she-rEE, sheri-)

Sheryl (she-ril, sheriru)

Shevonne (shee-von, shivon)

Shia (shie-ah, shaia)

Shiek (shEEk, shi-ku)

Shiela (shEE-lah, shi-ra)

Shilpa (shil-pAH, shirupa-)

Shim (shim, shimu)

Shimit (shEE-mit, shi-mito)

Shin (shin, shin)

Shiney (shie-nEE, shaini-)

Shiona (shee-o-nah, shiona)

Shir (shIr, shi-ru)

Shireen (shah-rEEn, shari-n)

Shirely (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Shiri (shee-ree, shiri)

Shirlee (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Shirley (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Shirly (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Shiv (shiv, shivu)

Shivkumar (shiv-koo-mAHr, shivukuma-ru)

Shivnath (shiv-nAt, shivuna-to)

Sho (shO, sho-)

Shobha (sho-bah, shoba)

Shogo (shou-go, shougo)

Shohreh (shO-rE, sho-re-)

Shon (shAWn, sho-n)

Shona (shO-nah, sho-na)

Shonda (shawn-dah, shonda)

Shonna (shAW-nah, sho-na)

Shonna (shon-nah, shonna)

Shoshan (shO-shan, sho-shan)

Shoshana (sho-shah-nah, shoshana)

Shoshanna (sho-shahn-nah, shoshanna)

Shotaro (shO-tah-rO, sho-taro-)

Shounak (shou-nak, shounaku)

Shree (shrEE, shuri-)

Shreeram (shrEE-ram, shuri-ramu)

Shreya (shray-yah, shureiya)

Shreya (shree-ah, shuria)

Shreyas (shrE-yas, shure-yasu)

Shruti (shroo-tee, shuruti)

Shu (sOO, su-)

Shuala (shoo-ah-lah, shuara)

Shubha (shoo-bah, shuba)

Shubhankar (shoo-bahn-kAHr, shubanka-ru)

Shubho (shoo-bo, shubo)

Shujaat (shoo-jAHt, shuja-to)

Shuler (shu-lur, shara-)

Shweta (shwE-tAH, shue-ta-)

Shwetha (shwe-thah, shuwesa)

Shyamal (sha-mahl, shamaru)

Shyann (shie-an, shaian)

Siah (see-ah, shia)

Siah (sie-AH, saia-)

Sian (shAHn, sha-n)

Sian (shee-an, shian)

Sibal (shi-bahl, shibaru)

Sibilla (si-bi-Lah, shibirra)

Sibyl (si-bil, shibiru)

Sibylle (si-bil, shibiru)

Sicily (si-si-lEE, shishiri-)

Sid (sid, shido)

Siddharth (si-DAHr-to, shidda-ruto)

Sidede (see-dE-de, shide-de)

Sidhu (si-doo, shidu)

Sidney (sid-nEE, shidoni-)

Siegfried (zEEk-frEEt, zi-kufuri-to)

Sieglinde (zEEk-lin-de, zi-kurinde)

Siena (see-e-nah, shiena)

Sienna (see-e-nah, shiena)

Sierra (see-e-rah, shiera)

Sif (sEEf, shi-fu)

Sig (sig, shigu)

Sigal (sEE-gahl, shi-garu)

Signe (sig-nee, shiguni)

Sigourney (si-gu-nEE, shigani-)

Sigrid (si-griD, shiguriddo)

Sigrid (zEEk-rEEt, zi-kuri-to)

Sigridur (si-gri-door, shiguriduru)

Siham (see-hAm, shiha-mu)

Silas (sie-las, sairasu)

Silje (sil-e, shirue)

Silva (sil-vah, shiruva)

Silvana (seel-vAH-nah, shiruva-na)

Silvano (sil-vAH-no, shiruva-no)

Silvia (sil-vee-ah, shiruvia)

Silvio (seel-vee-o, shiruvio)

Sima (sEE-mah, shi-ma)

Sima (see-mah, shima)

Simcha (sim-chah, shimucha)

Simen (sEE-men, shi-men)

Simeon (si-me-awn, shimeon)

Simeon (si-mee-awn, shimion)

Simin (see-meen, shimin)

Simmone (see-mO-noo, shimo-nu)

Simmons (si-monz, shimonzu)

Simon (si-mawn, shimon)

Simon (sie-mawn, saimon)

Simona (see-mo-nah, shimona)

Simone (see-mO-ne, shimo-ne)

Simone (see-mO-noo, shimo-nu)

Simone (see-mOn, shimo-n)

Simonne (see-mOn, shimo-n)

Simons (si-monz, shimonzu)

Sina (sEE-nah, shi-na)

Sinead (shi-nayd, shineido)

Sinead (shi-nEEd, shini-do)

Sinee (si-nEE, shini-)

Singh (shin, shin)

Singh (shing, shingu)

Siobhan (shi-bAWn, shibo-n)

Sirnes (sir-nes, shirunesu)

Sisca (sis-kah, shisuka)

Sisel (si-zel, shizeru)

Sissi (si-sEE, shishi-)

Sissy (si-sEE, shishi-)

Sithembiso (si-semuh-bi-so, shisemubiso)

Sixten (siks-ten, shikusuten)

Siyuan (see-yoo-ahn, shiyuan)

Sjavik (sho-vik, shoviku)

Sjoli (shO-lEE, sho-ri-)

Skaland (skO-lan, suko-ran)

Skandar (skan-dur, sukyanda-)

Skeet (skEEt, suki-to)

Skip (skiP, sukippu)

Skipp (skiP, sukippu)

Skomsvold (skom-sbold, sukomusuborudo)

Skomsvold (skoom-svol, sukumusuvoru)

Sky (skie, sukai)

Skye (skie, sukai)

Skyla (skie-lah, sukaira)

Skylar (skie-lur, sukaira-)

Skyler (skie-lur, sukaira-)

Slamet (slah-meT, surametto)

Slavitza (slah-veet-zah, suravitoza)

Slavko (slahv-ko, suravuko)

Slawomir (slo-vo-mEEr, surovomi-ru)

Slawomir (swah-vo-mIr, suwavomi-ru)

Sletbak (slet-bak, suretobaku)

Slim (slim, surimu)

Sloane (slOn, suro-n)

Slobodan (slo-bo-dahn, surobodan)

Slover (slo-ver, suroveru)

Slover (slO-vur, suro-ba-)

Smith (smith, sumisu)

Smokey (smO-kEE, sumo-ki-)

Sneddon (sne-don, sunedon)

Sneha (sne-hah, suneha)

Snitz (sni-TS, sunittsu)

Snoop (snOOp, sunu-pu)

Soares (so-ah-res, soaresu)

Socorro (so-ko-ro, sokoro)

Soerboe (sor-bo, sorubo)

Sofia (so-fee-ah, sofia)

Sogyal (so-gyal, sogyaru)

Soha (so-hah, soha)

Soji (sO-jee, so-ji)

Soji (so-jee, soji)

Sol (sawl, soru)

Solange (so-lanzh, soranju)

Solberg (sol-bAg, soruba-gu)

Solberg (sol-berg, soruberugu)

Soledad (so-le-dahD, soredaddo)

Soleil (so-lay, sorei)

Soleil (so-lay-yoo, soreiyu)

Solene (so-rE-noo, sore-nu)

Solmei (sol-may, sorumei)

Solmu (sol-moo, sorumu)

Solomon (saw-lo-mon, soromon)

Solveig (sol-vayg, soruveigu)

Solveig (sool-vieg, suruvaigu)

Sombat (som-bahT, sonbatto)

Somluck (som-raK, somurakku)

Sommer (so-mur, soma-)

Sommer (su-mur, sama-)

Somsuda (som-soo-dah, somusuda)

Son (son, son)

Sonali (sO-nAH-lEE, so-na-ri-)

Sonali (so-nah-lee, sonari)

Sonam (so-nam, sonamu)

Sonata (so-nah-tah, sonata)

Sondra (son-drah, sondora)

Sondre (son-dre, sondore)

Song (son, son)

Sonia (so-nee-ah, sonia)

Sonja (so-nee-yah, soniya)

Sonja (sO-nyah, so-nya)

Sonja (so-nyah, sonya)

Sonnell (so-nel, soneru)

Sonny (saw-nEE, soni-)

Sonu (so-nOO, sonu-)

Sonya (sO-nyah, so-nya)

Soo (sOO, su-)

Sooraj (sOO-rahj, su-raji)

Sooraj (soo-rAHj, sura-ji)

Sophia (so-fee-ah, sofia)

Sophie (so-fee, sofi)

Sophie (so-fEE, sofi-)

Sophie (zo-fEE, zofi-)

Sora (so-rah, sora)

Soraiya (so-rie-yah, soraiya)

Sorcha (sor-chah, so-cha)

Soren (sO-ren, so-ren)

Sorin (so-rin, sorin)

Sorrell (so-rel, soreru)

Sos (sos, sosu)

Sosa (so-sah, sosa)

Sotigui (so-tee-gee, sotigi)

Sotiris (so-ti-ris, sotirisu)

Souad (soo-ahd, suado)

Sowmya (sou-myah, soumya)

Spalding (spAWl-ding, supo-rudingu)

Spartaco (spar-tAH-ko, suparuta-ko)

Spence (spens, supensu)

Spencer (spen-sur, supensa-)

Spenser (spen-sur, supensa-)

Spike (spiek, supaiku)

Spires (spie-urz, supaia-zu)

Spiros (spi-ros, supirosu)

Spring (spring, supuringu)

Srdjan (sr-jan, surujan)

Srekala (srE-kah-lAH, sure-kara-)

Sri (shree, shuri)

Sridhar (sree-dAr, surida-ru)

Srijana (sree-jah-nah, surijana)

Stacee (stay-sEE, suteishi-)

Stacey (stay-sEE, suteishi-)

Staci (stay-sEE, suteishi-)

Stacia (stah-shee-ah, sutashia)

Stacie (stay-sEE, suteishi-)

Stacy (stay-sEE, suteishi-)

Stafford (sta-fohrd, sutafo-do)

Stallings (stAH-lings, suta-ringusu)

Stan (stan, sutan)

Stanislas (sta-ni-slahs, sutanisurasu)

Stanislaus (sta-ni-slows, sutanisurausu)

Stanislav (stah-nee-slahf, sutanisurafu)

Stanislaw (stah-nee-swahf, sutanisuwafu)

Stanley (stan-lEE, sutanri-)

Star (stahr, suta-)

Stark (stahrk, suta-ku)

Starla (stahr-lah, suta-ra)

Starletta (stahr-le-Tah, suta-retta)

Starr (stahr, suta-)

Starra (stahr-rah, suta-ra)

Stathis (sta-this, sutashisu)

Statler (staT-lur, sutattora-)

Ste (ste, sute)

Ste (stEE, suti-)

Steean (stEE-ahn, suti-an)

Stefan (shte-fahn, shutefan)

Stefan (ste-fan, sutefan)

Stefani (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stefania (ste-fah-nee-ah, sutefania)

Stefanie (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stefano (ste-fah-no, sutefano)

Stefany (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Steffanie (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Steffen (shte-fen, shutefen)

Steffen (ste-fen, sutefen)

Steffi (shte-fee, shutefi)

Steffi (ste-fee, sutefi)

Steinar (stie-nahr, sutainaru)

Stela (ste-lah, sutera)

Stelio (ste-lee-o, suterio)

Stelios (ste-lee-os, suteriosu)

Stella (ste-lah, sutera)

Stellan (ste-Lahn, suterran)

Stellan (ste-lan, suteran)

Sten (stEn, sute-n)

Stenman (sten-man, sutenman)

Stepanie (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stephaine (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stephan (shte-fahn, shutefan)

Stephan (shte-fen, shutefen)

Stephan (ste-fan, sutefan)

Stephane (ste-fAH-noo, sutefa-nu)

Stephane (ste-fan, sutefan)

Stephani (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stephanie (shte-fah-nEE, shutefani-)

Stephanie (ste-fah-nee, sutefani)

Stephanie (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stephany (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stephen (ste-fahn, sutefan)

Stephen (ste-fen, sutefen)

Stephen (stEE-vuhn, suti-vun)

Stephenie (ste-fah-nEE, sutefani-)

Stephi (ste-fee, sutefi)

Stephie (ste-fee, sutefi)

Stepin (ste-pin, sutepin)

Sterling (stur-ling, suta-ringu)

Stevan (ste-vahn, sutevan)

Steve (stEEv, suti-vu)

Steven (stEE-vuhn, suti-vun)

Stevenson (stEE-vuhn-son, suti-vunson)

Stevie (stEE-vee, suti-vi)

Stevie (stEE-vEE, suti-vi-)

Stewart (stoo-wahrt, suchuwa-to)

Stian (stEE-ahn, suti-an)

Sticky (sti-KEE, sutikki-)

Stig (stig, sutigu)

Stina (stEE-nah, suti-na)

Stine (stEE-ne, suti-ne)

Sting (steeng, sutingu)

Stink (stink, sutinku)

Stipe (stEE-pe, suti-pe)

Stockard (sto-Kahrd, sutokka-do)

Stocker (staw-Kur, sutokka-)

Stomy (stO-mEE, suto-mi-)

Stoney (stO-nEE, suto-ni-)

Stormer (stOr-me, suto-rume)

Stormi (stohr-mEE, suto-mi-)

Stormy (stohr-mEE, suto-mi-)

Storsten (shtOO-shten, shutu-shuten)

Stracy (stray-sEE, sutoreishi-)

Strand (strahn, sutoran)

Strand (strahnd, sutorando)

Stratford (strat-fohrd, sutoratofo-do)

Strathford (strath-fohrd, sutorasufo-do)

Stribor (stree-bor, sutoriboru)

Strother (stro-zAH, sutoroza-)

Struan (stroo-an, sutoruan)

Stuart (stoo-ahrt, suchua-to)

Stubby (stah-bEE, sutabi-)

Sturla (stuwr-lah, suturura)

Su (sOO, su-)

Subhash (suh-bAsh, suba-shu)

Sudha (soo-dah, suda)

Sudhir (soo-dEEr, sudi-ru)

Sudie (sOO-dee, su-di)

Sue (sOO, su-)

Suebsak (sOOb-sahK, su-busakku)

Sugar (shuh-gur, shuga-)

Sujan (soo-jahn, sujan)

Sujata (soo-jah-tah, sujata)

Suky (sOO-kEE, su-ki-)

Suleka (soo-le-kah, sureka)

Sulevi (soo-le-vee, surevi)

Sullivan (su-li-van, sarivan)

Sully (su-lEE, sari-)

Sulma (suhl-mah, suruma)

Sultan (suhl-tan, surutan)

Suman (sOO-mahn, su-man)

Suman (soo-mahn, suman)

Sumeet (soo-mEEt, sumi-to)

Summer (su-mur, sama-)

Sun (suhn, sun)

Sun (sun, san)

Suna (soo-nah, suna)

Sundance (sun-dans, sandansu)

Sunde (soon-de, sunde)

Suneel (soo-nEEl, suni-ru)

Sung (sun, san)

Sunidhi (soo-ni-dee, sunidi)

Sunil (soo-nEEl, suni-ru)

Sunil (su-nil, saniru)

Sunni (su-nEE, sani-)

Sunny (soo-nEE, suni-)

Sunny (su-nEE, sani-)

Sunshine (sun-shien, sanshain)

Suntisuk (sun-tee-sooK, santisukku)

Supakorn (soo-pah-kon, supakon)

Sur (sOOr, su-ru)

Sura (sOO-rah, su-ra)

Suraj (sOO-rahj, su-raji)

Suraj (soo-rAHj, sura-ji)

Suranyi (soo-rah-nee, surani)

Suresh (soo-rEsh, sure-shu)

Suresh (soo-reSH, suresshu)

Surjit (soor-jiT, surujitto)

Susa (sOO-sah, su-sa)

Susa (sOO-zah, su-za)

Susan (sOO-zan, su-zan)

Susana (soo-sah-nah, susana)

Susana (soo-zahn-nah, suzanna)

Susann (sOO-zan, su-zan)

Susanna (soo-sahn-nah, susanna)

Susanna (soo-zan-nah, suzanna)

Susanna (zoo-zan-nah, zuzanna)

Susannah (soo-zahn-nah, suzanna)

Susanne (sOO-sahn-nah, su-sanna)

Susanne (soo-sahn-ne, susanne)

Susanne (soo-zahn-noo, suzannu)

Susanne (sOO-zan, su-zan)

Susanne (soo-zan-ne, suzanne)

Susanne (zoo-zahn-ne, zuzanne)

Susel (soo-sel, suseru)

Sushmita (soo-shoo-mee-tah, sushumita)

Susi (soo-see, sushi)

Susi (zoo-zee, zuzi)

Susie (sOO-zEE, su-zi-)

Susu (soo-soo, susu)

Susu (soo-sOO, susu-)

Susumu (soo-soo-moo, susumu)

Susy (sOO-zEE, su-zi-)

Suvi (soo-vee, suvi)

Suyana (sOO-yah-nah, su-yana)

Suzan (sOO-zan, su-zan)

Suzann (sOO-zan, su-zan)

Suzanna (soo-zahn-nah, suzanna)

Suzanne (shoo-zahn-nuh, shuzannu)

Suzanne (soo-zahn-nuh, suzannu)

Suzanne (sOO-zan, su-zan)

Suzanne (zoo-zan-ne, zuzanne)

Suzee (sOO-zEE, su-zi-)

Suzette (soo-zeT, suzetto)

Suzi (sOO-zEE, su-zi-)

Suzie (sOO-zEE, su-zi-)

Suzuki (soo-zoo-kee, suzuki)

Suzy (shoo-zEE, shuzi-)

Suzy (sOO-zEE, su-zi-)

Suzzanne (soo-zahn-nuh, suzannu)

Svartaas (svahr-tos, suva-tosu)

Svein (svayn, suvein)

Svein (svien, suvain)

Sven (sven, suven)

Sverre (sve-re, suvere)

Svetlana (svet-lAH-nah, suvetora-na)

Svortevik (svohr-te-vik, suvo-teviku)

Swafford (swah-fohrd, suwafo-do)

Swahili (swah-hee-lee, suwahiri)

Swakei (swah-kay, suwakei)

Swanson (swahn-son, suwanson)

Swapan (swah-pahn, suwapan)

Swapna (swahp-nah, suwapuna)

Sway (sway, suwei)

Sweeney (s-wEE-nEE, suwi-ni-)

Swetha (swe-thah, suwesa)

Swoosie (swO-zEE, suwo-zi-)

Sy (sie, sai)

Sybil (si-bil, shibiru)

Sybille (si-bil, shibiru)

Syble (si-bil, shibiru)

Syd (sid, shido)

Sydell (sie-del, saideru)

Sydne (sid-nEE, shidoni-)

Sydney (sid-nEE, shidoni-)

Syed (shEEd, shi-do)

Sylva (shee-roo-vah, shiruva)

Sylvaine (sil-vayn, shiruvein)

Sylvester (sil-ves-tur, shiruvesuta-)

Sylvia (sil-vee-ah, shiruvia)

Sylvia (zil-vee-ah, ziruvia)

Sylvie (sil-vee, shiruvi)

Sylvie (sil-vEE, shiruvi-)

Sylvio (seel-vee-o, shiruvio)

Syme (sie-moo, saimu)

Synthia (sin-thee-ah, shinshia)

New Products For April

  • Solveig Is My Love Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Solveig in katakana with a red eternity seal and the kanji for "My Love".
  • Solveig Is My Love Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Solveig in hiragana with a red eternity seal and the kanji for "My Love".
  • Solveig Is My Soul Mate Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Solveig in katakana with the phrase "Soul Mate" and a small red seal for eternity.
  • Solveig Is My Life Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Solveig in katakana with a red eternity seal and the kanji for "My Life".


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