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Name in Japanese Tattoos

These beautiful designs, hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, come in formats for personal and professional use. All designs are delivered digitally when your order is placed - there is no waiting.

by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

Over 4000 Names Meticulously Translated to Japanese

For each name, we start by giving the pronunciation of the name. This is important because names can be pronounced differently and this is the only way to know whether the translation is right for you. Then we cross check each name against Japanese dictionaries, and movie and entertainment databases. This way you know the translation is commonly used and we take it a step further because we then show which celebrities use the translation. And, finally, at Reference Materials we provide you with the resources to check our work if you would like.

About Translating Names to Japanese

Katakana is the standard way that names are translated to Japanese. Katakana preserves the pronunciation and is the option most likely to be recognized as a name. Katakana is also the way that non-Japanese names appear in Japanese dictionaries.

Hiragana can be used to write names in Japanese. Hiragana is considered more feminine as it was created by the poetesses of the Heian period. Like Katakana, hiragana preserves the pronunciation and is likely to be recognized as a name.

A literal translation to kanji translates the meaning of the name. Names have both a pronunciation and a meaning and so a complete translation is created by combining a phonetic translation and the literal translation to kanji.

For more information read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese

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Cab (kab, kyabu)

Cacey (kay-sEE, keishi-)

Cade (kayd, keido)

Caden (kay-den, keiden)

Cadence (kay-dens, keidensu)

Cady (kay-dee, keidi)

Caelan (kay-lan, keiran)

Caelin (kay-lin, keirin)

Caesar (sEE-zur, shi-za-)

Caetano (kah-e-tAH-no, kaeta-no)

Cage (kayj, keiji)

Caiden (kay-den, keiden)

Caillou (kay-lOO, keiru-)

Cainan (kay-nan, keinan)

Caio (kah-yo, kayo)

Caio (kie-o, kaio)

Caitlin (kayt-lin, keitorin)

Caitlyn (kayt-lin, keitorin)

Cajsa (kie-sah, kaisa)

Cal (kahl, karu)

Cal (kal, kyaru)

Calan (kah-lan, karan)

Calandra (kah-lan-drah, karandora)

Calder (kahl-dur, karuda-)

Caleb (kah-leb, karebu)

Caleb (kay-leb, keirebu)

Calendula (kah-len-dyoo-lah, karendyura)

Calev (kah-leb, karebu)

Cali (kah-lee, kari)

Calista (ka-lis-tah, kyarisuta)

Calla (kah-lAH, kara-)

Calleigh (kah-lEE, kari-)

Callie (ka-lEE, kyari-)

Callie (kAH-lEE, ka-ri-)

Callie (kah-lEE, kari-)

Callista (ka-lis-tah, kyarisuta)

Callisto (kah-lis-to, karisuto)

Callum (kah-lum, karamu)

Calum (kah-lum, karamu)

Calvin (kahl-vin, karuvin)

Cam (kam, kyamu)

Camalee (kah-mah-lee, kamari)

Camden (kahm-den, kamuden)

Camelia (kah-me-lee-ah, kameria)

Camellia (kah-me-lee-ah, kameria)

Cameron (ka-me-ron, kyameron)

Cami (kah-mEE, kami-)

Camie (kah-mEE, kami-)

Camila (kah-mEE-lah, kami-ra)

Camila (kah-mi-lah, kamira)

Camilia (kah-mee-lee-ah, kamiria)

Camilla (kah-mI-lah, kami-ra)

Camilla (kah-mi-lah, kamira)

Camilla (kah-mi-Lah, kamirra)

Camille (kah-mEE-yuh, kami-yu)

Camille (kah-mEEl, kami-ru)

Camillo (kah-mi-Ro, kamirro)

Camilo (kah-mee-lo, kamiro)

Cammie (ka-mEE, kyami-)

Cammie (kah-mEE, kami-)

Cammy (kah-mEE, kami-)

Campbell (kam-bel, kyanberu)

Camren (ka-m-ren, kyamuren)

Camryn (kahm-rin, kamurin)

Camryn (kam-rin, kyamurin)

Canada (kah-nah-dah, kanada)

Candace (kan-das, kyandasu)

Candace (kan-dis, kyandisu)

Candance (kan-dans, kyandansu)

Cande (kahn-de, kande)

Candela (kahn-de-lah, kandera)

Candelaria (kan-de-lah-ree-ah, kyanderaria)

Candelario (kahn-de-lah-ree-o, kanderario)

Candelas (kahn-de-lahs, kanderasu)

Candi (kan-dee, kyandi)

Candice (kan-dis, kyandisu)

Candida (kan-dee-dah, kyandida)

Candie (kan-dee, kyandi)

Candis (kan-dis, kyandisu)

Candra (chan-drah, chandora)

Candy (kan-dee, kyandi)

Candyce (kan-dis, kyandisu)

Candyse (kan-dis, kyandisu)

Cantinflas (kahn-tin-flas, kantinfurasu)

Caples (kayplz, ke-puruzu)

Caprice (ka-pris, kyapurisu)

Caprice (kah-pris, kapurisu)

Capucine (ka-poo-shEE-nuh, kyapushi-nu)

Cara (kAH-rah, ka-ra)

Cardew (kahr-dOO, ka-du-)

Cardina (kahr-dee-nah, karudina)

Careena (kah-rEE-nah, kari-na)

Carel (kah-rel, kareru)

Caren (kah-ren, karen)

Carey (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carey (ke-rEE, keri-)

Carey (ker-rEE, keari-)

Cari (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carice (kah-ris, karisu)

Caridad (kah-ree-dhAHd, karida-do)

Carie (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carin (kah-rin, karin)

Carina (kah-ree-nah, karina)

Carine (kah-rEE-ne, kari-ne)

Carine (kah-rEE-nuh, kari-nu)

Carisa (kah-ri-Sah, karissa)

Carissa (kah-ri-Sah, karissa)

Carita (kah-ree-tah, karita)

Carl (kahrl, ka-ru)

Carl-Heinz (kahrl-hients, ka-ruhaintsu)

Carla (kahr-lah, ka-ra)

Carla (kahr-lah, karura)

Carlee (kahr-lEE, ka-ri-)

Carleen (kahr-lEEn, ka-ri-n)

Carlena (kahr-lee-nah, ka-rina)

Carlene (kahr-lEEn, ka-ri-n)

Carles (kahr-les, karuresu)

Carleton (kahrl-ton, ka-ruton)

Carletta (kahr-le-Tah, ka-retta)

Carley (kahr-lEE, ka-ri-)

Carli (kahr-lEE, ka-ri-)

Carlie (kahr-lEE, ka-ri-)

Carlin (kahr-lin, ka-rin)

Carline (kahr-lien, ka-rain)

Carlita (kahr-lEE-tah, ka-ri-ta)

Carlito (kahr-lee-to, karurito)

Carlitos (kahr-lee-tos, karuritosu)

Carlo (kahr-lo, karuro)

Carlos (kahr-los, karurosu)

Carlota (kahr-lo-Tah, ka-rotta)

Carlota (kahr-lO-tah, karuro-ta)

Carlotta (kahr-lo-Tah, ka-rotta)

Carlton (kahrl-ton, ka-ruton)

Carly (kahr-lEE, ka-ri-)

Carlyn (ka-ro-lin, kyarorin)

Carma (kahr-mah, ka-ma)

Carman (kahr-man, ka-man)

Carmel (kahr-mel, ka-meru)

Carmela (kahr-me-lah, karumera)

Carmelia (kahr-me-lee-ah, karumeria)

Carmelina (kahr-me-lEE-nah, karumeri-na)

Carmelita (kahr-me-lee-tah, ka-merita)

Carmella (kahr-me-lah, karumera)

Carmelo (kahr-me-lo, ka-mero)

Carmelo (kahr-me-lo, karumero)

Carmen (kahr-men, ka-men)

Carmen (kahr-men, karumen)

Carmencita (kahr-men-see-tah, karumenshita)

Carmina (kahr-mee-nah, karumina)

Carmine (kahr-mien, ka-main)

Carmine (kahr-mien, karumain)

Carmon (kahr-mon, ka-mon)

Carol (ka-rol, kyaroru)

Carola (kah-rO-lah, karo-ra)

Carolann (ka-rol-an, kyaroruan)

Carole (ka-rO-le, kyaro-re)

Carole (ka-rol, kyaroru)

Carole (kah-rol, karoru)

Carolee (ka-ro-lEE, kyarori-)

Carolin (ka-ro-lin, kyarorin)

Carolina (kah-ro-lEE-nah, karori-na)

Carolina (kah-ro-lie-nah, karoraina)

Caroline (ka-ro-lEE-nuh, kyarori-nu)

Caroline (ka-ro-lien, kyarorain)

Caroline (kah-ro-lEE-ne, karori-ne)

Caroline (kah-ro-lEE-nuh, karori-nu)

Caroll (ka-rol, kyaroru)

Carolyn (ka-ro-lin, kyarorin)

Carolyn (kah-ro-lin, karorin)

Carolyne (ka-ro-lin, kyarorin)

Carolynn (ka-ro-lin, kyarorin)

Caron (kah-ron, karon)

Caroyln (ka-ro-lin, kyarorin)

Carr (kahr, ka-)

Carre (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carri (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carrie (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carrigan (kah-ree-gun, karigan)

Carrol (ka-rol, kyaroru)

Carroll (ka-rol, kyaroru)

Carry (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Carsen (kahr-suhn, ka-sun)

Carson (kahr-son, ka-son)

Carsten (kahr-sten, ka-suten)

Carta (kahr-tah, karuta)

Carter (kahr-tur, ka-ta-)

Cary (ka-rEE, kyari-)

Cary (kay-rEE, keiri-)

Caryl (ka-rol, kyaroru)

Carylon (kah-ri-lon, kariron)

Caryn (kah-rin, karin)

Carys (kah-ris, karisu)

Cas (kas, kyasu)

Casandra (kah-san-drah, kasandora)

Caseiro (kah-say-ro, kaseiro)

Casey (kay-sEE, keishi-)

Cash (kaSH, kyasshu)

Cashay (kah-shay, kashei)

Casia (kah-see-ah, kashia)

Casie (kay-sEE, keishi-)

Casilda (kah-sil-dah, kashiruda)

Casimir (kah-si-mEEr, kashimi-ru)

Casimir (kah-zi-mEEr, kazimi-ru)

Casimira (kah-si-mi-rah, kashimira)

Casimiro (kah-si-meero, kashimiro)

Casimiro (kah-zi-mEEro, kazimi-ro)

Caspar (kahs-pahr, kasupa-)

Caspar (kahs-pahr, kasuparu)

Casper (kas-pur, kyasupa-)

Cass (kas, kyasu)

Cassady (ka-sah-dee, kyasadi)

Cassandra (kah-san-drah, kasandora)

Cassandre (kah-San-dr, kassandoru)

Cassaundra (kah-son-drah, kasondora)

Cassey (kay-sEE, keishi-)

Cassi (kah-sEE, kashi-)

Cassia (kah-see-ah, kashia)

Cassidy (ka-si-dee, kyashidi)

Cassie (ka-sEE, kyashi-)

Cassie (kah-sEE, kashi-)

Cassius (ka-see-us, kyashiasu)

Cassius (kah-See-uhs, kasshiusu)

Cassius (kah-shius, kashiasu)

Cassondra (kah-son-drah, kasondora)

Cassy (kah-sEE, kashi-)

Castel (kahs-tel, kasuteru)

Castellozzi (kahs-te-lo-TSee, kasuterottsi)

Castulo (kahs-too-lo, kasuturo)

Cat (kaT, kyatto)

Catalina (kah-tah-lEE-nah, katari-na)

Catalina (kah-tah-lee-nah, katarina)

Catarina (kah-tah-rEE-nah, katari-na)

Cate (kayt, keito)

Catelin (kaht-lin, katorin)

Catelyn (kayt-lin, keitorin)

Caterina (kah-te-rEE-nah, kateri-na)

Catharine (ka-thu-rin, kyasarin)

Catherin (ka-thu-rin, kyasarin)

Catherina (kah-te-rEE-nah, kateri-na)

Catherine (ka-thu-rin, kyasarin)

Catherine (ka-thuh-rEEn, kyasuri-n)

Catherine (kah-trEE-nuh, katori-nu)

Cathern (ka-the-rin, kyaserin)

Catheryn (ka-thu-rin, kyasarin)

Cathey (ka-thEE, kyashi-)

Cathi (ka-thEE, kyashi-)

Cathia (kah-tee-ah, katia)

Cathie (ka-thEE, kyashi-)

Cathleen (kath-lEEn, kyasuri-n)

Cathrine (ka-thu-rin, kyasarin)

Cathryn (ka-thuh-rin, kyasurin)

Cathy (ka-thEE, kyashi-)

Cathy (kah-tee, kati)

Cati (kah-tee, kati)

Catina (kah-tee-nah, katina)

Catinca (kah-tin-kah, katinka)

Catrice (kah-tris, katorisu)

Catrina (kah-trEE-nah, katori-na)

Cavada (ka-vah-dah, kyavada)

Caville (kah-vil, kaviru)

Cay (kie, kai)

Cayden (kay-den, keiden)

Cayetano (kah-je-tah-no, kajetano)

Cayla (kay-lah, keira)

Cayo (kah-jo, kajo)

Cayo (kah-yo, kayo)

Ceanna (see-a-nah, shiana)

Cec (sek, seku)

Cece (sEE-sEE, shi-shi-)

Cece (see-see, shishi)

Cecelia (se-see-lee-ah, seshiria)

Cecil (se-sil, seshiru)

Cecila (se-si-lah, seshira)

Cecile (se-sil, seshiru)

Cecilia (se-see-lee-ah, seshiria)

Cecilio (che-chee-lee-o, chechirio)

Cecilio (se-see-lee-o, seshirio)

Cecille (se-sil, seshiru)

Cecillia (se-see-lee-ah, seshiria)

Cecily (se-si-lEE, seshiri-)

Cedar (sEE-dur, shi-da-)

Cedric (sed-riK, sedorikku)

Cedrick (sed-riK, sedorikku)

Ceferino (se-fe-ree-no, seferino)

Celedonio (se-le-do-nee-o, seredonio)

Celena (se-le-nah, serena)

Celene (se-lEEn, seri-n)

Celesta (se-les-tah, seresuta)

Celeste (se-le-ste, seresute)

Celeste (se-lest, seresuto)

Celestia (se-les-tee-ah, seresutia)

Celestina (se-les-tEE-nah, seresuti-na)

Celestine (se-les-teen, seresutin)

Celestino (che-le-stEE-no, cheresuti-no)

Celestino (se-le-stEE-no, seresuti-no)

Celestino (se-le-stee-no, seresutino)

Celia (se-lee-ah, seria)

Celia (see-lee-ah, shiria)

Celia (tse-lee-ah, tseria)

Celina (se-lee-nah, serina)

Celina (se-lie-nah, seraina)

Celinda (se-lin-dah, serinda)

Celine (se-lee-ne, serine)

Celine (se-lEE-nuh, seri-nu)

Celine (se-lEEn, seri-n)

Celino (che-lee-no, cherino)

Celino (se-lee-no, serino)

Celio (che-lee-o, cherio)

Celio (se-lee-o, serio)

Celsa (kel-sah, kerusa)

Celso (sel-so, seruso)

Cemre (jem-re, jemure)

Cenobia (se-no-bee-ah, senobia)

Ceola (se-o-lah, seora)

Cerf (serf, serufu)

Cerina (se-rEE-nah, seri-na)

Cesar (sEE-zur, shi-za-)

Cesare (che-zAH-re, cheza-re)

Chad (chaD, chaddo)

Chad (chad, chado)

Chadwick (chad-wiK, chadowikku)

Chae (che, che)

Chaim (hie-am, haiamu)

Chaitali (chie-tah-lee, chaitari)

Chaka (chah-kah, chaka)

Chaliao (sha-lee-ah-OO, shariau-)

Chamberlain (chen-buhr-len, chenbaren)

Chan (chan, chan)

Chana (chah-nah, chana)

Chana (hah-nah, hana)

Chance (chans, chansu)

Chanda (chan-dah, chanda)

Chandra (chahn-drah, chandora)

Chandrachur (chan-drah-chOOr, chandorachu-ru)

Chanel (sha-nel, shaneru)

Chanell (sha-nel, shaneru)

Chanelle (sha-nel, shaneru)

Chang (chan, chan)

Channah (chah-nah, chana)

Channah (hah-nah, hana)

Channing (cha-ni-ng, chaningu)

Chano (chah-no, chano)

Chantal (shahn-tahl, shantaru)

Chantay (shahn-te, shante)

Chante (shahn-te, shante)

Chantel (shahn-tel, shanteru)

Chantell (shahn-tel, shanteru)

Chantelle (shahn-tel, shanteru)

Chapman (chaP-man, chappuman)

Chara (chah-rah, chara)

Charis (kah-ris, karisu)

Charise (shah-rEEs, shari-su)

Charissa (kah-ri-Sah, karissa)

Charisse (shah-rEEs, shari-su)

Charita (chah-ri-tah, charita)

Charity (cha-ri-tee, chariti)

Charla (shahr-lah, sha-ra)

Charlaine (shahr-layn, sha-rein)

Charlayne (shahr-layn, sha-rein)

Charlee (chahr-lEE, cha-ri-)

Charleen (shahr-lEEn, sha-ri-n)

Charlena (shah-lEE-nah, shari-na)

Charlene (shahr-lEEn, sha-ri-n)

Charles (chahrlz, cha-ruzu)

Charles (sharl, sharuru)

Charlesetta (chahr-le-se-Tah, cha-resetta)

Charlette (shahr-lawT, sha-rotto)

Charley (chahr-lEE, cha-ri-)

Charli (chahr-lEE, cha-ri-)

Charlie (chahr-lEE, cha-ri-)

Charline (shah-lEEn, shari-n)

Charlize (shahr-lEEz, sha-ri-zu)

Charlott (shahr-lawT, sha-rotto)

Charlotta (kahr-lo-Tah, karurotta)

Charlotte (shahr-lawT, sha-rotto)

Charlotte (shar-loT, sharurotto)

Charlsie (chahrl-sEE, cha-rushi-)

Charlton (chahrl-ton, cha-ruton)

Charlyn (chahrlin, cha-rin)

Charmagne (shahr-mayn, sha-mein)

Charmain (shahr-mayn, sha-mein)

Charmaine (shahr-mayn, sha-mein)

Charmian (shahr-mayn, sha-mein)

Charmian (shahr-mian, sha-mian)

Charne (chahrn, cha-n)

Charo (chah-ro, charo)

Charolette (chah-ro-leT, charoretto)

Charotte (shahr-loT, sha-rotto)

Chas (chas, chasu)

Chase (chays, cheisu)

Chasidy (cha-si-dee, chashidi)

Chasity (cha-si-tEE, chashiti-)

Chassidy (cha-si-dee, chashidi)

Chastity (chas-ti-tEE, chasutiti-)

Chatur (cha-toor, chaturu)

Chau (chah-oo, chau)

Chauncey (chAWn-sEE, cho-nshi-)

Chaya (chah-yah, chaya)

Chaz (chaz, chazu)

Chazz (chaz, chazu)

Che (che, che)

Checco (keKo, kekko)

Cheech (chEEch, chi-chi)

Chelan (shAH-lan, sha-ran)

Chelcie (chel-sEE, cherushi-)

Chellie (she-lEE, sheri-)

Chelo (che-lo, chero)

Chelse (chel-sEE, cherushi-)

Chelsea (chel-sEE, cherushi-)

Chelsey (chel-sEE, cherushi-)

Chelsie (chel-sEE, cherushi-)

Chen (chen, chen)

Chene (shE-nuh, she-nu)

Cher (shEr, she-ru)

Chere (che-rEE, cheri-)

Chere (she-rEE, sheri-)

Cheree (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cheree (she-rEE, sheri-)

Cherelle (she-ril, sheriru)

Cheri (che-ree, cheri)

Cheri (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cheri (she-rEE, sheri-)

Cherice (shuh-rEEs, shuri-su)

Cherie (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cherie (she-rEE, sheri-)

Cherilyn (she-ri-lin, sheririn)

Cherise (shuh-rEEs, shuri-su)

Cherish (che-rish, cherishu)

Cherly (shur-lEE, sha-ri-)

Cherlyn (shur-lin, sha-rin)

Chermain (shahr-mayn, sha-mein)

Cherri (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cherrie (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cherry (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cherryl (she-ril, sheriru)

Chery (che-rEE, cheri-)

Cheryl (she-ril, sheriru)

Cheryle (she-ril, sheriru)

Cheryll (she-ril, sheriru)

Chester (ches-tur, chesuta-)

Chet (cheT, chetto)

Chete (che-te, chete)

Chevy (che-vEE, chevi-)

Cheyene (shie-an, shaian)

Cheyenne (shie-an, shaian)

Cheylee (chay-lEE, cheiri-)

Chhannulal (chan-noo-lahl, channuraru)

Chi (chee, chi)

Chia (chAH, cha-)

Chianne (shie-an, shaian)

Chiara (chee-ah-rah, chiara)

Chiara (kee-ah-rah, kiara)

Chica (chee-kah, chika)

Chica (shee-Kah, shikka)

Chick (chiK, chikku)

Chico (chee-ko, chiko)

Chief (chEEf, chi-fu)

Chieko (chee-e-ko, chieko)

Chiem (hEEm, hi-mu)

Chiemi (chee-e-mee, chiemi)

Chill (chil, chiru)

Chilton (chil-ton, chiruton)

Chimed (chee-med, chimedo)

Chin (chin, chin)

China (chie-nah, chaina)

Chinen (chee-nen, chinen)

Ching (chin, chin)

Chinna (chin-nah, chinna)

Chintamani (shin-tah-mah-nee, shintamani)

Chintara (chin-tah-rah, chintara)

Chintarou (chin-tah-rO, chintaro-)

Chip (chiP, chippu)

Chips (chiPs, chippusu)

Chiquita (chi-kee-tah, chikita)

Chita (chee-tah, chita)

Chitti (chi-TEE, chitti-)

Chiwetel (chOOi-tel, chu-iteru)

Chloe (klo-e, kuroe)

Chloe (klo-EE, kuroi-)

Chloris (klo-ris, kurorisu)

Chlosinde (klo-zin-de, kurozinde)

Choles (chO-lz, cho-ruzu)

Chong (chon, chon)

Chris (kris, kurisu)

Chrissie (kri-sEE, kurishi-)

Chrissy (kri-sEE, kurishi-)

Chrissy (kri-SEE, kurisshi-)

Christ (kriest, kuraisuto)

Christ (krist, kurisuto)

Christa (kris-tah, kurisuta)

Christal (kris-tahl, kurisutaru)

Christeen (kris-tEEn, kurisuti-n)

Christel (kris-tel, kurisuteru)

Christelle (krees-tel, kurisuteru)

Christen (kris-ten, kurisuten)

Christena (kris-tEE-nah, kurisuti-na)

Christene (kris-tEEn, kurisuti-n)

Christer (krees-tel, kurisuteru)

Christi (kris-tee, kurisuti)

Christia (kris-tee-ah, kurisutia)

Christiaan (kris-chan, kurisuchan)

Christian (kris-chan, kurisuchan)

Christian (kris-tee-An, kurisutia-n)

Christian (kris-tee-an, kurisutian)

Christiana (kris-tee-a-nah, kurisuchiana)

Christiana (kris-ti-a-nah, kurisutiana)

Christiane (kris-tee-A-ne, kurisutia-ne)

Christiane (kris-tee-A-nuh, kurisutia-nu)

Christianna (kris-tee-a-nah, kurisuchiana)

Christianne (kris-chan-nuh, kurisuchannu)

Christianne (kris-tee-an-nuh, kurisutiannu)

Christiannne (kris-tee-an-nuh, kurisutiannu)

Christie (kris-tee, kurisuti)

Christie (kris-tEE, kurisuti-)

Christin (kris-tan, kurisutan)

Christin (kris-tin, kurisutin)

Christina (kris-tEE-nah, kurisuti-na)

Christina (kris-tee-nah, kurisutina)

Christine (kri-stEEn, kurisuti-n)

Christine (kris-tEE-nuh, kurisuti-nu)

Christine (kris-tEEne, kurisuti-ne)

Christine (kris-tin, kurisutin)

Christinia (kris-tinee-ah, kurisutinia)

Christl (kristl, kurisutoru)

Christo (kris-to, kurisuto)

Christof (kris-tof, kurisutofu)

Christofer (kris-to-fur, kurisutofa-)

Christoffer (kris-to-fer, kurisutoferu)

Christoffer (kris-to-fur, kurisutofa-)

Christoper (kris-to-fur, kurisutofa-)

Christoph (kris-tof, kurisutofu)

Christophe (kree-stof, kurisutofu)

Christopher (kris-to-fur, kurisutofa-)

Christos (kris-tos, kurisutosu)

Christy (kris-tee, kurisuti)

Christyna (kris-tEE-nah, kurisuti-na)

Chryssie (kri-SEE, kurisshi-)

Chrysta (kris-tah, kurisuta)

Chrystal (kris-tahl, kurisutaru)

Chu (chOO, chu-)

Chubby (chu-bEE, chabi-)

Chucho (chOO-cho, chu-cho)

Chucho (choo-cho, chucho)

Chuck (chuK, chakku)

Chukam (chuh-kahm, chukamu)

Chulpan (chool-pan, churupan)

Chun (chuhn, chun)

Chung (chon, chon)

Chung (chung, changu)

Chus (choos, chusu)

Chuy (chOO-ee, chu-i)

Chuy (choo-ee, chui)

Chyna (chie-nah, chaina)

Chyoko (cho-ko, choko)

Cian (kee-an, kian)

Ciana (see-a-nah, shiana)

Ciara (kee-ah-rah, kiara)

Ciaran (kee-ah-ran, kiaran)

Ciaran (sha-rahn, sharan)

Ciaran (shee-ah-ran, shiaran)

Ciccio (chee-CHo, chiccho)

Cicely (si-si-lEE, shishiri-)

Cienna (see-e-nah, shiena)

Ciera (see-e-rah, shiera)

Cierra (see-e-rah, shiera)

Cillian (ki-lee-an, kirian)

Cillian (si-lee-an, shirian)

Cinda (sin-dah, shinda)

Cinderella (sin-de-re-lah, shinderera)

Cindi (sin-dee, shindi)

Cindie (sin-dee, shindi)

Cindric (sin-driK, shindorikku)

Cindy (shin-dEE, shindi-)

Cindy (sin-dee, shindi)

Cinque (san-kee, sanki)

Cinthia (sin-thee-ah, shinshia)

Cintia (sin-tee-ah, shintia)

Cinzia (chin-zee-ah, chinzia)

Cira (see-rah, shira)

Ciriaco (chee-ree-ah-ko, chiriako)

Ciriaco (see-ree-ah-ko, shiriako)

Ciro (chee-ro, chiro)

Claes (klAHs, kura-su)

Clair (kler, kurea)

Claire (klEr, kure-ru)

Claire (kler, kurea)

Clancy (klan-sEE, kuranshi-)

Clara (kla-rah, kurara)

Claramae (kla-rah-may, kuraramei)

Clare (kler, kurea)

Clarence (kla-rens, kurarensu)

Claretha (klah-ree-thah, kurarisa)

Claretta (kla-re-Tah, kuraretta)

Claribel (kla-ri-bel, kurariberu)

Clarice (kla-rees, kurarisu)

Clarinda (klah-rin-dah, kurarinda)

Clarine (klah-reen, kurarin)

Clarine (klah-ri-ne, kurarine)

Claris (kla-rees, kurarisu)

Clarisa (kla-ri-sah, kurarisa)

Clarise (kla-rees, kurarisu)

Clarissa (kla-ri-sah, kurarisa)

Clarissa (klah-ri-Sah, kurarissa)

Clarisse (klah-rees, kurarisu)

Clarita (klah-ri-tah, kurarita)

Clark (klahrk, kura-ku)

Clarke (klahrk, kura-ku)

Classie (kla-SEE, kurasshi-)

Claud (klAWd, kuro-do)

Claude (klAWd, kuro-do)

Claudette (klO-deT, kuro-detto)

Claudia (klAW-dee-ah, kuro-dia)

Claudia (klow-dee-ah, kuraudia)

Claudie (klO-dee, kuro-di)

Claudina (klow-dEE-nah, kuraudi-na)

Claudine (klO-dEE-nuh, kuro-di-nu)

Claudine (klO-deen, kuro-din)

Claudinei (klow-di-nay, kuraudinei)

Claudio (klow-dee-o, kuraudio)

Claus (klows, kurausu)

Clavileno (klah-bee-re-no, kurabireno)

Clay (klay, kurei)

Clayne (klayn, kurein)

Clayton (klay-ton, kureiton)

Cle (kle, kure)

Clea (kleah, kurea)

Clear (kli-ahr, kuria-)

Clear (kli-ar, kuria)

Clearly (kli-ahr-lEE, kuria-ri-)

Clearly (kli-ar-lEE, kuriari-)

Cleary (kle-ah-rEE, kureari-)

Cleary (kli-ah-rEE, kuriari-)

Cleavant (klEE-vant, kuri-vanto)

Cleavon (klEE-von, kuri-von)

Clelia (kle-ri-ah, kureria)

Clem (klem, kuremu)

Clemence (kle-mans, kuremansu)

Clemence (kle-mens, kuremensu)

Clemencia (kle-men-see-ah, kuremenshia)

Clemency (kle-men-sEE, kuremenshi-)

Clemens (klE-mens, kure-mensu)

Clemens (kle-mens, kuremensu)

Clemens (kle-menz, kuremenzu)

Clement (kle-mahn, kureman)

Clement (kle-ment, kuremento)

Clemente (kle-men-te, kuremente)

Clementia (kle-men-ti-ah, kurementia)

Clementina (kle-men-tEE-nah, kurementi-na)

Clementina (kle-men-tee-nah, kurementina)

Clementine (klemen-tin, kurementin)

Clemenze (kle-mens, kuremensu)

Clemmie (kle-mEE, kuremi-)

Cleo (klee-o, kurio)

Cleopatra (kle-o-pat-rah, kureopatora)

Cleora (kle-o-rah, kureora)

Cleotilde (klee-o-teeld, kuriochirudo)

Cleta (kle-tah, kureta)

Cleto (kle-to, kureto)

Cletus (klEE-tahs, kuri-tasu)

Cleveland (klEEv-land, kuri-vurando)

Cliff (klif, kurifu)

Clifford (kli-fohrd, kurifo-do)

Clifton (klif-ton, kurifuton)

Clint (klint, kurinto)

Clinton (klin-ton, kurinton)

Clio (klee-o, kurio)

Clive (kliev, kuraivu)

Cliville (kli-vil, kuriviru)

Clodagh (klO-dah, kuro-da)

Clora (klO-rah, kuro-ra)

Clorinda (klorin-dah, kurorinda)

Cloris (klo-ris, kurorisu)

Clotilde (klo-teeld, kurochirudo)

Clovis (klo-vis, kurovisu)

Cloyce (klois, kuroisu)

Clu (klOO, kuru-)

Clyde (klied, kuraido)

Clydie (klie-dee, kuraidi)

Clytie (klie-tee, kuraiti)

Cobina (ko-bee-nah, kobina)

Coburn (ko-burn, koba-n)

Coby (ko-bEE, kobi-)

Cockrel (kawk-rel, kokureru)

Coco (ko-ko, koko)

Codi (kO-dee, ko-di)

Codie (ko-dee, kodi)

Cody (kO-dee, ko-di)

Cody (ko-dee, kodi)

Coen (kO-en, ko-en)

Cohen (kO-en, ko-en)

Cohen (kO-hen, ko-hen)

Coko (ko-ko, koko)

Colbie (kol-bEE, korubi-)

Colby (kol-bEE, korubi-)

Cole (kOl, ko-ru)

Coleen (kaw-lEEn, kori-n)

Coleman (kOl-mahn, ko-ruman)

Colene (kaw-lEEn, kori-n)

Coletta (ko-le-Tah, koretta)

Colette (ko-leT, koretto)

Colin (kaw-lin, korin)

Colin (kO-lin, ko-rin)

Colinda (ko-lin-dah, korinda)

Coline (ko-lEE-nuh, kori-nu)

Colleen (kaw-lEEn, kori-n)

Collen (kaw-len, koren)

Collen (kaw-lin, korin)

Collene (kaw-lEEn, kori-n)

Collette (ko-leT, koretto)

Collin (kaw-lin, korin)

Collins (ko-linz, korinzu)

Colm (kolm, korumu)

Colt (kolt, koruto)

Colten (kol-ten, koruten)

Coltin (kol-tin, korutin)

Colton (kol-ton, koruton)

Columbus (ko-lawm-bahs, koronbasu)

Compay (kom-pie, konpai)

Compton (komp-ton, konputon)

Conal (ko-nahl, konaru)

Conall (ko-nahl, konaru)

Conan (ko-nan, konan)

Concepcion (kawn-sep-shee-awn, konsepushion)

Conception (kawn-sep-shon, konsepushon)

Concetta (kawn-che-Tah, konchetta)

Concetta (kon-se-Tah, konsetta)

Concettina (kon-che-Tee-nah, konchettina)

Concha (kawn-chah, koncha)

Conchata (kon-chA-tah, koncha-ta)

Conchita (kawn-chEE-tah, konchi-ta)

Conchita (kon-kEE-tah, konki-ta)

Conde (kon-de, konde)

Connell (ko-nel, koneru)

Conner (kaw-nur, kona-)

Connie (kaw-nEE, koni-)

Connor (kaw-nur, kona-)

Conny (ko-nEE, koni-)

Conor (kaw-nur, kona-)

Conrad (kawn-raD, konraddo)

Conrad (kon-rAt, konra-to)

Conrado (kon-rAd, konra-do)

Constance (kawn-stans, konsutansu)

Constant (kon-stant, konsutanto)

Constantia (kon-stan-tee-ah, konsutantia)

Constantin (kon-stan-tahn, konsutantan)

Constantin (kon-stan-tin, konsutantin)

Constantine (kon-stan-teen, konsutantin)

Constantino (kon-stan-tee-no, konsutantino)

Constanza (kon-stan-sah, konsutansa)

Constanze (kon-stan-tse, konsutantse)

Consuela (kawn-soo-e-lah, konsuera)

Consuelo (kawn-soo-e-lo, konsuero)

Contessa (kawn-te-Sah, kontessa)

Cooke (kooK, kukku)

Coolio (kOO-lee-o, ku-rio)

Cooper (kOO-pur, ku-pa-)

Copeland (kOp-land, ko-purando)

Cora (kO-rah, ko-ra)

Cora (ko-rah, kora)

Coral (kO-rul, ko-raru)

Coralee (kO-rah-lEE, ko-rari-)

Coralie (kO-rah-lEE, ko-rari-)

Coralie (ko-rah-lEE, korari-)

Corazon (ko-rah-zawn, korazon)

Corbet (kohr-beT, ko-betto)

Corbett (kohr-beT, ko-betto)

Corbin (kohr-bin, ko-bin)

Corbin (kor-bin, korubin)

Corbyn (kohr-bin, ko-bin)

Cordelia (kohr-de-lee-ah, ko-deria)

Cordell (kohr-del, ko-deru)

Corder (kohr-dur, ko-da-)

Cordia (kohr-dee-ah, ko-dia)

Cordia (kor-dee-ah, korudia)

Cordie (kor-dee, korudi)

Cordula (kor-do-lah, korudora)

Coreen (kaw-rEEn, kori-n)

Corene (kaw-rEEn, kori-n)

Corentin (ko-ran-tahn, korantan)

Corentine (ko-ran-tEE-nuh, koranti-nu)

Coretta (ko-re-Tah, koretta)

Corey (ko-rEE, kori-)

Corey (kohr-rEE, ko-ri-)

Cori (ko-rEE, kori-)

Corie (ko-rEE, kori-)

Corin (ko-rin, korin)

Corina (ko-rEE-nah, kori-na)

Corine (kaw-rEEn, kori-n)

Corinna (kaw-rEE-nah, kori-na)

Corinna (ko-rin-nah, korinna)

Corinne (ko-rEEn, kori-n)

Corinne (ko-rin-nuh, korinnu)

Corita (kaw-ree-tah, korita)

Corliss (kO-lis, ko-risu)

Cornel (kohr-nel, ko-neru)

Cornelia (kohr-ne-lee-ah, ko-neria)

Cornelia (kor-ne-lee-ah, koruneria)

Cornelio (kohr-ne-lee-o, ko-nerio)

Cornelio (kor-ne-lee-o, korunerio)

Cornelis (kor-ne-lis, korunerisu)

Cornelius (kohr-ne-lee-us, ko-neriasu)

Cornell (kohr-nel, ko-neru)

Coronji (ko-ron-jee, koronji)

Corradino (ko-Rah-dEE-no, korradi-no)

Corrado (ko-rAH-do, kora-do)

Corrado (ko-Rah-do, korrado)

Corrie (ko-rEE, kori-)

Corrin (kaw-rEEn, kori-n)

Corrin (kaw-reen, korin)

Corrina (kaw-rEE-nah, kori-na)

Corrine (kaw-rEEn, kori-n)

Corrinne (kaw-rEEn, kori-n)

Cort (kohrt, ko-to)

Cortez (kor-tes, korutesu)

Cortney (kohrt-nEE, ko-toni-)

Corwin (kohr-win, ko-win)

Corwyn (kohr-win, ko-win)

Cory (ko-rEE, kori-)

Cosima (kO-zee-mah, ko-zima)

Cosimo (kaw-zee-maw, kozimo)

Cosma (kos-mah, kosuma)

Cosmo (kos-mo, kosumo)

Cosmo (koz-mo, kozumo)

Costa (kos-tah, kosuta)

Costantino (ko-stahn-tEE-no, kosutanti-no)

Costantino (ko-stahn-tee-no, kosutantino)

Costanzo (ko-stahn-so, kosutanso)

Costanzo (ko-stahn-tso, kosutantso)

Costanzo (ko-stahn-zo, kosutanzo)

Costas (kos-tahs, kosutasu)

Court (kohrt, ko-to)

Courtenay (kohrt-nay, ko-tonei)

Courteney (kohrt-nEE, ko-toni-)

Courtland (kohrt-land, ko-torando)

Courtney (kohrt-nEE, ko-toni-)

Coy (koi, koi)

Coyote (ko-YO-te, koyo-te)

Crahan (kra-han, kurahan)

Craig (krayg, kureigu)

Craig (kreG, kureggu)

Crane (krayn, kurein)

Crane (krEn, kure-n)

Creamer (krEE-mur, kuri-ma-)

Creatza (kree-ah-tsah, kuriatsa)

Creola (kre-o-lah, kureora)

Crescencia (kres-sen-see-ah, kuresusenshia)

Crew (k-rOO, kuru-)

Cris (kris, kurisu)

Criselda (kri-sel-dah, kuriseruda)

Crispin (kris-pin, kurisupin)

Crissy (kri-sEE, kurishi-)

Crist (krist, kurisuto)

Crista (kris-tah, kurisuta)

Cristal (kris-tahl, kurisutaru)

Cristen (kris-ten, kurisuten)

Cristi (kris-tee, kurisuti)

Cristian (kris-chan, kurisuchan)

Cristian (kris-tee-an, kurisutian)

Cristiana (kris-tee-A-nah, kurisutia-na)

Cristiano (kree-stee-AH-no, kurisutia-no)

Cristie (kris-tee, kurisuti)

Cristin (kris-tin, kurisutin)

Cristina (kris-tEE-nah, kurisuti-na)

Cristina (kris-tee-nah, kurisutina)

Cristine (kris-tEEn, kurisuti-n)

Cristobal (kree-sto-bahl, kurisutobaru)

Cristoforo (kris-to-fo-ro, kurisutoforo)

Cristophe (kris-tof, kurisutofu)

Cristopher (kris-to-fur, kurisutofa-)

Cristy (kris-tee, kurisuti)

Cromwell (krom-wel, kuromuweru)

Crosby (kros-bEE, kurosubi-)

Crosby (kroz-bEE, kurozubi-)

Crouch (krowch, kurauchi)

Crue (k-rOO, kuru-)

Cruz (krOOz, kuru-zu)

Cruzita (kroo-see-tah, kurushita)

Crysta (kris-tah, kurisuta)

Crystal (kris-tahl, kurisutaru)

Crystle (kris-tahl, kurisutaru)

Csongor (chon-go-r, chongoru)

Cuba (kYOO-bah, kyu-ba)

Cuc (kooK, kukku)

Cumming (kah-ming, kamingu)

Cunningham (kah-nin-gahm, kaningamu)

Cunningham (kah-ning-ham, kaninguhamu)

Cunnington (ku-ning-ton, kaninguton)

Curd (kuhrt, kuruto)

Currie (kyoo-rEE, kyuri-)

Curro (kOO-ro, ku-ro)

Curro (koor-ro, kururo)

Curt (kuhrt, kuruto)

Curt (kurt, ka-to)

Curtis (kur-tis, ka-tisu)

Custodia (koo-sto-dee-ah, kusutodia)

Custodio (koo-sto-dee-o, kusutodio)

Cutter (ku-Tur, katta-)

Cyan (sie-an, saian)

Cybil (si-bil, shibiru)

Cybill (si-bil, shibiru)

Cyd (sid, shido)

Cylk (silk, shiruku)

Cyna (sEE-nah, shi-na)

Cyndi (sin-dee, shindi)

Cyndy (sin-dee, shindi)

Cynthia (sin-thee-ah, shinshia)

Cyprien (si-pree-ahn, shipurian)

Cyril (see-ril, shiriru)

Cyrille (see-ril, shiriru)

Cyrus (sie-rus, sairasu)

New Products For May

  • Cumming Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Designs of the name Cumming written horizontally in hiragana.
  • Cumming Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Designs of the name Cumming written horizontally in katakana.
  • Cumming Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Designs of the name Cumming written vertically in hiragana.
  • Cumming Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Designs of the name Cumming written vertically in katakana.


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