Kanji Tattoo Samples

Names in Katakana and Hiragana Due to popular demand we have not only katakana for every name but have added hiragana designs for each name. Katakana is the standard for rendering non-Japanese names to Japanese. However, women especially prefer the more feminine hiragana for their names. Hiragana was created by the Heian poetess's as a more feminine alternative to the angular and more masculine looking katakana. Here are two examples of our name designs so you can compare the two and decide for yourself which you prefer:

Katakana, Vertical

Hiragana, Vertical

Notice that for each name we provide three different versions. The translation is exactly the same - the name is simply written in a different size and font. This way you have a choice on which to use. Also all of the name fonts match so you can order different names, combine them into a single design and they will look perfect together.


"You are My Life" and "You are My Love"

Two of Master Takase's most popular and most requested custom designs are: "You are My Life" (for example Amanda is My Life) and "You are My Love" (for example, Amanda is My Love). Now we offer both these designs for every name in the catalog where the name can be in either katakana or hiragana.

These designs symbolize devotion and love and so may represent anyone that is loved including a child, a parent, as well as, and more commonly, the love of your life. Here are two examples so you can see for yourself just how great they look:

Amanda is My Life
with Amanda in Katakana

Amanda is My Love
with Amanda in Hiragana

The You are My Life design has the kanji Life (inochi) as the main character with the name written in the lower left. Just below the name is a small red seal for Eternity (ei). This is an ancient design used to symbolize a person as being one's whole life, one's whole reason for being.

The You are My Life design has the kanji Love (ai) as the main character with the name written in the lower right. Just below the name is a small red seal for Eternity (ei).

StockKanji - Japanese Kanji Tattoos has over 40000 individual Japanese tattoo designs. With each design we provide you with everything you need to take to your tattoo artist. Our carefully documented and beautifully executed tattoo designs are in an Adobe PDF file (your computer should be able to read these). This means that your Japanese Kanji Tattoo will print out exactly as lettered by Master Takase and it also means you can easily change the size and the image will remain crisp and clear. And the designs come with the line art that your tattoo artist is going to need to properly ink the design.

With your order you get everything you need to take to your tattoo artist to get the perfect Japanese Symbol Tattoo! And your tattoo artist doesn't even need to know Japanese!

If you are not sure if your computer can read an Adobe PDF file, then just click on one of the designs above. You should have no problems but if you do, the PDF Reader can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

Download the latest Adobe PDF Reader for free:

The Japanese Tattoo Designs above are just two samples from among the thousands of Japanese Symbol Tattoos available at StockKanji.com. The left is one of our Zodiac designs for Year of the Snake. And on the right is one of our Name in Japanese designs for Amy (Notice that name designs have three different versions so you have a choice).

If you click on and open the designs, notice that they print exactly as designed by Master Takase and that you can also easily change the size of the design.

And keep in mind that all Japanese kanji designs on StockKanji.com (except, of course, for special orders) can be immediately downloaded when your order is placed - there is no waiting. Just place your order and then simply click on the provided link to download the design. Ordering is Quick, Easy, and Safe.

Courage / Bravery

Top Ten Most Popular Japanese Tattoo Designs:

1 Family 2 Eternal Love 3 Inner Strength 4 Love 5 Hope
6 Live in the Moment 7 True Victory is Victory Over Oneself
8 Each Moment Only Once 9 Honor 10 Freedom

We also offer a unique service where you can work directly with Master Takase on a Custom Japanese Tattoo. Designs can usually be completed in just a few days. For more information see Custom Japanese Tattoo Designs (notice this is a link to our custom design website).

If you have any questions or suggestions for items you would like to see in the catalog, you are always welcome to Contact Us.

So take a look around and enjoy these beautiful hand-lettered Japanese Kanji Tattoos and know that at StockKanji.com you can shop with confidence.

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