Christian Tattoos

Here you will find authentic hand-brushed Japanese Christian Tattoos personally brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Master Takase has brushed each word in several fonts so you have many choices. For these variations, the meaning does not change, only the look changes. So select the design you like and the meaning will be exactly the same.

Immediately Download Your Japanese Christian Tattoo

With your order, you receive everything you need for the perfect Japanese Christian Tattoo. The tattoo design comes as an Adobe PDF file which means it will print exactly as Master Takase brushed the design. And this includes the line art, also called a stencil, that your tattoo artist must have to properly ink the design.

When your order is placed, you can immediately download your Japanese Christian Tattoo design. Then just print it and take it to your favorite tattoo artist. Your tattoo artist does not need to know Japanese. And the Adobe PDF file contains everything you need including the high-resolution art, the line art, the English, the Japanese reading, and the Japanese. This completely documents the design and is everything your tattoo artist needs to properly ink the design.

Getting the perfect Japanese Christian Tattoo is really this easy. Get your tattoo today!

1 Corinthians 13-13 Faith, Hope and Love (shinkou to kibou to ai)

Afterlife (raise)

Angel (tenshi)

Atonement (shokuzai)

Atonement (tsugunai)

Baptism (senrei)

Believe (shin)

Believe in God (kami wo shinjiru)

Believer (shinja)

Bible (seisho)

Blessed (onkei)

Child of God (kami no ko)

Christ (kirisuto)

Christian (shinja)

Christmas Eve (seiya)

Confession (zange)

Cross (juujika)

Crusader (juujigun)

Destiny (unmei)

Divine (shinsei)

Faith (shinkou)

Fate (unmei)

Forgiveness (yousha)

Genesis (souseiki)

God (kami)

God Bless You (kami no kago)

God is Great (kami wa idai)

God's Will (shin'i)

Goddess (megami)

Gods of Heaven and Earth (tenchishinmei)

Grace (megumi)

Guardian Angel (shugotenshi)

Heaven (tengoku)

Heaven and Earth (tenchi)

Heaven's Blessing (tenkei)

Heavenly Voice (tensei)

Hell (jigoku)

Holy Day (seijitsu)

Holy Ghost (seirei)

Holy Land (seichi)

Holy Mother (seibo)

Holy Night (seiya)

Holy Spirit (seirei)

In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth (hajimeni kami wa ten to chi wo souzou sareta)

John 14-6 The Way, The Truth, The Life (michi shinri inochi)

Let There Be Light (hikari are)

Life After Death (raise)

Lord (joutei)

Lord (shu)

Messiah (kyuuseishu)

Miracle (kiseki)

Only God Can Judge Me (kami nomi ware wo sabaku)

Paradise (rakuen)

Pious (keiken)

Power of Prayer (ganriki)

Prayer (inori)

Priest (shinpu)

Prophecies (yogen)

Prophecy (yogen)

Prophet (yogensha)

Psalms 118-14 The Lord is My Strength (shu wa waga chikara)

Repentance (zange)

Resurrection (fukkatsu)

Revelation (mokushi)

Romans 12-12 Be Joyful in Hope (nozomi wo idaite yorokobi)

Saint (seija)

Salvation (kyuusei)

Sanctuary (seiiki)

Savior (kyuuseishu)

Shadow of Death (shisou)

Sinner (tsumibito)

Soul (tamashii)

Spirit (rei)

Spiritual Strength (seishinryoku)

Trust in God (kami wo shinze yo)

Voice of God (tensei)

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