Love Tattoos

Here you will find authentic hand-brushed Japanese Love Tattoos personally brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Master Takase has brushed each word in several fonts so you have many choices. For these variations, the meaning does not change, only the look changes. So select the design you like and the meaning will be exactly the same.

Japanese Love Tattoos
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase
Japanese Love Tattoos by Master Eri Takase

Immediately Download Your Japanese Love Tattoo

With your order, you receive everything you need for the perfect Japanese Love Tattoo. The tattoo design comes as an Adobe PDF file which means it will print exactly as Master Takase brushed the design. And this includes the line art, also called a stencil, that your tattoo artist must have to properly ink the design.

When your order is placed, you can immediately download your Japanese Love Tattoo design. Then just print it and take it to your favorite tattoo artist. Your tattoo artist does not need to know Japanese. And the Adobe PDF file contains everything you need including the high-resolution art, the line art, the English, the Japanese reading, and the Japanese. This completely documents the design and is everything your tattoo artist needs to properly ink the design.

Getting the perfect Japanese Love Tattoo is really this easy. Get your tattoo today!

Beloved (saiai)

Broken Heart (shitsuren)

Dear (shin'ai)

Different Bodies One Mind (itaidoushin)

Eternal Love (eiai)

Faith and Love (shin'ai)

Father's Love (fuseiai)

First Love (hatsukoi)

For Better Or For Worse (yokareashikare)

Forbidden Love (kin'ai)

Forbidden Love (kinjirareta ai)

Forever in My Heart (eien ni kokoro no naka ni)

Forever in My Heart (eien ni watashi no kokoro ni)

Honeymoon (mitsugetsu)

Husband and Wife (fuufu)

I Love You (aishiteru)

Infinite Love (mugen ai)

Inseparable as Form and Shadow (keieiichinyo)

Kiss (seppun)

Kisses (seppun)

Live, Laugh, Love (ikiru warau aisuru)

Live, Laugh, Love (sei shou ai)

Love (ai)

Love (aijou)

Love (jiai)

Love and Hate (aizou)

Love and Respect (keiai)

Love Binds Them All Together (ai wa subete wo kanzen ni musubu obi de aru)

Love Conquers All (ai wa katsu)

Love Hurts (ai kutsuu)

Love Hurts (ai wa itami)

Love is Everything (ai ga subete)

Love Oneself (jiai)

Lover (koibito)

Marital Bliss (fuufuenman)

Marriage (kekkon)

Mother's Love (boseiai)

Mutual Love (souai)

One in Mind and Body (isshindoutai)

One Love (hitotsu no ai)

One Love (ichi ai)

Pure Love (jun'ai)

Secret Love (himitsu no ai)

Self-Love (jiai)

Silver Anniversary (ginkonshiki)

Soul Mates (tamashii no tomo)

Sweetheart (koibito)

Take Care of Oneself (jiai)

Til Death Do Us Part (shi ga futari wo wakatsu made)

True Love (shin'ai)

Unconditional Love (mujouken ai)

Unrequited Love (shitsuren)

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