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These beautiful designs, hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, come in formats for personal and professional use. All designs are delivered digitally when your order is placed - there is no waiting.

by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

Over 4000 Names Meticulously Translated to Japanese

For each name, we start by giving the pronunciation of the name. This is important because names can be pronounced differently and this is the only way to know whether the translation is right for you. Then we cross check each name against Japanese dictionaries, and movie and entertainment databases. This way you know the translation is commonly used and we take it a step further because we then show which celebrities use the translation. And, finally, at Reference Materials we provide you with the resources to check our work if you would like.

About Translating Names to Japanese

Katakana is the standard way that names are translated to Japanese. Katakana preserves the pronunciation and is the option most likely to be recognized as a name. Katakana is also the way that non-Japanese names appear in Japanese dictionaries.

Hiragana can be used to write names in Japanese. Hiragana is considered more feminine as it was created by the poetesses of the Heian period. Like Katakana, hiragana preserves the pronunciation and is likely to be recognized as a name.

A literal translation to kanji translates the meaning of the name. Names have both a pronunciation and a meaning and so a complete translation is created by combining a phonetic translation and the literal translation to kanji.

For more information read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese

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Aadne (AHd-ne, a-done)

Aadolf (A-dolf, a-dorufu)

Aalesund (O-le-suhn, o-resun)

Aaliyah (ah-lEE-yah, ari-ya)

Aamir (AH-mir, a-miru)

Aamu (A-moo, a-mu)

Aapeli (A-pe-lee, a-peri)

Aapo (A-po, a-po)

Aappo (A-Po, a-ppo)

Aarika (AH-ree-kah, a-rika)

Aarne (Ar-ne, a-rune)

Aarni (Ar-nee, a-runi)

Aarno (Ar-no, a-runo)

Aaro (A-ro, a-ro)

Aaron (A-rawn, a-ron)

Aaron (a-ron, aron)

Aaron (er-ron, earon)

Aarre (AH-Re, a-rre)

Aarto (Ar-to, a-ruto)

Aaryn (AH-rin, a-rin)

Aashish (AH-see-sh, a-shishu)

Aashish (ah-shee-sh, ashishu)

Aasif (AH-shee-f, a-shifu)

Aatami (A-tah-mee, a-tami)

Aatos (A-tos, a-tosu)

Aatto (A-To, a-tto)

Aavedal (O-ve-dal, o-vedaru)

Aban (a-bahn, aban)

Abba (a-bah, aba)

Abbas (a-Bas, abbasu)

Abbe (a-bEE, abi-)

Abbey (a-bEE, abi-)

Abbie (a-bEE, abi-)

Abbot (a-bawT, abotto)

Abbott (a-bawT, abotto)

Abbs (abs, abusu)

Abby (a-bEE, abi-)

Abdallah (ab-du-lah, abudara)

Abdelkader (ab-del-kah-dEr, abuderukade-ru)

Abdul (ab-dool, abuduru)

Abdul (ab-dul, abudaru)

Abdullah (ab-doo-lah, abudura)

Abe (ayb, eibu)

Abel (A-bel, a-beru)

Abel (ah-bel, aberu)

Abel (ay-bel, eiberu)

Abela (ah-be-lah, abera)

Abelardo (a-be-lahr-do, aberarudo)

Abell (ah-bel, aberu)

Abella (ah-be-jah, abeja)

Abella (ah-bE-yah, abe-ya)

Abhijit (a-bee-jiT, abijitto)

Abhishek (ah-bee-shek, abisheku)

Abhuit (a-bee-T, abitto)

Abi (a-bEE, abi-)

Abid (ah-biD, abiddo)

Abida (a-bee-dah, abida)

Abigail (a-bi-gayl, abigeiru)

Able (ay-bel, eiberu)

Abner (ab-nur, abuna-)

Abra (ah-brah, abura)

Abraham (ab-rah-ham, aburahamu)

Abraham (AH-brah-hahm, a-burahamu)

Abraham (ay-brah-ham, eiburahamu)

Abram (ay-bram, eiburamu)

Abramo (ah-brAH-mo, abura-mo)

Abrams (ay-brams, eiburamusu)

Abrams (ay-bramz, eiburamuzu)

Abril (ah-bril, aburiru)

Absalom (ab-sah-lawm, abusaromu)

Abuzar (ah-boo-zahr, abuza-)

Ace (Es, e-su)

Acee (ay-sEE, eishi-)

Achille (ah-KI-le, akki-re)

Achille (ah-shil, ashiru)

Achilleas (ah-ki-le-us, akireasu)

Achilles (a-ki-lEEz, akiri-zu)

Achilles (ah-kires, akiresu)

Achim (a-heem, ahimu)

Achmed (ak-med, akumedo)

Ada (ay-dah, eida)

Adah (ay-dah, eida)

Adaija (ah-die-jah, adaija)

Adalbert (A-dahl-bert, a-daruberuto)

Adalbert (a-dahl-bert, adaruberuto)

Adalbert (a-dal-burt, adaruba-to)

Adalberto (a-dahl-ber-to, adaruberuto)

Adalina (a-dah-lEE-nah, adari-na)

Adalina (a-dah-lee-nah, adarina)

Adaline (a-dah-lEEn, adari-n)

Adaline (a-dah-lien, adarain)

Adalyn (a-dah-lin, adarin)

Adam (a-dam, adamu)

Adama (a-dah-mah, adama)

Adan (ah-dan, adan)

Addie (a-dEE, adi-)

Addison (a-di-son, adison)

Addy (a-dee, adi)

Addyson (a-di-son, adison)

Adeeb (ah-dEEb, adi-bu)

Adel (a-del, aderu)

Adela (ah-de-lah, adera)

Adelaida (a-de-lie-dah, aderaida)

Adelaide (a-de-layd, adereido)

Adelaide (a-de-lEd, adere-do)

Adelbert (A-del-bert, a-deruberuto)

Adelbert (a-del-bert, aderuberuto)

Adelbert (a-del-burt, aderuba-to)

Adele (a-dE-le, ade-re)

Adele (ah-de-le, adere)

Adele (ah-dEEl, adi-ru)

Adele (ah-dEl, ade-ru)

Adele (ah-del, aderu)

Adele (ay-del, eideru)

Adelheid (A-del-hied, a-deruhaido)

Adelia (a-de-lee-ah, aderia)

Adelina (ah-dha-lEE-nah, adari-na)

Adeline (a-de-lien, aderain)

Adelita (a-de-lee-tah, aderita)

Adell (ah-del, aderu)

Adella (a-de-lah, adera)

Adelle (ah-del, aderu)

Adelmira (a-del-mee-rah, aderumira)

Aden (ay-den, eiden)

Aden (e-den, eden)

Adena (a-de-nah, adena)

Adewale (a-de-wEl, adewe-ru)

Adewale (a-do-wEl, adowe-ru)

Adewale (ad-wayl, adoweiru)

Adham (a-dahm, adamu)

Adhemar (a-de-mAHr, adema-ru)

Adi (ah-dee, adi)

Adiel (a-dEEl, adi-ru)

Adilson (a-dil-son, adiruson)

Adin (ah-din, adin)

Adina (a-dEE-nah, adi-na)

Adina (a-dee-nah, adina)

Adinia (a-dee-nee-ah, adinia)

Aditya (a-dee-tee-yah, aditiya)

Adiva (ah-dee-vah, adiva)

Adler (ad-lur, adora-)

Adnan (ad-nahn, adonan)

Adolf (a-dawlf, adorufu)

Adolfo (ah-dhawl-fo, adorufo)

Adolph (a-dawlf, adorufu)

Adolphe (a-dawlf, adorufu)

Adolpho (a-dol-fo, adorufo)

Adolphus (a-dol-fus, adorufasu)

Adonai (a-do-nie, adonai)

Adonal (a-do-nal, adonaru)

Adoncia (a-don-see-ah, adonshia)

Adoni (ah-do-nee, adoni)

Adora (ah-do-rah, adora)

Adoracion (ah-do-rah-see-on, adorashion)

Adoria (ah-do-ree-ah, adoria)

Adoriano (ah-do-ree-AH-no, adoria-no)

Adria (ahd-ree-ah, adoria)

Adria (ay-dree-ah, eidoria)

Adrian (a-dree-ahn, adorian)

Adrian (ayd-ree-an, eidorian)

Adrian (e-dree-an, edorian)

Adriana (a-dree-A-nah, adoria-na)

Adriana (a-dree-ah-nah, adoriana)

Adriana (ayd-ree-a-nah, eidoriana)

Adriane (a-dree-AH-nuh, adoria-nu)

Adriane (ayd-ree-an, eidorian)

Adrianna (ayd-ree-a-nah, eidoriana)

Adrianne (ayd-ree-an, eidorian)

Adriano (ah-dree-AH-no, adoria-no)

Adrien (ad-ree-an, adorian)

Adrien (ay-dree-an, eidorian)

Adriene (ayd-ree-ahn, eidorian)

Adrienne (a-dree-ahn-nuh, adoriannu)

Adrienne (a-dree-en-nuh, adoriennu)

Adrienne (ayd-ree-ahn, eidorian)

Adrina (ahd-rEE-nah, adori-na)

Adrina (ahd-ree-nah, adorina)

Adysen (a-di-sen, adisen)

Aengus (en-gus, engasu)

Aerick (e-riK, erikku)

Aeryn (e-rin, erin)

Aeryn (er-rin, earin)

Afanasii (a-fanah-sEE, afanashi-)

Afante (ah-fahn-te, afante)

Afdlin (af-d-lin, afudorin)

Afemo (a-fe-mo, afemo)

Affif (a-feef, afifu)

Afida (a-fee-dah, afida)

Afrita (a-frEE-tah, afuri-ta)

Afshan (af-shahn, afushan)

Aftab (Af-tAHb, a-futa-bu)

Afton (af-ton, afuton)

Agapeto (a-gah-pe-to, agapeto)

Agapito (a-gah-pEE-to, agapi-to)

Agapito (a-gah-pee-to, agapito)

Agata (ah-gah-tah, agata)

Agatha (a-gah-thah, agasa)

Agathe (ah-gAH-te, aga-te)

Agathe (ah-gah-to, agato)

Agathe (ah-gah-To, agatto)

Aghali (ah-gah-lee, agari)

Agi (ah-gee, agi)

Aglaia (ahg-lie-ah, aguraia)

Agne (ag-ne, agune)

Agnes (ag-nes, agunesu)

Agnese (ag-nes, agunesu)

Agneta (ag-ne-tah, aguneta)

Agneta (ag-ne-Tah, agunetta)

Agnus (ag-nes, agunesu)

Agostina (a-go-stEE-nah, agosuti-na)

Agostina (a-go-stee-nah, agosutina)

Agostino (a-go-stEE-no, agosuti-no)

Agota (a-go-tah, agota)

Agripina (a-gri-pee-nah, aguripina)

Agrippina (a-gri-Pee-nah, agurippina)

Agueda (a-ge-dah, ageda)

Agueda (a-goo-e-dah, agueda)

Agung (ah-goon, agun)

Agustin (ah-guh-steen, agusutin)

Agustina (ah-guhs-tee-nah, agusutina)

Ahad (ah-hahd, ahado)

Aharon (A-ron, a-ron)

Ahava (ah-hah-vah, ahava)

Ahlam (af-lam, afuramu)

Ahmad (A-mah-d, a-mado)

Ahmad (A-mahD, a-maddo)

Ahmad (ahf-mahd, afumado)

Ahmed (A-meD, a-meddo)

Ahmed (A-med, a-medo)

Ahmed (aha-med, ahamedo)

Ahmed (ahf-meD, afumeddo)

Ahmed (ahf-med, afumedo)

Ahmedjan (ahf-me-jahn, afumejan)

Ahmet (A-meT, a-metto)

Ahn (ahn, an)

Ahna (AH-nah, a-na)

Ahney (AH-nEE, a-ni-)

Ahti (ah-hah-tee, ahati)

Ahto (ah-hah-to, ahato)

Ahuv (ah-hOOv, afu-vu)

Ahuva (ah-hoo-vah, afuva)

Ahvo (ah-hah-vo, ahavo)

Ai (ie, ai)

Aibhilin (ay-be-lin, eiberin)

Aida (ah-EE-dah, ai-da)

Aidan (ay-dan, eidan)

Aide (ah-EE-de, ai-de)

Aide (ie-de, aide)

Aiden (ay-den, eiden)

Aija (ie-ya, aiya)

Aiko (ie-ko, aiko)

Aila (ie-lah, aira)

Aileen (ie-lEEn, airi-n)

Ailene (ie-lEEn, airi-n)

Aili (ie-li, airi)

Ailyn (ie-lin, airin)

Aimable (e-mAHbl, ema-buru)

Aimee (ay-mEE, eimi-)

Aimee (e-me, eme)

Aimo (ie-mo, aimo)

Aina (ie-nah, aina)

Aini (ie-ni, aini)

Ainikki (ie-ni-Ki, ainikki)

Aino (ie-no, aino)

Ainsley (aynz-lEE, einzuri-)

Ainslie (aynz-lEE, einzuri-)

Aira (ie-rah, aira)

Airi (ie-ree, airi)

Aisha (aEE-shah, ai-sha)

Aisha (ie-sha, aisha)

Aishwarya (iesh-wah-ree-yah, aishuwariya)

Aishwarya (iesh-wah-ree-YAH, aishuwariya-)

Aislin (ies-lin, aisurin)

Aisling (ash-ling, ashuringu)

Aisling (ie-s-ling, aisuringu)

Aislinn (ays-lin, eisurin)

Aissa (ie-Sah, aissa)

Aitana (ie-tah-nah, aitana)

Aitor (ie-tor, aitoru)

AJ (ay-jay, eijei)

AJ (E-jE, e-je-)

Aja (ah-jah, aja)

Ajay (a-jay, ajei)

Ajay (a-jie, ajai)

Ajoy (a-joi, ajoi)

Akbar (ahk-bAHr, akuba-ru)

Akemi (ah-ke-mee, akemi)

Akhtar (ak-tahr, akuta-)

Aki (a-kee, aki)

Akiko (ah-kee-ko, akiko)

Akilah (ah-kee-lah, akira)

Akim (ay-kim, eikimu)

Akio (ah-kee-o, akio)

Akira (ah-kee-rah, akira)

Akiva (a-kee-vah, akiva)

Akonio (a-ko-nee-o, akonio)

Akos (a-kos, akosu)

Akosua (a-kO-soo-ah, ako-sua)

Akram (a-krahm, akuramu)

Aksana (ak-sah-nah, akusana)

Akseli (ak-se-lee, akuseri)

Akshat (a-kshat, akushato)

Akshay (a-kshay, akushei)

Aktan (a-k-tahn, akutan)

Aku (a-koo, aku)

Akubar (a-kuw-bahr, akubaru)

Al (al, aru)

Aladdin (u-la-din, aradin)

Alain (a-lan, aran)

Alaina (ah-lay-nah, areina)

Alaine (ah-layn, arein)

Alaine (ah-lEn, are-n)

Alaitz (ah-liets, araitsu)

Alakina (a-rah-kee-nah, arakina)

Alan (a-lan, aran)

Alana (a-la-nah, arana)

Alana (a-lAH-nah, ara-na)

Alana Nicol (a-lAH-nah ni-kOl, ara-na niko-ru)

Alane (ah-lA-nuh, ara-nu)

Alani (a-lah-nee, arani)

Alanis (a-lah-nis, aranisu)

Alanna (a-la-nah, arana)

Alano (a-lAH-no, ara-no)

Alano (a-lah-no, arano)

Alap (a-lahp, arapu)

Alarico (a-lah-ri-ko, arariko)

Alastair (ala-ster, arasutea)

Alayna (ah-lay-nah, areina)

Alba (al-bah, aruba)

Alban (al-ban, aruban)

Alben (al-ben, aruben)

Albert (al-bEr, arube-ru)

Albert (al-bert, aruberuto)

Albert (al-burt, aruba-to)

Alberta (al-bur-tah, aruba-ta)

Albertha (al-bur-thah, aruba-sa)

Albertina (al-be-r-tee-nah, aruberutina)

Albertina (al-bur-tee-nah, aruba-tina)

Albertine (al-be-r-tEE-n, aruberuti-n)

Albertine (al-be-r-tee-n, aruberutin)

Albertine (al-be-r-tEE-nuh, aruberuti-nu)

Alberto (ahl-ber-to, aruberuto)

Albie (al-bEE, arubi-)

Albin (al-bin, arubin)

Albina (ahl-bee-nah, arubina)

Albrecht (al-brekht, aruburehito)

Alchemy (al-ke-mEE, arukemi-)

Alda (al-dah, aruda)

Alden (ahl-den, aruden)

Aldene (al-de-ne, arudene)

Alder (al-dur, aruda-)

Aldis (ahl-dis, arudisu)

Aldo (al-do, arudo)

Aldona (ahl-do-nah, arudona)

Aldonza (al-don-sah, arudonsa)

Ale (ale, are)

Alease (ah-lees, arisu)

Aleasha (ah-lEE-shah, ari-sha)

Alec (a-leK, arekku)

Alecia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Aleen (ah-lEEn, ari-n)

Aleeza (ah-lEE-zah, ari-za)

Alef (ah-lef, arefu)

Aleida (ah-lay-dah, areida)

Aleida (ah-lie-dah, araida)

Aleina (ah-lEE-nah, ari-na)

Aleisha (a-lEE-shah, ari-sha)

Alejandra (ah-le-hahn-drah, arehandora)

Alejandrina (ah-le-hahn-dree-nah, arehandorina)

Alejandro (ah-le-hahn-dro, arehandoro)

Alejo (ale-ho, areho)

Alek (a-leK, arekku)

Alek (a-lek, areku)

Aleka (a-le-kah, areka)

Aleksa (a-le-ksah, arekusa)

Aleksandar (a-le-ksahn-dahr, arekusandaru)

Aleksander (a-le-ksahn-der, arekusanderu)

Aleksandr (ah-lek-sahndr, arekusandoru)

Aleksandra (a-lek-sahn-drah, arekusandora)

Aleksanteri (a-lek-sahn-te-ri, arekusanteri)

Aleksei (ah-lek-say, arekusei)

Aleksey (ah-lek-say, arekusei)

Aleksey (ah-lek-sEE, arekushi-)

Aleksi (a-lek-see, arekushi)

Aleksi (a-lek-sEE, arekushi-)

Aleksia (a-lek-see-ah, arekushia)

Aleksis (a-lek-sis, arekushisu)

Alelie (ah-le-lie, arerai)

Alena (a-le-nah, arena)

Alene (ah-lEEn, ari-n)

Aleph (ah-lef, arefu)

Aleris (ah-le-ris, arerisu)

Alesha (ah-lEE-shah, ari-sha)

Aleshia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alesia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alessandra (a-le-San-drah, aressandora)

Alessandro (ah-le-Sahn-dro, aressandoro)

Alessia (ah-le-See-ah, aresshia)

Alessio (a-le-See-o, aresshio)

Aleta (ah-le-tah, areta)

Aletha (ah-le-thah, aresa)

Alethea (a-lee-thee-a, arishia)

Alethia (ah-le-thee-ah, areshia)

Alethia (ah-li-thee-ah, arishia)

Aletta (ah-le-Tah, aretta)

Alette (a-leT, aretto)

Alex (a-leX, arekkusu)

Alexa (ah-lek-sah, arekusa)

Alexander (a-le-ksan-dur, arekisanda-)

Alexander (a-lek-san-dur, arekusanda-)

Alexander (a-lek-zan-dur, arekuzanda-)

Alexandra (a-lek-san-drah, arekusandora)

Alexandre (a-le-shahn-dre, areshandore)

Alexandre (a-lek-sahn-dr, arekusandoru)

Alexandria (a-lek-san-dree-ah, arekusandoria)

Alexandrine (a-lek-san-drEE-nuh, arekusandori-nu)

Alexandrine (a-lek-san-drEEn, arekusandori-n)

Alexandru (a-lek-sahn-d-ruh, arekusandoru)

Alexei (ah-lek-say, arekusei)

Alexes (a-lek-sus, arekusasu)

Alexey (a-lek-say, arekusei)

Alexi (ah-le-ksee, arekishi)

Alexia (ah-lek-see-ah, arekushia)

Alexis (a-lek-see, arekushi)

Alexis (ah-lek-sis, arekushisu)

Alexsa (ah-lek-sah, arekusa)

Alexz (a-leX, arekkusu)

Alf (alf, arufu)

Alf-Gard (alf-gahrd, arufuga-do)

Alfhild (alf-hild, arufuhirudo)

Alfie (al-fee, arufi)

Alfons (al-fons, arufonsu)

Alfonse (al-fons, arufonsu)

Alfonsina (al-fon-sEE-nah, arufonshi-na)

Alfonso (ahl-fawn-so, arufonso)

Alfonzo (al-fawn-zo, arufonzo)

Alfre (al-fre, arufure)

Alfred (al-freD, arufureddo)

Alfred (al-frEt, arufure-to)

Alfreda (ahl-frE-dah, arufure-da)

Alfredia (al-fre-dee-ah, arufuredia)

Alfredo (ahl-fre-Do, arufureddo)

Alfredo (al-frE-do, arufure-do)

Alfredo (al-fre-do, arufuredo)

Alfrida (al-frEE-dah, arufuri-da)

Algernon (al-juhr-non, arujanon)

Algernon (al-jur-non, aruja-non)

Ali (a-lEE, ari-)

Ali (ah-lee, ari)

Alia (ah-lee-ah, aria)

Alia (ay-lee-ah, eiria)

Alibek (a-lee-bek, aribeku)

Alica (ah-lee-kah, arika)

Alice (a-lis, arisu)

Alice (ah-lee-che, ariche)

Alicia (AH-lee-see-ah, a-rishia)

Alicia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alicio (a-lEE-cho, ari-cho)

Alicja (a-lee-tsi-ah, aritsia)

Alicya (a-lee-shee-ah, arishia)

Alida (a-lee-dah, arida)

Aliisa (a-lEE-sah, ari-sa)

Alina (ah-lEE-nah, ari-na)

Aline (a-lEEn, ari-n)

Aline (ah-lien, arain)

Aliona (ah-lee-o-nah, ariona)

Alisa (ah-lEE-sah, ari-sa)

Alisan (a-li-sahn, arisan)

Alise (a-lis, arisu)

Alisha (ah-lEE-shah, ari-sha)

Alishia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alisia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alison (a-li-son, arison)

Alissa (ah-li-Sah, arissa)

Alisson (a-li-son, arison)

Alistair (a-li-ster, arisutea)

Alita (a-lee-tah, arita)

Alivia (u-li-vee-ah, arivia)

Alix (a-liX, arikkusu)

Aliyah (ah-lEE-yah, ari-ya)

Aliz (ah-ris, arisu)

Aliz (ah-riz, arizu)

Aliza (ah-lEE-zah, ari-za)

Aliza (ah-lee-zah, ariza)

Alka (al-kah, aruka)

Alki (al-kee, aruki)

Alla (a-lah, ara)

Alla (a-Lah, arra)

Allah (a-lah, ara)

Allan (a-lan, aran)

Allana (a-la-nah, arana)

Allanah (a-la-nah, arana)

Allani (ah-lah-nee, arani)

Allauddin (a-low-Din, arauddin)

Alleen (ah-lEn, are-n)

Allegra (a-leg-rah, aregura)

Allegria (a-Leg-ree-ah, arreguria)

Allelon (a-le-lon, areron)

Allen (a-len, aren)

Allena (ah-le-nah, arena)

Allene (ah-lEEn, ari-n)

Allene (AW-lEEn, o-ri-n)

Alley (a-lEE, ari-)

Alli (a-lEE, ari-)

Allie (a-lEE, ari-)

Alline (ah-leen, arin)

Allison (a-li-son, arison)

Ally (a-lEE, ari-)

Allyn (a-lin, arin)

Allyson (a-li-son, arison)

Alma (al-mah, aruma)

Almeda (ahl-me-dah, arumeda)

Almeta (ahl-me-tah, arumeta)

Almira (al-mee-rah, arumira)

Almudena (al-moo-de-nah, arumudena)

Alois (ah-lo-ees, aroisu)

Alois (alo-wah, arowa)

Aloisi (a-lo-EE-zi, aroi-zi)

Aloisio (a-lo-EE-zyo, aroi-jio)

Aloisius (a-lo-ee-zee-uhs, aroiziusu)

Aloma (a-lo-mah, aroma)

Alon (A-lon, a-ron)

Alon (a-lon, aron)

Alona (ah-lO-nah, aro-na)

Alona (ah-lo-nah, arona)

Alondra (a-lon-drah, arondora)

Alonna (a-lonah, arona)

Alonso (ah-lon-so, aronso)

Alonzo (ah-lon-zo, aronzo)

Alouise (ah-lo-EEz, aroi-zu)

Aloys (a-lo-ees, aroisu)

Aloysio (a-lo-EEzyo, aroi-jio)

Aloysius (a-loi-zee-uhs, aroiziusu)

Aloysius (ah-lo-ee-see-us, aroishiasu)

Alparslan (al-par-slahn, aruparusuran)

Alpha (al-fah, arufa)

Alphonse (al-fawns, arufonsu)

Alphonsia (al-fon-see-ah, arufonshia)

Alphonso (ahl-fawn-so, arufonso)

Alpi (al-pee, arupi)

Alpo (al-po, arupo)

Alstede (al-stE-de, arusute-de)

Alta (ahl-tah, aruta)

Altagracia (ahl-tah-gra-see-ah, arutagurashia)

Altha (ahl-tah, aruta)

Althea (al-thee-ah, arushia)

Alton (ahl-ton, aruton)

Altti (al-Ti, arutti)

Altug (ahl-tOO, arutu-)

Aluma (ah-loo-mah, aruma)

Alumah (ah-loo-mah, aruma)

Alun (a-lun, aran)

Alva (al-vah, aruva)

Alvar (al-vahr, aruva-)

Alvarez (al-vah-res, aruvaresu)

Alvarez (al-vah-rez, aruvarezu)

Alvaro (al-vah-ro, aruvaro)

Alvera (ahl-ve-rah, aruvera)

Alverta (ahl-ve-rtah, aruveruta)

Alvi (al-vee, aruvi)

Alvin (al-vin, aruvin)

Alvina (al-vee-nah, aruvina)

Alvy (al-vee, aruvi)

Alyce (a-lis, arisu)

Alycia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alyn (a-lin, arin)

Alyona (a-lYO-nah, aryo-na)

Alyona (ah-lee-o-nah, ariona)

Alyque (a-leek, ariku)

Alysa (ah-li-Sah, arissa)

Alyse (a-lis, arisu)

Alysha (ah-lEE-shah, ari-sha)

Alysia (ah-li-see-ah, arishia)

Alyson (a-li-son, arison)

Alyssa (ah-li-Sah, arissa)

Ama (a-mah, ama)

Amaan (a-mAHn, ama-n)

Amada (ah-mAH-dah, ama-da)

Amadeo (ah-mah-de-o, amadeo)

Amadeus (ah-mah-de-uhs, amadeusu)

Amadis (a-mah-dis, amadisu)

Amado (ah-mah-dho, amado)

Amador (a-mah-dOr, amado-ru)

Amador (a-mah-dor, amadoru)

Amaia (ah-may-ah, ameia)

Amaia (ah-mie-ah, amaia)

Amal (ah-mAHl, ama-ru)

Amal (ah-mahl, amaru)

Amala (ah-mah-lah, amara)

Amalia (ah-ma-lee-ah, amaria)

Amalie (a-mah-lEE, amari-)

Amalie (a-mAH-lee-e, ama-rie)

Amalie (ah-mah-ree-e, amarie)

Amaliya (a-mah-lee-yah, amariya)

Amana (ah-mah-nah, amana)

Amancio (ah-mahn-syo, amanshio)

Amanda (ah-man-dah, amanda)

Amande (a-man-dah, amanda)

Amando (ah-mahn-do, amando)

Amar (a-mahr, amaru)

Amara (ah-mah-rah, amara)

Amaranta (a-mah-rahn-tah, amaranta)

Amarante (a-mah-rahn-te, amarante)

Amaranto (a-mah-rahn-to, amaranto)

Amaryllis (a-mah-ri-lis, amaririsu)

Amaury (a-mO-rEE, amo-ri-)

Amaury (a-mow-rEE, amauri-)

Amaya (ah-mah-yah, amaya)

Amayah (ah-mah-yah, amaya)

Amber (am-bur, anba-)

Amberlee (am-bur-lEE, anba-ri-)

Amberley (am-bur-lEE, anba-ri-)

Amberly (am-bur-lEE, anba-ri-)

Ambra (am-brah, anbura)

Ambrogio (am-bro-jee-o, anburojio)

Ambrogio (am-brO-jo, anburo-jo)

Ambroise (am-bro-wAHz, anburowa-zu)

Ambrose (am-brOz, anburo-zu)

Ambrosia (am-bro-shee-a, anburoshia)

Ambrosia (am-brO-zhah, anburo-ja)

Ambrosio (am-bro-syo, anburoshio)

Ambrosio (am-bro-zyo, anburojio)

Ambrosius (am-bro-zee-uhs, anburoziusu)

Amedeo (a-me-de-o, amedeo)

Amee (ay-mEE, eimi-)

Ameera (ah-mE-rah, ame-ra)

Ameera (ah-mEE-rah, ami-ra)

Amel (A-mel, a-meru)

Amel (a-mel, ameru)

Amelia (a-me-lee-ah, ameria)

Amelia (a-mEE-lee-ah, ami-ria)

Amelia (ah-me-lee-ah, ameria)

Amelia (ah-mee-lee-ah, amiria)

Amelie (ah-me-lee, ameri)

Amelita (a-me-lEE-tah, ameri-ta)

America (ah-me-ri-kah, amerika)

Amerigo (a-me-ree-go, amerigo)

Amgaabazar (am-gahr-ba-zahr, amuga-bazaru)

Ami (a-mee, ami)

Ami (ay-mEE, eimi-)

Amias (ah-mee-ahs, amiasu)

Amidio (a-mee-dee-o, amidio)

Amie (ay-mEE, eimi-)

Amiee (ay-mEE, eimi-)

Amiel (a-mee-el, amieru)

Amilcar (a-mil-kahr, amirukaru)

Amilcare (a-mil-kah-re, amirukare)

Amin (a-min, amin)

Amina (ah-mEE-nah, ami-na)

Amina (ah-mee-nah, amina)

Aminata (a-mee-nah-tah, aminata)

Aminda (a-min-dah, aminda)

Amintore (a-min-tO-re, aminto-re)

Amir (a-mEEr, ami-ru)

Amir (a-meer, amiru)

Amira (a-mi-rah, amira)

Amiran (a-mi-rahn, amiran)

Amisha (a-mEE-shah, ami-sha)

Amit (a-meeT, amitto)

Amitabh (a-mee-tAHb, amita-bu)

Amjad (am-jaD, amujaddo)

Ammar (a-mAHr, ama-ru)

Ammie (ay-mEE, eimi-)

Amornthep (a-mohrn-tEp, amo-nte-pu)

Amory (a-mo-rEE, amori-)

Amos (a-mos, amosu)

Amos (ay-mos, eimosu)

Amoy (a-moi, amoi)

Amparo (ahm-pah-ro, anparo)

Amr (amOOr, amu-ru)

Amrish (am-rEEsh, amuri-shu)

Amrish (am-riSH, amurisshu)

Amrita (am-ree-tah, amurita)

Amy (ay-mEE, eimi-)

An (ahn, an)

Ana (ah-nah, ana)

Anabel (a-nah-bel, anaberu)

Anabelle (a-nah-bel, anaberu)

Anacleto (ah-nah-klE-to, anakure-to)

Anacleto (ah-nah-kle-to, anakureto)

Anae (a-nah-e, anae)

Anais (a-nah-ees, anaisu)

Analisa (a-nah-lee-sah, anarisa)

Analiz (a-nah-leez, anarizu)

Anamaria (a-nah-mah-ree-ah, anamaria)

Anand (a-nahn-d, anando)

Ananda (ah-nahn-dah, ananda)

Anandmurti (a-nahnd-muhrtee, anandomuruti)

Anang (a-nahng, anangu)

Anastacia (a-nah-stah-see-ah, anasutashia)

Anastacio (a-nah-stah-syo, anasutashio)

Anastasia (a-nah-stah-see-ah, anasutashia)

Anastasio (a-nah-stah-syo, anasutashio)

Anastasio (a-nah-stAH-zyo, anasuta-jio)

Anastasius (a-nah-stAH-zee-uhs, anasuta-ziusu)

Anastasiya (a-nah-stah-see-yah, anasutashiya)

Anastassia (a-nah-stah-see-ah, anasutashia)

Anatole (a-nah-tOl, anato-ru)

Anatoli (ah-nah-to-lEE, anatori-)

Anatolii (ah-nah-to-lEE, anatori-)

Anatoly (ah-nah-to-lEE, anatori-)

Anbessa (an-be-Sah, anbessa)

Ancile (an-seel, anshiru)

Andera (ahn-de-rah, andera)

Anders (ah-nahs, anasu)

Anders (ahn-ne-sh, anneshu)

Anders (an-dahrs, anda-su)

Anders (an-ders, anderusu)

Anders (an-desh, andeshu)

Andersen (an-de-shen, andeshen)

Andersen (an-der-sen, anderusen)

Anderson (an-dur-son, anda-son)

Andi (an-dee, andi)

Andie (an-dee, andi)

Andoni (an-do-nee, andoni)

Andonia (an-do-nee-ah, andonia)

Andra (ahn-drah, andora)

Andra (an-drah, andora)

Andrasi (ahn-drah-say, andorasei)

Andrasi (ahn-drah-see, andorashi)

Andre (ahn-dre, andore)

Andrea (an-dere-ah, anderea)

Andrea (an-drE-ah, andore-a)

Andrea (an-dre-ah, andorea)

Andrea (an-dree-ah, andoria)

Andreas (ahn-de-re-ahs, andereasu)

Andreas (ahn-dre-ahs, andoreasu)

Andreassen (and-re-ah-sen, andoreasen)

Andree (ahn-dre, andore)

Andrei (ahn-dray, andorei)

Andreina (an-drAY-nah, andorei-na)

Andres (ahn-dres, andoresu)

Andrew (an-drOO, andoru-)

Andrew (an-drYOO, andoryu-)

Andrey (ahn-dray, andorei)

Andria (an-dree-ah, andoria)

Andrine (an-drEE-ne, andori-ne)

Andromeda (an-dro-me-dah, andoromeda)

Andrzej (ahn-zhay, anjei)

Andy (an-dee, andi)

Ane (a-ne, ane)

Anees (a-nEEs, ani-su)

Aneesh (a-nEEsh, ani-shu)

Anelma (a-nel-mah, aneruma)

Aneta (a-ne-tah, aneta)

Anetta (a-ne-Tah, anetta)

Anette (a-ne-Te, anette)

Anette (a-neT, anetto)

Anfisa (an-fEE-sah, anfi-sa)

Ang (an, an)

Angel (ahn-hel, anheru)

Angel (ahn-jel, anjeru)

Angel (ayn-jel, einjeru)

Angel (en-jel, enjeru)

Angela (ahn-ge-lah, angera)

Angela (ahn-he-lah, anhera)

Angela (an-je-lah, anjera)

Angele (an-jEl, anje-ru)

Angele (an-jel, anjeru)

Angelena (an-je-lE-nah, anjere-na)

Angeles (an-he-les, anheresu)

Angeles (an-je-luhs, anjerusu)

Angeles (en-je-luhs, enjerusu)

Angelia (an-je-lee-ah, anjeria)

Angelic (an-je-riK, anjerikku)

Angelica (ahn-he-ree-kah, anherika)

Angelica (ahn-je-li-kah, anjerika)

Angelika (ahn-je-li-kah, anjerika)

Angelina (ahn-he-lee-nah, anherina)

Angelina (an-je-lEE-nah, anjeri-na)

Angeline (ahn-zhe-leen, anjerin)

Angelique (ahn-zhe-lEEk, anjeri-ku)

Angelita (an-je-lee-tah, anjerita)

Angell (en-jel, enjeru)

Angella (an-je-lah, anjera)

Angella (an-je-Lah, anjerra)

Angelle (an-je-le, anjere)

Angelo (an-je-lo, anjero)

Angely (an-je-lEE, anjeri-)

Angelyn (an-je-rin, anjerin)

Angie (an-jEE, anji-)

Angila (an-gee-lah, angira)

Angiola (an-jo-lah, anjora)

Angioletta (an-jo-le-Tah, anjoretta)

Angla (an-glah, angura)

Angle (an-gle, angure)

Anglea (an-gle-ah, angurea)

Angus (an-gus, angasu)

Anh (an, an)

Ania (ay-nee-ah, einia)

Anibal (a-ni-bahl, anibaru)

Anicee (a-nee-sE, anise-)

Anika (ah-ni-kah, anika)

Anikken (a-ni-Ken, anikken)

Anil (ah-nEEl, ani-ru)

Anil (ah-neel, aniru)

Anindo (ah-nin-do, anindo)

Anisa (ah-ni-sah, anisa)

Anisha (ah-ni-shah, anisha)

Anisia (a-nee-see-ah, anishia)

Anissa (a-ni-Sah, anissa)

Anita (ah-nee-tah, anita)

Anitra (ah-ni-trah, anitora)

Anitta (a-nee-Tah, anitta)

Anja (an-nyah, annya)

Anjala (an-jah-lah, anjara)

Anjali (an-jah-lEE, anjari-)

Anjan (an-jahn, anjan)

Anjanette (an-ja-neT, anjanetto)

Anjela (an-je-lah, anjera)

Anjelica (ahn-je-li-kah, anjerika)

Anjul (an-jool, anjuru)

Anka (ahn-kah, anka)

Anki (an-kee, anki)

Ankita (ahn-kee-tah, ankita)

Ann (an, an)

Anna (a-nah, ana)

Anna (an-nah, anna)

Annabel (a-nah-bel, anaberu)

Annabell (a-nah-bel, anaberu)

Annabella (a-nah-be-lah, anabera)

Annabelle (a-nah-be-lah, anabera)

Annabelle (a-nah-bel, anaberu)

Annabeth (a-nah-be-th, anabesu)

Annala (ahn-nah-lah, annara)

Annalee (a-nah-lEE, anari-)

Annalina (a-nah-lEE-nah, anari-na)

Annalisa (a-nah-li-sah, anarisa)

Annalisa (an-nah-li-sah, annarisa)

Annalise (ah-nah-lEE-zuh, anari-zu)

Annalyne (a-nah-lin, anarin)

Annamae (an-nah-may, annamei)

Annamaria (a-nah-mah-ree-ah, anamaria)

Annamaria (an-nah-mah-ree-ah, annamaria)

Annamarie (an-nah-mah-rEE, annamari-)

Annasara (a-nah-sah-rah, anasara)

Annasophia (a-nah-so-fee-ah, anasofia)

AnnaSophia (an-nah-so-fee-ah, annasofia)

Anne (a-nah, ana)

Anne (a-nEE, ani-)

Anne (an, an)

Anne (an-nuh, annu)

Annegert (an-ne-gert, annegeruto)

Anneke (a-ne-ke, aneke)

Annele (an-nel, anneru)

Anneli (an-ne-lee, anneri)

Anneliese (ah-ne-lEEz, aneri-zu)

Annelise (a-ne-lEEz, aneri-zu)

Annelle (a-nEl, ane-ru)

Annemarie (ahn-ne-mah-rEE, annemari-)

Annemarie (an-mah-rEE, anmari-)

Annerose (an-ne-rO-ze, annero-ze)

Annett (a-neT, anetto)

Annett (an-neT, annetto)

Annetta (a-ne-Tah, anetta)

Annette (a-neT, anetto)

Anni (a-nee, ani)

Anni (an-nee, anni)

Annibale (an-nEE-bah-le, anni-bare)

Annice (a-nis, anisu)

Annick (a-nik, aniku)

Annie (a-nEE, ani-)

Annik (a-nik, aniku)

Annika (ah-ni-kah, anika)

Annike (ahn-ni-ke, annike)

Annikki (an-ni-Ki, annikki)

Annis (a-nis, anisu)

Annita (ah-nee-tah, anita)

Annmarie (an-mah-rEE, anmari-)

Annukka (an-noo-Kah, annukka)

Annunziata (ahn-noon-tsi-AH-tah, annuntsia-ta)

Anny (a-nEE, ani-)

Ano (ah-no, ano)

Anointing (ah-noin-ting, anointingu)

Anon (a-non, anon)

Anora (ah-no-rah, anora)

Anouk (a-nOOk, anu-ku)

Anoushka (a-nOOsh-kah, anu-shuka)

Ansa (ahn-sah, ansa)

Anselm (ahn-selm, anserumu)

Anselm (ahn-zelm, anzerumu)

Anselme (ahn-selm, anserumu)

Anselmi (ahn-sel-mee, anserumi)

Anselmo (ahn-sel-mo, anserumo)

Ansgar (ans-gahr, ansuga-)

Ansgar (ans-gahr, ansugaru)

Anson (an-son, anson)

Anssi (ahn-See, ansshi)

Antara (an-tah-rah, antara)

Antero (ahn-te-ro, antero)

Anthero (an-thero, ansero)

Anthon (an-ton, anton)

Anthonia (an-tho-nee-ah, ansonia)

Anthony (an-tho-nEE, ansoni-)

Anthony (an-to-nEE, antoni-)

Antia (an-tee-ah, antia)

Antione (ahn-twahn, antowan)

Antionette (ahn-twah-neT, antowanetto)

Antoine (an-twAH-nuh, antowa-nu)

Antoine (an-twahn, antowan)

Antoinette (ahn-twah-neT, antowanetto)

Anton (an-tawn, anton)

Antone (ahn-ton, anton)

Antonella (ahn-to-ne-lah, antonera)

Antonella (an-to-ne-Lah, antonerra)

Antonello (an-to-neLo, antonerro)

Antonetta (an-to-ne-Tah, antonetta)

Antonette (an-to-neT, antonetto)

Antoni (ahn-to-nEE, antoni-)

Antonia (an-to-nee-ah, antonia)

Antonie (an-to-nEE, antoni-)

Antonieta (an-to-nee-e-tah, antonieta)

Antonietta (an-to-ni-e-Tah, antonietta)

Antonii (an-tO-nEE, anto-ni-)

Antonin (an-to-nahn, antonan)

Antonina (an-to-nee-nah, antonina)

Antonino (ahn-to-nEE-no, antoni-no)

Antonio (ahn-to-nee-o, antonio)

Antonius (an-to-nee-uhs, antoniusu)

Antony (ahn-to-nEE, antoni-)

Antti (an-tee, anti)

Antto (an-To, antto)

Anttoni (an-To-nee, anttoni)

Antwan (ahn-twahn, antowan)

Antwon (ahn-twahn, antowan)

Antwone (ahn-twahn, antowan)

Anu (ah-noo, anu)

Anubhav (a-noo-bahv, anubavu)

Anup (a-nOOp, anu-pu)

Anupam (a-noo-pahm, anupamu)

Anurag (a-noo-rahg, anuragu)

Anusha (a-nyoo-sha, anyusha)

Anya (ah-nee-ah, ania)

Anya (AH-nyah, a-nya)

Anya (ahn-yah, an'ya)

Anzhelika (an-jelEE-kah, anjeri-ka)

Aodhan (ay-dan, eidan)

Apichart (ah-pee-chahrt, apicha-to)

Apolinar (a-po-lee-nahr, aporinaru)

Apollo (ah-paw-lo, aporo)

Apollonia (a-po-lo-nee-ah, aporonia)

Apolonia (a-po-lo-nee-ah, aporonia)

Apoorva (a-pOOr-vah, apu-ruva)

April (ay-pril, eipuriru)

Apryl (ay-pril, eipuriru)

Apurva (a-poor-vah, apuruva)

Aquaba (ah-kuh-ah-bah, akuaba)

Aquila (ah-kwi-lah, akuira)

Ara (a-rah, ara)

Arabel (a-rah-bel, araberu)

Arabela (a-rah-be-la, arabera)

Arabella (a-rah-belah, arabera)

Arabelle (a-rah-bel, araberu)

Araceli (ah-rah-se-lee, araseri)

Aracelis (ah-rah-se-lees, araserisu)

Aracely (ah-rah-se-lee, araseri)

Arai (ah-rie, arai)

Aram (a-lahm, aramu)

Arantxa (ah-ran-chah, arancha)

Arash (ah-rash, arashu)

Arawat (E-rah-waT, e-rawatto)

Arbaaz (ar-bAHz, aruba-zu)

Arcana (ahr-kay-nah, a-keina)

Arcangelo (ahr-kahn-jelo, arukanjero)

Arcelia (ahr-se-lee-ah, aruseria)

Arch (ahr-ch, a-chi)

Archana (ar-chah-nAH, aruchana-)

Archibald (ahr-chi-bawld, a-chiborudo)

Archie (ahr-chEE, a-chi-)

Arcibaldo (ar-chi-bahl-do, aruchibarudo)

Arda (ahrdah, aruda)

Ardal (ahr-dahl, a-daru)

Ardath (ahr-dahth, a-dasu)

Ardelia (ahr-dEE-lee-ah, a-di-ria)

Ardell (ahr-del, a-deru)

Ardella (ahr-de-lah, a-dera)

Ardelle (ahr-del, a-deru)

Arden (ahr-den, a-den)

Arden (ar-den, aruden)

Ardiana (ar-dee-a-nah, arudiana)

Ardis (ahr-dis, a-disu)

Ardis (ar-dis, arudisu)

Ardith (ahr-dis, a-disu)

Aree (a-rEE, ari-)

Aretha (ah-re-thah, aresa)

Argelia (ar-je-lee-ah, arujeria)

Argentina (ar-jen-tee-nah, arujentina)

Arhippa (ahr-hi-Pah, aruhippa)

Arho (ahr-ho, aruho)

Ari (ah-ree, ari)

Ariadna (a-ree-ah-d-nah, ariadona)

Arian (e-ree-ahn, erian)

Ariana (ah-ree-a-nah, ariana)

Ariane (a-ree-AH-nuh, aria-nu)

Ariane (a-ree-ahn-nuh, ariannu)

Ariane (a-ree-an, arian)

Arianna (a-ree-ahn-nah, arianna)

Arianne (a-ree-an, arian)

Arica (a-ree-kah, arika)

Arie (ah-ree, ari)

Arie (ah-ree-e, arie)

Ariel (a-ree-al, ariaru)

Ariel (ah-ree-el, arieru)

Arielle (ah-ree-el, arieru)

Arif (a-rif, arifu)

Arija (a-ree-yah, ariya)

Aristeia (ah-ree-stie-ah, arisutaia)

Aristide (ah-ree-stEE-do, arisuti-do)

Aristide (ah-ree-stee-do, arisutido)

Aristotle (a-ri-stotel, arisutoteru)

Arja (ahr-ya, aruya)

Arjay (ahr-jay, a-jei)

Arjun (ar-joon, arujun)

Arkadii (ahr-kah-dEE, arukadi-)

Arla (ahr-lah, a-ra)

Arla (ar-lah, arura)

Arlan (ahr-lan, a-ran)

Arlan (ahr-lan, aruran)

Arlean (ahr-lEEn, a-ri-n)

Arleen (ahr-lEEn, a-ri-n)

Arlen (ahr-len, a-ren)

Arlena (ar-lE-nah, arure-na)

Arlene (ahr-lEEn, a-ri-n)

Arletha (ahr-le-thah, a-resa)

Arletta (ahr-le-Tah, a-retta)

Arletta (ar-le-Tah, aruretta)

Arlette (ar-leT, aruretto)

Arletty (ar-le-Tee, aruretti)

Arlie (ahr-lEE, a-ri-)

Arlinda (ahr-lin-dah, a-rinda)

Arline (ahr-lEEn, a-ri-n)

Arliss (ahr-lis, a-risu)

Arlo (ahr-lo, a-ro)

Arly (ahr-lEE, a-ri-)

Arlyne (ahr-lEEn, a-ri-n)

Arman (ahr-mahn, a-man)

Arman (ahr-mahn, aruman)

Armand (ahr-mahnd, a-mando)

Armanda (ahr-man-dah, a-manda)

Armanda (ar-man-dah, arumanda)

Armandina (ahr-man-dee-nah, a-mandina)

Armando (ahr-mahn-do, a-mando)

Armas (ahr-mahs, a-masu)

Armas (ahr-mahs, arumasu)

Armel (ar-mel, arumeru)

Armelle (ar-mel, arumeru)

Armi (ahr-mee, a-mi)

Armi (ahr-mee, arumi)

Armida (ahr-mi-dah, a-mida)

Armin (ahr-min, a-min)

Armin (ar-mEEn, arumi-n)

Armina (ahr-mee-nah, arumina)

Arminda (ahr-min-dah, a-minda)

Armstrong (ahrm-strong, a-musutorongu)

Arnab (ar-nahb, arunabu)

Arnaldo (ahr-nahl-do, arunarudo)

Arnaud (ar-nO, aruno-)

Arne (ahr-ne, a-ne)

Arne (ahr-ne, arune)

Arnett (ahr-neT, a-netto)

Arnetta (ahr-ne-Tah, a-netta)

Arnette (ahr-neT, a-netto)

Arnie (ahr-nEE, a-ni-)

Arnita (ahr-ni-tah, a-nita)

Arno (ahr-no, a-no)

Arno (ahr-nO, aruno-)

Arnold (ahr-nold, a-norudo)

Arnoldo (ahr-nawl-do, a-norudo)

Arnoldo (ar-nol-do, arunorudo)

Arnolid (ahr-no-lid, arunorido)

Arnolt (ahr-nolt, arunoruto)

Arnulf (ahr-noolf, arunurufu)

Arnulfo (ahr-nool-fo, arunurufo)

Aroldo (a-rol-do, arorudo)

Aron (A-rawn, a-ron)

Aron (ay-ron, eiron)

Arrigo (a-rEE-go, ari-go)

Arron (A-rawn, a-ron)

Arsenault (ahr-se-nO, a-seno-)

Arsenii (ahr-se-nEE, aruseni-)

Arsenio (ahr-se-nee-o, a-senio)

Arshad (ar-shahD, arushaddo)

Arsi (ahr-see, arushi)

Arsinee (ar-si-ne, arushine)

Art (ahrt, a-to)

Artel (ahr-tel, a-teru)

Arther (ar-tYOOr, arutyu-ru)

Arthur (ahr-thur, a-sa-)

Arthur (ar-tOOr, arutu-ru)

Artie (ahr-tee, a-ti)

Arto (ahr-to, aruto)

Arttu (ahr-Tuh, aruttu)

Artturi (ahr-Tuh-ree, arutturi)

Artur (ar-tOOl, arutu-ru)

Arturo (ahr-tOO-ro, arutu-ro)

Artyom (ahr-tyom, aruchomu)

Arun (a-ruhn, arun)

Aruna (a-ruh-nah, aruna)

Arunanghsu (a-ruh-nahn-gshoo, arunangushu)

Arvi (ahr-vee, aruvi)

Arvid (ahr-vid, aruvido)

Arvilla (ahr-vi-lah, a-vira)

Arvind (ar-vind, aruvindo)

Arvo (ahr-vo, aruvo)

Arye (a-rEE, ari-)

As (az, azu)

As (os, osu)

Asa (ay-sah, eisa)

Asad (a-sahD, asaddo)

Asam (ah-sahm, asamu)

Asanka (ah-sahn-kah, asanka)

Asankha (ah-sahn-kah, asanka)

Asbjorn (as-byorn, asubyorun)

Ash (a-SH, asshu)

Asha (AH-shah, a-sha)

Asha (ah-shah, asha)

Ashanti (a-shahn-tee, ashanti)

Ashby (ash-bEE, ashubi-)

Ashely (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Asher (a-SHur, assha-)

Ashir (ah-sheer, ashiru)

Ashira (ah-shee-rah, ashira)

Ashit (a-shiT, ashitto)

Ashlea (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashlee (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashleigh (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashley (ash-lay, ashurei)

Ashley (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashli (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashlie (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashly (ash-lEE, ashuri-)

Ashlyn (ash-lin, ashurin)

Ashlynn (aSH-lin, asshurin)

Ashmit (ash-miT, ashumitto)

Ashraf (ash-rahf, ashurafu)

Ashton (ash-ton, ashuton)

Ashu (a-shOO, ashu-)

Ashutosh (a-shuw-tosh, ashutoshu)

Ashutosh (ah-suh-toSH, asutosshu)

Ashwini (ahsh-vee-nEE, ashuvini-)

Ashwini (ash-wi-nee, ashuwini)

Asia (AH-shee-ah, a-shia)

Asia (ay-shah, eisha)

Asia (ay-zhee-ah, eijia)

Asio (ay-jee-o, eijio)

Asko (ahs-ko, asuko)

Aslak (ahs-lak, asuraku)

Asley (as-lEE, asuri-)

Asmo (ahs-mo, asumo)

Assaf (ah-saf, asafu)

Assar (ah-SAHr, assa-ru)

Asser (a-SHur, assha-)

Assita (ah-shee-tah, ashita)

Assumpta (a-sump-tah, asanputa)

Assunta (ah-Suhn-tah, assunta)

Asta (ahs-tah, asuta)

Astera (ah-ste-rah, asutera)

Asteria (ah-ste-ree-ah, asuteria)

Astral (as-trahl, asutoraru)

Astrid (ahs-triD, asutoriddo)

Asuncion (ah-suhn-see-on, asunshion)

Asuncion (ah-suhn-shon, asunshon)

Atara (ah-tah-rah, atara)

Athena (a-te-nah, atena)

Athena (ah-thEE-nah, ashi-na)

Athene (a-thEE-nee, ashi-ni)

Athol (ah-thol, asoru)

Atilio (ah-tee-lee-o, atirio)

Ato (a-to, ato)

Atom (a-tom, atomu)

Atossa (a-to-Sah, atossa)

Atro (aht-ro, atoro)

Atso (ahTso, attso)

Atta (aTah, atta)

Attakorn (a-tah-gohrn, atago-n)

Atte (ah-Te, atte)

Atticus (a-tee-kahs, atikasu)

Attilio (ah-Tee-lee-o, attirio)

Attina (a-Tee-nah, attina)

Aubert (AW-bEr, o-be-ru)

Aubert (aw-bEr, obe-ru)

Aubin (AW-bahn, o-ban)

Aubine (AW-bEE-nuh, o-bi-nu)

Aubrey (AW-brEE, o-buri-)

Aude (AWd, o-do)

Audie (AW-dee, o-di)

Audra (AW-drah, o-dora)

Audrea (AWd-ree-ah, o-doria)

Audrey (AW-drEE, o-dori-)

Audrey (od-ray, odorei)

Audria (AWd-ree-ah, o-doria)

Audrie (AW-drEE, o-dori-)

Audrina (ahd-rEE-nah, adori-na)

Audry (AW-drEE, o-dori-)

Augst (ow-gst, augusuto)

August (AW-gust, o-gasuto)

August (ow-guhst, augusuto)

Augusta (AW-gus-tah, o-gasuta)

Auguste (AW-gyoost, o-gyusuto)

Augustin (AW-gyoo-stahn, o-gyusutan)

Augustin (ow-guh-stEEn, augusuti-n)

Augustin (ow-guh-steen, augusutin)

Augustina (ow-guhs-tEE-nah, augusuti-na)

Augustine (AW-gu-steen, o-gasutin)

Augustino (ow-goo-stEE-no, augusuti-no)

Augusto (AW-gus-to, o-gasuto)

Augusto (ow-goos-to, augusuto)

Augustus (AW-gus-tus, o-gasutasu)

Augustus (ow-guhs-tuhs, augusutusu)

Aukusti (ow-koo-stee, aukusuti)

Auld (Old, o-rudo)

Auli (ow-lee, auri)

Aulikki (ow-lee-Kee, aurikki)

Aulis (ow-lees, aurisu)

Aundrea (ahn-dre-ah, andorea)

Aune (ow-ne, aune)

Auni (ow-nee, auni)

Aunjanue (AHn-jahnYOO, a-njanyu-)

Auno (ow-no, auno)

Aura (AW-rah, o-ra)

Aure (AW-re, o-re)

Aurea (ow-re-ah, aurea)

Aurel (aw-rel, oreru)

Aurelia (AW-re-lee-ah, o-reria)

Aurelian (O-re-lee-an, o-rerian)

Aurelian (ow-re-lee-an, aurerian)

Aureliano (ow-re-lee-ah-no, aureriano)

Aurelien (AW-re-lee-an, o-rerian)

Aurelien (aw-re-lee-an, orerian)

Aurelio (AW-re-lee-o, o-rerio)

Auri (O-rEE, o-ri-)

Auri (ow-ree, auri)

Aurie (O-rEE, o-ri-)

Auriel (ow-ree-el, aurieru)

Auriol (AW-ree-el, o-rieru)

Aurora (AW-ro-rah, o-rora)

Aurora (ow-ro-rah, aurora)

Aurore (AW-rOr, o-ro-ru)

Aus (ows, ausu)

Austen (AWs-tuhn, o-sutun)

Austin (AW-stin, o-sutin)

Autumn (AW-tum, o-tamu)

Auvo (ow-vo, auvo)

Ava (ah-vah, ava)

Ava (ay-vah, eiva)

Ava (e-vah, eva)

Avadhoot (a-vah-dOOt, avadu-to)

Avani (ah-vah-nee, avani)

Avdotya (ahv-dO-chee-yah, avudo-chiya)

Ave (a-ve, ave)

Avedal (o-ve-dahl, ovedaru)

Avelina (a-ve-lEE-nah, averi-na)

Averil (E-vuh-ril, e-vuriru)

Avery (ay-vuh-rEE, eivuri-)

Avila (ah-vee-lah, avira)

Avis (ay-vis, eivisu)

Avishag (a-vee-shag, avishagu)

Avon (ay-von, eivon)

Avrielle (av-ree-el, avurieru)

Avril (av-ril, avuriru)

Avuka (ah-voo-kah, avuka)

Awilda (ah-vil-dah, aviruda)

Axel (ahk-sel, akuseru)

Axelina (ahk-se-lee-nah, akuserina)

Ayaan (a-YAHn, aya-n)

Ayako (ah-yah-ko, ayako)

Ayala (ah-yah-lah, ayara)

Ayana (ah-yah-nah, ayana)

Ayane (ah-yah-ne, ayane)

Ayanna (ah-yah-nah, ayana)

Ayden (ay-den, eiden)

Ayelet (ah-ye-leT, ayeretto)

Ayesha (ie-shah, aisha)

Ayit (ah-YIT, ai-tto)

Ayko (ie-ko, aiko)

Aylin (e-lan, eran)

Aylmer (ayl-mur, eiruma-)

Aymen (e-men, emen)

Ayre (er, ea)

Ayre (ier, airu)

Ayse (ieshah, aisha)

Ayse (ieze, aize)

Ayumi (ah-yoo-mee, ayumi)

Ayush (AH-yooSH, a-yusshu)

Ayushi (AH-yooshEE, a-yushi-)

Aza (ah-zah, aza)

Azad (ah-zahd, azado)

Azalea (ah-sah-re-ah, asarea)

Azalea (ah-zay-lee-ah, azeiria)

Azalee (ah-zah-lE, azare-)

Azalee (ah-zah-lEE, azari-)

Azalie (a-zah-lEE, azari-)

Azharuddin (az-hahruwdin, azuharudin)

Aziz (a-zheez, ajizu)

Aziz (ah-ziz, azizu)

Aziza (ah-zee-zah, aziza)

Azizah (ah-zee-zah, aziza)

Azizi (a-zheezhee, ajiji)

Azizul (a-zhee-zool, ajizuru)

Azret (ahz-ret, azureto)

Azucena (ah-soo-se-nah, asusena)

Azucena (ah-zoo-se-nah, azusena)

Azura (ahz-rah, azura)

Azzie (ah-zEE, azi-)

Azzurra (ahZOO-rah, azzu-ra)

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