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Name in Japanese Tattoos

These beautiful designs, hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, come in formats for personal and professional use. All designs are delivered digitally when your order is placed - there is no waiting.

by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

Over 4000 Names Meticulously Translated to Japanese

For each name, we start by giving the pronunciation of the name. This is important because names can be pronounced differently and this is the only way to know whether the translation is right for you. Then we cross check each name against Japanese dictionaries, and movie and entertainment databases. This way you know the translation is commonly used and we take it a step further because we then show which celebrities use the translation. And, finally, at Reference Materials we provide you with the resources to check our work if you would like.

About Translating Names to Japanese

Katakana is the standard way that names are translated to Japanese. Katakana preserves the pronunciation and is the option most likely to be recognized as a name. Katakana is also the way that non-Japanese names appear in Japanese dictionaries.

Hiragana can be used to write names in Japanese. Hiragana is considered more feminine as it was created by the poetesses of the Heian period. Like Katakana, hiragana preserves the pronunciation and is likely to be recognized as a name.

A literal translation to kanji translates the meaning of the name. Names have both a pronunciation and a meaning and so a complete translation is created by combining a phonetic translation and the literal translation to kanji.

For more information read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese

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Mabel (mah-bel, maberu)

Mabel (may-bel, meiberu)

Mabel (may-buhl, meiburu)

Mabelle (may-bel, meiberu)

Mable (may-bel, meiberu)

Mabo (mah-bo, mabo)

Mabrouk (mah-brook, maburuku)

Mac (maK, makku)

Macaron (ma-kah-ron, makaron)

Macaulay (ma-kO-lE, mako-re-)

Macdonald (mak-do-nahld, makudonarudo)

Macha (mAH-shah, ma-sha)

Machelle (mah-shel, masheru)

Machen (mah-ken, maken)

Machen (mahKen, makken)

Machen (may-chen, meichen)

Maciej (mah-chay, machei)

MacIntyre (ma-Kin-tier, makkintaia)

Mack (maK, makku)

MacKenna (ma-Ken-nah, makkenna)

Mackenzie (ma-Ken-zEE, makkenzi-)

MacKinlay (ma-Kin-lE, makkinre-)

Mackintosh (ma-Kin-toSH, makkintosshu)

Maclean (mah-klEEn, makuri-n)

Macon (may-kon, meikon)

Macy (may-sEE, meishi-)

Madame (mah-dam, madamu)

Madchen (me-CHen, mecchen)

Maddie (ma-dee, madi)

Maddison (ma-di-sawn, madison)

Maddox (ma-doX, madokkusu)

Maddy (ma-dee, madi)

Madelaine (ma-de-lEEn, maderi-n)

Madeleine (ma-de-lEEn, maderi-n)

Madeleine (ma-de-lin, maderin)

Madeleine (ma-do-lE-nuh, madore-nu)

Madelene (ma-de-lEEn, maderi-n)

Madeline (ma-de-lEEn, maderi-n)

Madeline (ma-de-lien, maderain)

Madeline (ma-de-lin, maderin)

Madelyn (ma-de-lin, maderin)

Madelynn (ma-de-lin, maderin)

Madge (maJ, majji)

Madhav (mAH-dav, ma-davu)

Madhur (mad-hAr, madoha-ru)

Madhur (mah-door, maduru)

Madhuri (mah-doo-ree, maduri)

Madiba (mah-dee-bah, madiba)

Madie (ma-dee, madi)

Madison (ma-di-sawn, madison)

Madisons (ma-di-sonz, madisonzu)

Madlyn (ma-de-lin, maderin)

Madolyn (ma-do-lin, madorin)

Madonna (ma-dawn-nah, madonna)

Mads (maDZ, maddzu)

Mads (maTS, mattsu)

Maduka (mah-dOO-kah, madu-ka)

Mady (may-dee, meidi)

Madysen (ma-di-sen, madisen)

Mae (may, mei)

Maeda (mah-e-dah, maeda)

Maegan (me-gahn, megan)

Maeghan (mEE-gahn, mi-gan)

Maelie (may-lEE, meiri-)

Maeve (mEv, me-vu)

Magali (ma-gah-lee, magari)

Magda (mag-dah, maguda)

Magdalen (mag-da-len, magudaren)

Magdalena (mag-dah-le-nah, magudarena)

Magdalene (mag-da-len, magudaren)

Magen (me-gahn, megan)

Maggie (ma-gEE, magi-)

Magic (ma-jiK, majikku)

Magne (mahg-ne, magune)

Magnolia (mag-no-lee-ah, magunoria)

Magnus (mag-nus, magunasu)

Maharaja (mah-hah-rah-jah, maharaja)

Mahendra (mah-hen-drah, mahendora)

Maher (mah-er, maeru)

Maher (mah-hahr, maha-)

Maher (mah-her, maheru)

Maher (mahr, ma-)

Maher (may-hahr, meiha-)

Mahesh (mah-hEsh, mahe-shu)

Mahesh (mah-hesh, maheshu)

Mahima (mah-hee-mAH, mahima-)

Mahmod (mah-hah-mod, mahamodo)

Mai (mie, mai)

Maia (ma-yah, maya)

Maia (mie-ah, maia)

Maida (mie-dah, maida)

Maidel (may-del, meideru)

Maidie (may-dee, meidi)

Maike (mie-ke, maike)

Maikel (mi-kah-el, mikaeru)

Maikel (mi-khah-el, mihaeru)

Maikel (mie-kel, maikeru)

Maimouna (mie-moo-nah, maimuna)

Maine (mE-nuh, me-nu)

Mairi (mer-rEE, meari-)

Mairi (mie-ri, mairi)

Maisie (may-zEE, meizi-)

Maisy (may-jEE, meiji-)

Maisy (may-sEE, meishi-)

Maite (mie-te, maite)

Maja (mah-yah, maya)

Maja (mie-yah, maiya)

Majandra (mah-han-drah, mahandora)

Major (may-jur, meija-)

Majumder (mah-jun-dur, majanda-)

Mak (mak, maku)

Makahla (mah-kah-lah, makara)

Makayla (mah-kay-lah, makeira)

Makena (mah-ke-nah, makena)

Makenzie (mah-Ken-zEE, makkenzi-)

Makini (mah-kee-nee, makini)

Makinley (mah-Kin-lEE, makkinri-)

Mako (mah-ko, mako)

Makram (mak-ram, makuramu)

Maksim (mak-seem, makushimu)

Maksim (mak-sim, makushimu)

Maksima (mak-see-mah, makushima)

Makyla (mah-kie-lah, makaira)

Mala (mAH-lah, ma-ra)

Mala (mah-lah, mara)

Malachi (ma-lah-kee, maraki)

Malachi (ma-lah-kie, marakai)

Malachy (ma-lah-kee, maraki)

Malachy (ma-lah-kEE, maraki-)

Malaika (mah-lah-EE-kah, marai-ka)

Malcolm (mal-kawm, marukomu)

Malcom (mal-kom, marukomu)

Malena (mah-lE-nah, mare-na)

Malene (ma-len, maren)

Malene (mah-le-ne, marene)

Malgorzata (mow-gaw-zhAH-tah, maugoja-ta)

Malick (mah-liK, marikku)

Maliha (mah-lee-hah, mariha)

Malik (mah-lik, mariku)

Malika (mah-lee-kah, marika)

Malin (mah-lEEn, mari-n)

Malin (mah-lin, marin)

Malinda (mah-lin-dah, marinda)

Malisa (mah-li-Sah, marissa)

Malissa (mah-li-Sah, marissa)

Malka (mahl-kah, maruka)

Malki (mahl-kee, maruki)

Malkia (mahl-kee-ah, marukia)

Malkit (mahl-kiT, marukitto)

Mallika (mah-li-kah, marika)

Mallikarjun (mah-li-kahr-joon, marikarujun)

Mallory (mah-lo-rEE, marori-)

Malouf (mah-lOOf, maru-fu)

Malya (mah-lyah, marya)

Mamie (ma-mEE, mami-)

Mamie (may-mEE, meimi-)

Mammie (ma-mEE, mami-)

Mamta (mah-moo-tAH, mamuta-)

Man (man, man)

Mana (mah-nah, mana)

Mander (man-dur, manda-)

Mandi (man-dee, mandi)

Mandie (man-dee, mandi)

Mandino (man-dEE-no, mandi-no)

Mandisa (man-dEE-sah, mandi-sa)

Mandy (man-dee, mandi)

Manel (ma-nel, maneru)

Mani (mah-nee, mani)

Manish (mah-nEEsh, mani-shu)

Manisha (mah-nEE-shah, mani-sha)

Manmohan (man-mo-han, manmohan)

Manning (ma-ning, maningu)

Manny (mah-nEE, mani-)

Mano (mah-no, mano)

Manoel (mah-no-el, manoeru)

Manoj (mah-nOj, mano-ji)

Manoj (mah-noj, manoji)

Manolo (mah-no-lo, manoro)

Manon (mah-non, manon)

Mansi (man-see, manshi)

Mansoor (mahn-sOOr, mansu-ru)

Mansur (man-soor, mansuru)

Manu (mah-nOO, manu-)

Manuel (ma-nyoo-el, manyueru)

Manuel (mah-noo-el, manueru)

Manuela (ma-nyoo-e-lah, manyuera)

Manus (ma-nus, manasu)

Maor (mah-ohr, mao-)

Mar (mAHr, ma-ru)

Mara (mAH-rah, ma-ra)

Maranda (mah-ran-dah, maranda)

Marayat (mah-rah-yaT, marayatto)

Marc (mahrk, ma-ku)

Marc (mark, maruku)

Marcel (mahr-sel, ma-seru)

Marcel (mar-sel, maruseru)

Marcela (mar-se-lah, marusera)

Marceline (mahr-se-lin, ma-serin)

Marcelino (mar-se-lEE-no, maruseri-no)

Marcella (mahr-se-lah, ma-sera)

Marcella (mar-che-lah, maruchera)

Marcelle (mahr-sel, ma-seru)

Marcelle (mar-sel, maruseru)

Marcello (mar-che-lo, maruchero)

Marcello (mar-se-lo, marusero)

Marci (mahr-sEE, ma-shi-)

Marcia (mahr-see-ah, ma-shia)

Marcia (mahr-shah, ma-sha)

Marcia (mar-see-ah, marushia)

Marcie (mahr-sEE, ma-shi-)

Marciel (mahr-see-el, marushieru)

Marcilene (mahr-see-lEEn, marushiri-n)

Marcilon (mahr-see-lon, marushiron)

Marcio (mahr-see-o, marushio)

Marcione (mahr-see-o-ne, marushione)

Marco (mar-ko, maruko)

Marcus (mahr-kus, ma-kasu)

Marcus (mahr-kus, marukasu)

Marcus (mar-koos, marukusu)

Marcy (mahr-sEE, ma-shi-)

Mardee (mahr-dEE, ma-di-)

Mare (meir, mea)

Marek (mah-rek, mareku)

Maren (mah-ren, maren)

Marg (mahrg, ma-gu)

Marga (mahr-gah, ma-ga)

Margaret (mahr-gu-reT, ma-garetto)

Margarete (mahr-gu-reT, ma-garetto)

Margareth (mar-gah-rEt, marugare-to)

Margaretha (mar-gah-rE-tah, marugare-ta)

Margarett (mahr-gu-reT, ma-garetto)

Margarette (mahr-gu-reT, ma-garetto)

Margarita (mar-gah-rEE-tah, marugari-ta)

Margaux (mahr-go, ma-go)

Marge (mahrj, ma-ji)

Margery (mahr-je-rEE, ma-jeri-)

Margherita (mar-ge-rEE-tah, marugeri-ta)

Margi (mahr-jee, ma-ji)

Margie (mahr-gEE, ma-gi-)

Margie (mahr-jee, ma-ji)

Margit (mar-giT, marugitto)

Margo (mahr-go, ma-go)

Margorie (mahr-jo-rEE, ma-jori-)

Margot (mahr-go, ma-go)

Margot (mahr-goT, ma-gotto)

Margret (mahr-greT, ma-guretto)

Margret (mahr-gu-reT, ma-garetto)

Margreth (mar-greT, maruguretto)

Marguerita (mar-gah-rEE-tah, marugari-ta)

Marguerite (mahr-gah-rEEt, ma-gari-to)

Marguerite (mahr-gah-reT, ma-garetto)

Marguerite (mar-goo-riT, maruguritto)

Margy (mahr-jee, ma-ji)

Mari (mah-ree, mari)

Mari (mah-rEE, mari-)

Maria (mah-ree-ah, maria)

Mariah (mah-rie-ah, maraia)

Mariam (ma-ree-am, mariamu)

Mariam (mi-ree-am, miriamu)

Marian (mah-ree-an, marian)

Mariana (mah-ree-ah-nah, mariana)

Mariane (mah-ree-an, marian)

Marianela (mah-ree-ah-ne-lah, marianera)

Marianella (mah-ree-ah-ne-lah, marianera)

Mariangela (mah-ree-an-je-lah, marianjera)

Mariann (mah-ree-an, marian)

Marianna (mah-ree-ah-nah, mariana)

Marianna (mah-ree-an-nah, marianna)

Marianne (mah-ree-an, marian)

Marianne (mah-ree-an-ne, marianne)

Marianne (mah-ree-an-nuh, mariannu)

Mariano (mah-ree-AH-no, maria-no)

Maribel (mah-ri-bel, mariberu)

Maricar (mah-ree-kahr, marika-)

Maricarmen (mah-ree-kahr-men, marikarumen)

Maricela (mah-ri-se-lah, marisera)

Mariclare (mah-ree-kler, marikurea)

Marie (mah-rEE, mari-)

Marie (mah-ree-e, marie)

Mariebelle (mah-rEE-be-le, mari-bere)

Marieh (mah-rEE-E, mari-e-)

Marieke (mah-ree-ke, marike)

Mariel (ma-ree-el, marieru)

Mariela (ma-ree-e-lah, mariera)

Mariell (mah-ri-el, marieru)

MariEllyn (me-ah-ree-e-lin, mearierin)

Marietta (mah-ree-e-Tah, marietta)

Mariette (ma-ree-eT, marietto)

Marietto (ma-ree-e-To, marietto)

Marika (mah-ree-kah, marika)

Mariken (ma-ree-ken, mariken)

Mariko (mah-ree-ko, mariko)

Marilou (ma-ree-lOO, mariru-)

Marilou (ma-ri-loo, mariru)

Marilu (ma-ri-loo, mariru)

Mariluna (mah-ree-loo-nah, mariruna)

Marilyn (ma-ri-lin, maririn)

Marilyne (mah-ri-lEE-nuh, mariri-nu)

Marilynn (ma-ri-lin, maririn)

Marin (mah-rin, marin)

Marina (mah-rEE-nah, mari-na)

Marina (mah-ree-nah, marina)

Marine (mah-rEE-nuh, mari-nu)

Marine (mah-rEEn, mari-n)

Marine (mah-ri-ne, marine)

Marini (mah-ree-nee, marini)

Marinna (mah-ree-nah, marina)

Marino (mah-rEE-no, mari-no)

Marino (mah-ree-no, marino)

Mario (mah-ree-o, mario)

Mariola (mah-ree-o-lah, mariora)

Marion (mah-ree-awn, marion)

Maris (mah-ris, marisu)

Marisa (mah-ree-sah, marisa)

Marisa (mah-ree-zah, mariza)

Mariska (ma-ris-kah, marisuka)

Marisol (mah-ri-sol, marisoru)

Marissa (ma-ri-Sah, marissa)

Marissa (mah-ree-sah, marisa)

Marit (mah-riT, maritto)

Marita (mah-ree-tah, marita)

Maritess (mah-ri-tes, maritesu)

Maritsa (mah-ree-TSah, marittsa)

Maritza (mah-ree-TSah, marittsa)

Marius (ma-ree-ahs, mariasu)

Marius (ma-ree-uhs, mariusu)

Mariya (ma-ree-ah, maria)

Marjoe (mahr-jo, ma-jo)

Marjorie (mahr-jo-rEE, ma-jori-)

Marjory (mahr-jo-rEE, ma-jori-)

Mark (mahrk, ma-ku)

Markie (mahr-kEE, ma-ki-)

Markita (mar-kEE-tah, maruki-ta)

Markku (mar-Koo, marukku)

Marko (mar-ko, maruko)

Markos (mar-kos, marukosu)

Markus (mahr-kus, ma-kasu)

Marla (mahr-lah, ma-ra)

Marle (mahrl, ma-ru)

Marlee (mahr-lEE, ma-ri-)

Marleen (mahr-lEEn, ma-ri-n)

Marleine (mahr-lEEn, ma-ri-n)

Marlen (mahr-lEEn, ma-ri-n)

Marlen (mahr-len, ma-ren)

Marlene (mah-rE-ne, mare-ne)

Marlene (mahr-lEEn, ma-ri-n)

Marlene (mar-lE-nuh, marure-nu)

Marley (mahr-lEE, ma-ri-)

Marlie (mahr-lEE, ma-ri-)

Marline (mahr-lEEn, ma-ri-n)

Marlo (mahr-lo, ma-ro)

Marlon (mahr-lawn, ma-ron)

Marne (mahrn, ma-n)

Marne (mar-ne, marune)

Marnette (mahr-neT, ma-netto)

Marni (mahr-nee, ma-ni)

Marnie (mahr-nEE, ma-ni-)

Marpessa (mar-pe-Sah, marupessa)

Marques (mahr-kus, ma-kasu)

Marquez (mar-kes, marukesu)

Marquez (mar-kez, marukezu)

Marquis (mahr-kis, ma-kisu)

Marsha (mahr-shah, ma-sha)

Marshall (mahr-shahl, ma-sharu)

Marta (mahr-tah, ma-ta)

Marta (mar-tah, maruta)

Marth (mahrth, ma-su)

Martha (mahr-thah, ma-sa)

Martha (mar-tah, maruta)

Marthe (mart, maruto)

Marti (mahr-tee, ma-ti)

Martial (mar-shahl, marusharu)

Martial (mar-tee-ahl, marutiaru)

Martijn (mahr-tEEn, maruti-n)

Martijn (mahr-tien, ma-tain)

Martijn (mahr-tin, ma-tin)

Martin (mahr-tin, ma-tin)

Martin (mar-tahn, marutan)

Martin (mar-tin, marutin)

Martin Avedal (mahr-tin O-ve-dal, ma-tin o-vedaru)

Martina (mar-tee-nah, marutina)

Martine (mahr-tEE-ne, ma-ti-ne)

Martine (mahr-tEEn, ma-ti-n)

Martine (mahr-tin, ma-tin)

Martine (mar-tEE-nuh, maruti-nu)

Martinez (mar-tee-nes, marutinesu)

Martinez (mar-tee-nez, marutinezu)

Martita (mar-tee-tah, marutita)

Marton (mahr-ton, ma-ton)

Martti (mar-tee, maruti)

Marty (mahr-tee, ma-ti)

Martyn (mahr-tin, ma-tin)

Maruchi (mah-roo-chee, maruchi)

Maruschka (mah-rOOsh-kah, maru-shuka)

Maruya (mah-roo-yah, maruya)

Marvel (mar-vel, maruveru)

Marvell (mar-vel, maruveru)

Marvella (mar-ve-lah, maruvera)

Marvin (mahr-vin, ma-vin)

Mary (mah-ree, mari)

Mary (mah-rEE, mari-)

Mary (me-ah-ree, meari)

Mary (me-rEE, meri-)

Mary (mer-rEE, meari-)

Marya (mah-ree-ah, maria)

Maryam (mah-ree-am, mariamu)

Maryann (me-ah-rEE-an, meari-an)

Maryanne (me-ah-rEE-an, meari-an)

Marylin (ma-ri-lin, maririn)

Maryln (ma-ri-lin, maririn)

Marylou (me-rEE-lOO, meri-ru-)

Marylou (mer-ree-lOO, meariru-)

Marylouise (me-ah-rEE-loo-EEz, meari-rui-zu)

Maryluise (me-rEE-loo-EEz, meri-rui-zu)

Marylyn (ma-ri-lin, maririn)

Marylynn (ma-ri-lin, maririn)

Marysol (ma-rEE-sol, mari-soru)

Marysol (ma-ri-sol, marisoru)

Marzena (mar-tse-nah, marutsena)

Masae (mah-sah-e, masae)

Masaki (mah-sah-kee, masaki)

Masara (mah-sah-rah, masara)

Masha (mAH-shah, ma-sha)

Masomeh (mah-so-me, masome)

Masomeh (mah-soo-me, masume)

Mason (may-sawn, meison)

Masos (ma-sos, masosu)

Massimiliano (mah-See-mee-lee-AH-no, masshimiria-no)

Massimo (mah-See-mo, masshimo)

Mastan (mas-tahn, masutan)

Mata (mAH-tah, ma-ta)

Mata (mah-tah, mata)

Matania (mah-tah-nee-ah, matania)

Mataniah (mah-tah-nee-ah, matania)

Matanya (mah-tah-nee-ah, matania)

Matanyah (mah-tah-nee-ah, matania)

Mateo (mah-te-o, mateo)

Mathabo (mah-thah-bo, masabo)

Matheus (ma-te-oos, mateusu)

Mathew (ma-thYOO, mashu-)

Mathias (mah-tee-ahs, matiasu)

Mathias Tuborg (mah-tee-ahs too-borg, matiasu tuborugu)

Mathieu (ma-chOO, machu-)

Mathilda (ma-til-dah, matiruda)

Mathilde (ma-teeld, matirudo)

Matia (mah-tee-ah, matia)

Matias (mah-tee-ahs, matiasu)

Matiaz (mah-tee-as, matiasu)

Matilda (ma-til-dah, matiruda)

Matilde (mah-teel-de, matirude)

Mato (mah-to, mato)

Mats (maTS, mattsu)

Matt (maT, matto)

Matteo (mah-Te-o, matteo)

Mattew (ma-thYOO, mashu-)

Matthew (ma-thYOO, mashu-)

Matthews (ma-thYOOz, mashu-zu)

Matthias (ma-tEE-as, mati-asu)

Matthias (mah-thie-us, masaiasu)

Matthieu (ma-tYOO, machu-)

Matti (ma-Ti, matti)

Mattia (mah-Tee-ah, mattia)

Mattie (ma-tee, mati)

Mattie (ma-tEE, mati-)

Matyas (mAH-chAsh, ma-cha-shu)

Matyas (mAH-tee-ahs, ma-tiasu)

Maud (mAWd, mo-do)

Maud (mowd, maudo)

Maude (mAWd, mo-do)

Maudie (mAW-dee, mo-di)

Maulik (mO-lik, mo-riku)

Maura (mO-rah, mo-ra)

Maureen (mAW-rin, mo-rin)

Maureen (mO-rEEn, mo-ri-n)

Mauri (mO-ree, mo-ri)

Maurice (mAW-ris, mo-risu)

Maurice (mo-ris, morisu)

Maurice (mow-rees, maurisu)

Mauricette (mo-ree-seT, morisetto)

Mauricio (mow-ree-see-o, maurishio)

Maurine (mO-rEEn, mo-ri-n)

Maurita (mow-ree-tah, maurita)

Mauritz (mO-reeTS, mo-rittsu)

Maurizio (mow-ree-tsi-o, mauritsio)

Mauro (mow-ro, mauro)

Maury (mAW-rEE, mo-ri-)

Maverick (mA-ve-riK, ma-verikku)

Mavis (may-vis, meivisu)

Mawongo (mah-won-go, mawongo)

Max (maKs, makkusu)

Maxence (mak-sahns, makusansu)

Maxi (maksee, makishi)

Maxim (ma-kseem, makishimu)

Maxime (mak-see-me, makushime)

Maxime (mak-seem, makushimu)

Maximilian (mahk-see-mee-lee-ahn, makushimirian)

Maxine (mahk-sEE-nuh, makushi-nu)

Maxine (mak-sEEn, makushi-n)

Maxmilian (maksee-mi-lee-ahn, makishimirian)

Maxwell (maks-wel, makusuweru)

May (may, mei)

May (mie, mai)

Maya (mah-yah, maya)

Maya (may-yah, meiya)

Maya (mie-yah, maiya)

Maybelline (may-be-lin, meiberin)

Maye (may, mei)

Mayim (maym, meimu)

Maylen (mie-len, mairen)

Mayme (may-mEE, meimi-)

Mayra (mie-rah, maira)

Maysie (may-zEE, meizi-)

Mayte (mie-te, maite)

Mayumi (mah-yoo-mee, mayumi)

Mayur (mah-YOOr, mayu-ru)

Mayuri (mah-YOO-ree, mayu-ri)

Maywa (mie-wah, maiwa)

Mazal (mah-zahl, mazaru)

Mazala (mah-zah-lah, mazara)

Mazhar (mah-zAHr, maza-ru)

Mazza (mah-Zah, mazza)

Mbongeni (mbon-ge-nee, mubongeni)

McBee (mahk-bEE, makubi-)

McCaleb (mah-kay-leb, makeirebu)

McCartney (mah-KAH-to-nEE, makka-toni-)

McClernan (mah-kler-nan, makureanan)

McCulloch (ma-Ka-lok, makkaroku)

McGovern (mak-gu-vuhrn, makugavan)

McGuire (mah-gwier, maguwaia)

McHenry (mahk-he-n-rEE, makuhenri-)

McKay (mah-Kay, makkei)

McKenna (ma-Ken-nah, makkenna)

McKenzie (mah-Ken-zEE, makkenzi-)

McKinley (ma-Kin-lEE, makkinri-)

Meade (mEEd, mi-do)

Meadow (me-do-oo, medou)

Meadows (me-douz, medouzu)

Meagan (me-gahn, megan)

Meagan (mEE-gun, mi-gan)

Meagen (mEE-gahn, mi-gan)

Meaghan (me-gahn, megan)

Meara (me-ah-rah, meara)

Med (meD, meddo)

Meehika (mee-hi-kah, mihika)

Meena (mEE-nah, mi-na)

Meeta (mEE-tah, mi-ta)

Meg (meg, megu)

Megan (mE-gahn, me-gan)

Megan (me-gahn, megan)

Megan (mEE-gahn, mi-gan)

Meggan (me-gahn, megan)

Megha (me-gah, mega)

Meghan (me-gahn, megan)

Meghann (me-gahn, megan)

Megs (megs, megusu)

Mehcad (me-kahD, mekaddo)

Mehdi (me-dee, medi)

Mehdi (me-hee-dee, mehidi)

Mehmet (mahf-meT, mafumetto)

Mei (may, mei)

Meir (me-ir, meia)

Meira (may-rah, meira)

Meirah (may-rah, meira)

Mekenzie (me-Ken-zEE, mekkenzi-)

Mekhi (me-kee, meki)

Mel (mel, meru)

Mela (me-lah, mera)

Melaine (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melanee (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melani (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melania (me-lah-nee-ah, merania)

Melanie (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melany (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melba (mel-bah, meruba)

Melchior (mel-hee-AWr, meruhio-ru)

Melchior (mel-kee-AWr, merukio-ru)

Melendy (me-len-dee, merendi)

Melesio (me-le-see-o, mereshio)

Melham (mel-ham, meruhamu)

Melhem (mel-hem, meruhemu)

Melia (me-lee-ah, meria)

Melina (me-lEE-nah, meri-na)

Melina (me-lee-nah, merina)

Melinda (me-lin-dah, merinda)

Melisa (me-li-Sah, merissa)

Melissa (me-li-Sah, merissa)

Melisse (me-li-Sah, merissa)

Melisse (me-li-Se, merisse)

Melissia (me-li-Sah, merissa)

Melita (me-lee-tah, merita)

Melker (mel-kahr, meruka-)

Mellisa (me-li-Sah, merissa)

Mellissa (me-li-Sah, merissa)

Mellony (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melodee (me-lo-dEE, merodi-)

Melodi (me-lo-dEE, merodi-)

Melodie (me-lo-dEE, merodi-)

Melody (me-lo-dee, merodi)

Melody (me-lo-dEE, merodi-)

Melonie (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melonie (me-lo-nEE, meroni-)

Melony (me-lah-nEE, merani-)

Melora (me-lO-rah, mero-ra)

Melvil (mel-vil, meruviru)

Melville (mel-vil, meruviru)

Melvin (mel-vin, meruvin)

Melvyn (mel-vin, meruvin)

Melynda (me-lin-dah, merinda)

Memmo (mem-mo, menmo)

Mena (mEE-nah, mi-na)

Menahem (me-nah-ham, menahamu)

Menahem (me-nah-hem, menahemu)

Mendelson (men-del-son, menderuson)

Mendonza (men-don-zah, mendonza)

Mennan (me-nan, menan)

Merab (me-rAHb, mera-bu)

Meranda (me-ran-dah, meranda)

Mercedes (mer-se-des, merusedesu)

Mercedes (mur-se-des, ma-sedesu)

Mercedez (mer-se-des, merusedesu)

Mercy (mur-sEE, ma-shi-)

Mere (miur, mia-)

Meredith (me-re-dith, meredisu)

Meret (mE-ret, me-reto)

Meri (me-ree, meri)

Merian (me-ree-an, merian)

Merideth (me-ri-dith, meridisu)

Meridith (me-ri-dith, meridisu)

Merissa (me-ri-Sah, merissa)

Merja (mer-yah, meruya)

Merl (murl, ma-ru)

Merle (murl, ma-ru)

Merlin (mur-lin, ma-rin)

Merna (mur-nah, ma-na)

Merri (me-rEE, meri-)

Merrie (me-rEE, meri-)

Merrill (me-ril, meriru)

Merrina (me-ree-nah, merina)

Merritt (me-riT, meritto)

Merry (me-rEE, meri-)

Merryn (me-rin, merin)

Meru (me-roo, meru)

Mervyn (mur-vin, ma-vin)

Merwin (mer-vin, meruvin)

Meryl (me-ril, meriru)

Meshach (me-shak, meshaku)

Meshberger (mesh-bur-gur, meshuba-ga-)

Metcalf (met-kAHf, metoka-fu)

Metinee (me-tee-nEE, metini-)

Mette (me-Te, mette)

Mia (mee-ah, mia)

Miah (mee-ah, mia)

Miah (mie-AH, maia-)

Micaela (mi-kah-e-lah, mikaera)

Micah (mie-kah, maika)

Micha (mie-kah, maika)

Michael (mi-hah-il, mihairu)

Michael (mi-kah-el, mikaeru)

Michael (mi-khyah-el, mihyaeru)

Michael (mi-shel, misheru)

Michael (mi-SHel, missheru)

Michael (mie-kel, maikeru)

Michaela (mi-kah-e-lah, mikaera)

Michaela (mi-kay-lah, mikeira)

Michaella (mi-kah-e-lah, mikaera)

Michailidis (mie-kah-lie-dis, maikaraidisu)

Michal (mee-khow, mihau)

Michal (mie-kel, maikeru)

Michale (mie-kel, maikeru)

Micheal (mie-kel, maikeru)

Michealle (mi-SHel, missheru)

Michel (mee-SHel, missheru)

Michel (mi-shel, misheru)

Michel (mie-kel, maikeru)

Michela (mi-ke-rah, mikera)

Michelangelo (mi-ke-lahn-je-lo, mikeranjero)

Michele (mi-kE-le, mike-re)

Michele (mi-shel, misheru)

Michele (mi-SHel, missheru)

Micheline (mee-shoo-rEE-nuh, mishuri-nu)

Michell (mi-shel, misheru)

Michelle (mi-shEl, mishe-ru)

Michelle (mi-shel, misheru)

Michelle (mi-SHel, missheru)

Michiel (mi-hI-l, mihi-ru)

Mick (miK, mikku)

Mickael (mi-kah-el, mikaeru)

Mickey (mi-KEE, mikki-)

Micki (mi-KEE, mikki-)

Mickie (mi-KEE, mikki-)

Micky (mi-KEE, mikki-)

Micole (mi-kOl, miko-ru)

Mieko (mee-e-ko, mieko)

Mighty (mie-tee, maiti)

Miguel (mee-gel, migeru)

Mijanou (mee-jah-nOO, mijanu-)

Mika (mee-kah, mika)

Mikael (mi-kah-el, mikaeru)

Mikaela (mi-kah-e-lah, mikaera)

Mikami (mi-kah-mee, mikami)

Mikayla (mi-kay-lah, mikeira)

Mike (miek, maiku)

Mikel (mie-kel, maikeru)

Mikey (mie-kEE, maiki-)

Mikhail (mee-khah-eel, mihairu)

Mikheil (mi-hah-il, mihairu)

Mikheil (mi-he-il, miheiru)

Miki (mi-kee, miki)

Miki (mi-KEE, mikki-)

Mikka (mee-kah, mika)

Mikkeline (mi-ke-lin, mikerin)

Mikki (mi-KEE, mikki-)

Mikko (mi-Ko, mikko)

Miko (mie-ko, maiko)

Mila (mi-lah, mira)

Milagros (mee-lah-gros, miragurosu)

Milan (mee-lahn, miran)

Milburn (mil-burn, miruba-n)

Mildred (mil-dreD, mirudoreddo)

Milena (mi-lE-nah, mire-na)

Milert (mi-lert, mireruto)

Miles (mielz, mairuzu)

Mili (mi-lee, miri)

Milisa (mi-li-sah, mirisa)

Miliza (mi-li-zah, miriza)

Milla (mi-lah, mira)

Millard (mi-lahrd, mira-do)

Mille (mi-le, mire)

Millicent (mi-li-sent, mirisento)

Millie (mi-lEE, miri-)

Mills (milz, miruzu)

Milly (mi-lEE, miri-)

Milo (mee-lo, miro)

Milo (mie-lo, mairo)

Milos (mee-ros, mirosu)

Milton (mee-oo-ton, miuton)

Milton (mil-ton, miruton)

Milva (mil-vah, miruva)

Mimi (mee-mee, mimi)

Mimmo (meem-mo, minmo)

Mimsy (mim-zEE, mimuzi-)

Mina (mEE-nah, mi-na)

Mina (minah, mina)

Mindi (min-dee, mindi)

Mindy (min-dee, mindi)

Mineev (mee-nEv, mine-vu)

Minerva (mi-nur-vah, mina-va)

Minissha (mee-nEE-shAH, mini-sha-)

Minissha (mi-nEE-shAH, mini-sha-)

Minna (mi-nah, mina)

Minna (min-nah, minna)

Minnie (mi-nEE, mini-)

Mino (mEE-no, mi-no)

Minor (mie-nur, maina-)

Minta (min-tah, minta)

Miquelina (mi-ke-ree-nah, mikerina)

Mira (mEE-rah, mi-ra)

Mira (mi-rah, mira)

Mira-Nuna (mi-rah-nOO-nah, miranu-na)

Mirabella (mi-rah-be-lah, mirabera)

Mirabelle (mi-rah-bel, miraberu)

Miralem (mi-rah-lem, miraremu)

Miranda (mi-ran-dah, miranda)

Mircea (mir-chah, mirucha)

Mircea (mir-che-ah, miruchea)

Mireille (mi-ray-yoo, mireiyu)

Mirella (mi-re-Lah, mirerra)

Miriam (mi-ree-am, miriamu)

Miriya (mee-ree-yah, miriya)

Mirjam (mi-ree-am, miriamu)

Mirjam (mi-ree-yam, miriyamu)

Mirjam (mir-jam, mirujamu)

Mirjana (mi-ryah-nah, miryana)

Mirko (meer-ko, miruko)

Mirlan (mir-lan, miruran)

Mirna (mir-nah, miruna)

Miron (mee-ron, miron)

Miroslav (mee-ro-slahf, mirosurafu)

Miroslaw (mee-raw-swahf, mirosuwafu)

Mirza (mir-zah, miruza)

Mischa (mEE-shah, mi-sha)

Mischa (mi-shah, misha)

Misha (mEE-shah, mi-sha)

Mishawn (mee-shAWn, misho-n)

Mishelle (mi-shel, misheru)

Missi (mi-SEE, misshi-)

Missy (mi-SEE, misshi-)

Misti (mis-tEE, misuti-)

Mistie (mis-tEE, misuti-)

Misty (mis-tee, misuti)

Misty (mis-tEE, misuti-)

Mitch (miCH, micchi)

Mitchel (mi-CHel, miccheru)

Mitchell (mi-CHel, miccheru)

Mitsos (mi-tsos, mitsosu)

Mitsou (mi-tsoo, mitsu)

Mitsue (mi-tsoo-e, mitsue)

Mittie (mi-tee, miti)

Mitzi (mi-TSi, mittsi)

Mncedisi (mn-se-dee-shee, munsedishi)

Mo (mO, mo-)

Moe (mO, mo-)

Moen (mO-en, mo-en)

Moen (mo-en, moen)

Moen (moo-en, muen)

Moerk (mork, moruku)

Mogens (mO-gens, mo-gensu)

Mohamed (mo-hah-meD, mohameddo)

Mohamed (mo-hah-med, mohamedo)

Mohammed (mo-hah-meD, mohameddo)

Mohammed (mo-hah-med, mohamedo)

Mohan (mo-hahn, mohan)

Mohit (mo-heeT, mohitto)

Mohsen (mof-sen, mofusen)

Moira (moi-rah, moira)

Moises (moi-ses, moisesu)

Mojo (mo-jo, mojo)

Molino (mo-lee-no, morino)

Mollie (maw-lEE, mori-)

Molly (maw-lEE, mori-)

Mollye (maw-lEE, mori-)

Mona (mo-nah, mona)

Monceaux (mawn-sO, monso-)

Monet (mo-ne, mone)

Monet (mo-neT, monetto)

Mongo (mon-go, mongo)

Monica (maw-ni-kah, monika)

Monika (maw-ni-kah, monika)

Monique (mo-nEEk, moni-ku)

Monique (mo-neek, moniku)

Monta (mon-tah, monta)

Montagu (mawn-ta-gYOO, montagyu-)

Montana (mawn-ta-nah, montana)

Montano (mon-tA-no, monta-no)

Monte (mawn-te, monte)

Monte (mawn-tee, monti)

Montgomery (mon-go-me-rEE, mongomeri-)

Montserrat (mont-se-rat, montoserato)

Monty (mawn-tee, monti)

Moody (mOO-dEE, mu-di-)

Moon (mOOn, mu-n)

Moon (moon, mun)

Moonha (mO-nah, mo-na)

Moore (moor, mu-a)

Moose (mOOs, mu-su)

Moosie (mOO-sEE, mu-shi-)

Morag (mo-rahg, moragu)

Morando (mo-rahn-do, morando)

More (mor, moa)

Morena (mo-rE-nah, more-na)

Moreno (mo-re-no, moreno)

Morgan (mohr-gahn, mo-gan)

Morgan (mor-gahn, morugan)

Morgana (mohr-gah-nah, mo-gana)

Morgane (mohr-gahn, mo-gan)

Morgane (mor-gAH-noo, moruga-nu)

Moritz (mO-reeTS, mo-rittsu)

Morland (mohr-lahnd, mo-rando)

Moroni (mo-rO-nee, moro-ni)

Morris (mo-ris, morisu)

Mort (mohrt, mo-to)

Morten (mohr-ten, mo-ten)

Morton (mohr-ton, mo-ton)

Morty (mohr-tee, mo-ti)

Mos (mos, mosu)

Mosa (mo-sah, mosa)

Mose (mOz, mo-zu)

Moses (mO-zes, mo-zesu)

Moshe (mo-she, moshe)

Mosleh (mos-le, mosure)

Mosserud (mo-Se-rood, mosserudo)

Mostefa (mos-te-fah, mosutefa)

Mothusi (mo-thoo-see, motsusi)

Mouche (mOO-she, mu-she)

Moufida (moo-fEE-dah, mufi-da)

Mouna (mo-nah, mona)

Moussa (moo-sah, musa)

Moya (moi-yah, moiya)

Mpho (mah-fO, mafo-)

Mubarak (moo-bah-rahk, mubaraku)

Muhamad (muh-hah-mad, muhamado)

Muhamed (moo-hah-med, muhamedo)

Muhammad (mo-hah-med, mohamedo)

Muhammad (moo-hah-mad, muhamado)

Mukesh (moo-kEsh, muke-shu)

Mukundraj (moo-koon-do-rahj, mukundoraji)

Mummert (mu-murt, mama-to)

Munch (munch, manchi)

Muqaddar (moo-kah-DAHr, mukadda-ru)

Murad (moo-rahd, murado)

Muriel (myoo-ree-el, myurieru)

Murielle (moo-ree-el, murieru)

Murilo (moo-ree-lo, muriro)

Murphy (mur-fee, ma-fi)

Murphy (mur-fEE, ma-fi-)

Murray (ma-rEE, mari-)

Murray (mu-ray, marei)

Murray (mur-ray, ma-rei)

Murvyn (mur-vin, ma-vin)

Musa (moo-sah, musa)

Muse (mYOOz, myu-zu)

Musetta (myoo-ze-Tah, myuzetta)

Mustafa (moo-stah-fah, musutafa)

Mustapha (moo-stah-fah, musutafa)

Muzli (mOOs-lee, mu-suri)

Muzli (mooz-lee, muzuri)

Mya (mee-ah, mia)

Mya (mie-ah, maia)

Myanna (mie-an-nah, maianna)

Mycah (mie-kah, maika)

Mycal (mie-kahl, maikaru)

Myer (mie-yur, maiya-)

Myiah (mie-ah, maia)

Myk (miek, maiku)

Mykelti (mi-kel-tee, mikeruti)

Mylene (mi-rE-nuh, mire-nu)

Myles (mielz, mairuzu)

Myra (mie-rah, maira)

Myriam (mee-ree-am, miriamu)

Myrna (mur-nah, ma-na)

Myron (mie-rawn, mairon)

Myrtle (mur-tol, ma-toru)

Mytien (mie-tEEn, maiti-n)

New Products For June

  • Maritsa Is My Love Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Maritsa in hiragana with a red eternity seal and the kanji for "My Love".
  • Maritsa Is My Soul Mate Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Maritsa in katakana with the phrase "Soul Mate" and a small red seal for eternity.
  • Maritsa Is My Soul Mate Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Design of Maritsa in hiragana with the phrase "Soul Mate" and a small red seal for eternity.
  • Maritsa Japanese Tattoo Design by Master Eri Takase
    Japanese Tattoo Designs of the name Maritsa written horizontally in hiragana.


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