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Name in Japanese Tattoos

These beautiful designs, hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, come in formats for personal and professional use. All designs are delivered digitally when your order is placed - there is no waiting.

by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

Over 4000 Names Meticulously Translated to Japanese

For each name, we start by giving the pronunciation of the name. This is important because names can be pronounced differently and this is the only way to know whether the translation is right for you. Then we cross check each name against Japanese dictionaries, and movie and entertainment databases. This way you know the translation is commonly used and we take it a step further because we then show which celebrities use the translation. And, finally, at Reference Materials we provide you with the resources to check our work if you would like.

About Translating Names to Japanese

Katakana is the standard way that names are translated to Japanese. Katakana preserves the pronunciation and is the option most likely to be recognized as a name. Katakana is also the way that non-Japanese names appear in Japanese dictionaries.

Hiragana can be used to write names in Japanese. Hiragana is considered more feminine as it was created by the poetesses of the Heian period. Like Katakana, hiragana preserves the pronunciation and is likely to be recognized as a name.

A literal translation to kanji translates the meaning of the name. Names have both a pronunciation and a meaning and so a complete translation is created by combining a phonetic translation and the literal translation to kanji.

For more information read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese

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Baard (bOd, bo-do)

Baayork (bie-yohrk, baiyo-ku)

Bab (baB, babbu)

Babara (bAH-bah-rah, ba-bara)

Babby (baw-bEE, bobi-)

Babe (bayb, beibu)

Babette (ba-be-Te, babette)

Babette (bah-beT, babetto)

Babisz (ba-bee-shoo, babishu)

Babu (bah-boo, babu)

Baby (be-bEE, bebi-)

Bacchus (bah-Kus, bakkasu)

Badai (bah-die, badai)

Bader (bay-dur, beida-)

Badja (bah-jah, baja)

Bahar (bah-hAr, baha-ru)

Baharon (bah-ha-ron, baharon)

Bahman (bAH-man, ba-man)

Bahni (bAH-nee, ba-ni)

Bailee (bay-lEE, beiri-)

Bailey (bay-lEE, beiri-)

Bain (bayn, bein)

Baines (baynz, beinzu)

Bairbre (bahr-ba-rah, ba-bara)

Baird (be-ahrd, bea-do)

Bajardo (bah-hahr-do, baharudo)

Bajram (bie-ram, bairamu)

Bakke (bah-Ke, bakke)

Bakstad (bak-stad, bakusutado)

Balazs (ba-lahzh, baraju)

Baldassare (bahl-dah-SAH-re, barudassa-re)

Baldassarre (bahl-dah-SAH-Re, barudassa-rre)

Baldis (bahl-dis, barudisu)

Baldomero (bahl-do-me-ro, barudomero)

Baldovino (bahl-do-vEE-no, barudovi-no)

Balduin (bahl-duh-In, barudui-n)

Balduino (bahl-doo-ee-no, baruduino)

Baldwin (bAWld-win, bo-rudowin)

Balkrishna (balk-rish-nah, barukurishuna)

Ballesteros (bah-jes-te-ros, bajesuterosu)

Ballesteros (bah-les-te-ros, baresuterosu)

Ballesteros (bah-yes-te-ros, bayesuterosu)

Baltasar (bahl-tah-sAHr, barutasa-ru)

Baltasar (bahl-tah-sahr, barutasaru)

Balthasar (bahl-tah-zAHr, barutaza-ru)

Balthazar (bal-thah-zAr, barusaza-ru)

Baltsar (bahl-tsAHr, barutosa-ru)

Bambi (bam-bee, banbi)

Banco (bahn-ko, banko)

Bandit (ban-diT, banditto)

Bao (bah-o, bao)

Bappi (bah-pee, bapi)

Baptist (bahp-tist, baputisuto)

Baptiste (bah-tee-sto, batisuto)

Bar (bahr, ba-)

Barabara (bah-rah-bah-rah, barabara)

Barack (bah-rahk, baraku)

Barak (bah-rahk, baraku)

Barb (bahrb, ba-bu)

Barbar (bahr-bahr, ba-ba-)

Barbara (bahr-bah-rah, ba-bara)

Barbara (bahr-bah-rah, barubara)

Barbel (bahr-bal, ba-baru)

Barbera (bahr-be-rah, ba-bera)

Barbera (bahr-bE-rah, barube-ra)

Barbera (bahr-be-rah, barubera)

Barbet (bahr-beT, ba-betto)

Barbie (bahr-bEE, ba-bi-)

Barbra (bahr-brah, ba-bura)

Barbro (bahr-bro, baruburo)

Barclay (bahr-klE, ba-kure-)

Barend (bah-rend, barendo)

Bari (bah-ree, bari)

Barnaba (bahr-nahbah, barunaba)

Barnaby (bahr-nah-bEE, ba-nabi-)

Barnard (bahr-nahrd, ba-na-do)

Barnet (bahr-neT, ba-netto)

Barney (bahr-nEE, ba-ni-)

Baron (ba-ron, baron)

Barret (ba-reT, baretto)

Barrett (bu-reT, baretto)

Barrie (ba-rEE, bari-)

Barrie (be-rEE, beri-)

Barry (ba-rEE, bari-)

Barry (be-rEE, beri-)

Bart (bahrt, ba-to)

Barta (bar-tah, baruta)

Bartek (bar-teK, barutekku)

Bartholomew (bahr-tho-lo-mYOO, ba-soromyu-)

Bartlemy (bahrt-luh-mEE, ba-torumi-)

Bartlett (bahrt-leT, ba-toretto)

Bartolomei (bahr-to-lo-may, barutoromei)

Bartolomeo (bahr-to-lo-mE-o, barutorome-o)

Bartolomeo (bahr-to-lo-me-o, barutoromeo)

Bartolommeo (bahr-to-lon-mE-o, barutoronme-o)

Barton (bahr-ton, ba-ton)

Baruch (bah-rook, baruku)

Barukh (bah-rook, baruku)

Basak (bah-sahk, basaku)

Basarat (bah-sah-rahT, basaratto)

Basil (ba-zil, baziru)

Basil (bay-zil, beiziru)

Basile (bah-zeel, baziru)

Basilia (bah-ji-lee-ah, bajiria)

Basilia (bah-si-lee-ah, bashiria)

Basilio (bah-see-lyo, bashirio)

Basilio (bah-zEE-lyo, bazi-rio)

Basilius (bah-zEE-lee-uhs, bazi-riusu)

Bassam (bah-sAm, basa-mu)

Basti (bahs-tee, basuti)

Bastien (bahs-tee-un, basutian)

Bastion (bas-tee-on, basution)

Battista (bah-Tee-stah, battisuta)

Battistella (bah-Tee-ste-Lah, battisuterra)

Baudouin (bO-doo-wahn, bo-duwan)

Baudouin (bodowahn, bodowan)

Bautista (bow-tee-stah, bautisuta)

Bayardo (bah-jahr-do, bajarudo)

Baz (bahz, bazu)

Bea (be-ah, bea)

Bea (bEE, bi-)

Beach (bEEch, bi-chi)

Beah (bee-ah, bia)

Beata (be-a-tah, beata)

Beata (be-AH-tah, bea-ta)

Beate (bi-AH-te, bia-te)

Beatrice (be-ah-tris, beatorisu)

Beatrice (bee-ah-tris, biatorisu)

Beatris (bee-ah-tris, biatorisu)

Beatrix (be-ah-tris, beatorisu)

Beatrix (be-ah-triX, beatorikkusu)

Beatrix (be-ah-trix, beatorikusu)

Beatrix (bee-ah-trix, biatorikusu)

Beatriz (be-ah-tris, beatorisu)

Beau (bO, bo-)

Beaulah (bYOO-lah, byu-ra)

Bebe (be-be, bebe)

Bebe (bee-bee, bibi)

Beca (be-kah, beka)

Becca (be-Kah, bekka)

Beccie (be-KEE, bekki-)

Beck (beK, bekku)

Beckett (be-keT, beketto)

Beckett (be-KeT, bekketto)

Becki (be-KEE, bekki-)

Beckie (be-KEE, bekki-)

Becky (be-KEE, bekki-)

Beda (bE-dah, be-da)

Bee (bEE, bi-)

Beeban (bEE-bahn, bi-ban)

Beege (bEEj, bi-ji)

Beeson (bEE-son, bi-son)

Begum (be-guhm, begumu)

Behira (be-hee-rah, behira)

Behnaz (be-he-nAz, behena-zu)

Bei (bay, bei)

Beka (be-kah, beka)

Bekim (be-kim, bekimu)

Bekka (be-Kah, bekka)

Bekkvik (beK-vik, bekkuviku)

Bela (be-lah, bera)

Belen (be-len, beren)

Belia (be-lee-ah, beria)

Belinda (be-lin-dah, berinda)

Belisario (be-li-zah-ri-o, berizario)

Belita (be-lEE-tah, beri-ta)

Belita (be-lee-tah, berita)

Belkacem (bel-kah-sem, berukasemu)

Belkis (bel-kis, berukisu)

Bell (bel, beru)

Bella (be-lah, bera)

Belle (bel, beru)

Bellone (be-lO-nee, bero-ni)

Belloni (be-lO-nee, bero-ni)

Belva (bel-vah, beruva)

Ben (ben, ben)

Bence (ben-se, bense)

Bence (bens, bensu)

Bendiksen (ben-dik-sen, bendikusen)

Bendt (bent, bento)

Benedetta (be-ne-de-Tah, benedetta)

Benedetto (be-ne-de-To, benedetto)

Benedict (be-ne-dikt, benedikuto)

Benedicta (be-ne-dik-tah, benedikuta)

Benedicte (be-ne-dik-te, benedikute)

Benedicto (be-ne-dik-to, benedikuto)

Benedikt (be-ne-dikt, benedikuto)

Benediktus (be-ne-dik-tuhs, benedikutusu)

Benek (be-nek, beneku)

Bengt (bent, bento)

Bengta (ben-tah, benta)

Beniamino (ben-yah-mEE-no, benyami-no)

Benicio (be-nee-chee-o, benichio)

Benigna (be-nEE-nyah, beni-nya)

Benita (be-nEE-tah, beni-ta)

Benito (be-nEE-to, beni-to)

Benjamin (bahn-jah-mahn, banjaman)

Benjamin (ben-jah-min, benjamin)

Benjamin (ben-yah-meen, benyamin)

Bennet (be-neT, benetto)

Bennet (ben-neT, bennetto)

Bennett (be-neT, benetto)

Bennett (ben-neT, bennetto)

Bennie (be-nEE, beni-)

Benno (be-no, beno)

Benno (ben-no, benno)

Benny (be-nEE, beni-)

Benoit (benwah, benowa)

Benoit (buh-nwah, bunowa)

Benson (ben-son, benson)

Bent (ben-to, bento)

Bentley (bent-lEE, bentori-)

Benton (ben-ton, benton)

Bentsen (bent-sen, bentosen)

Benu (be-noo, benu)

Benvenuto (ben-ve-nOO-to, benvenu-to)

Beppe (be-Pe, beppe)

Beracha (be-rah-chah, beracha)

Berangere (be-rahn-jEl, beranje-ru)

Bercelio (ber-se-lee-o, beruserio)

Berenguer (be-ren-ger, berengeru)

Berenice (be-re-nees, berenisu)

Berg (berg, berugu)

Berlinda (bur-lin-dah, ba-rinda)

Bern (burn, ba-n)

Berna (bur-nah, ba-na)

Bernadette (ber-nah-deT, berunadetto)

Bernadette (bur-nah-deT, ba-nadetto)

Bernadine (bur-nah-deen, ba-nadin)

Bernald (ber-nAl, beruna-ru)

Bernard (ber-nald, berunarudo)

Bernard (ber-nAr, beruna-ru)

Bernard (bur-nahrd, ba-na-do)

Bernarda (ber-nahr-dah, berunaruda)

Bernardina (ber-nahr-dee-nah, beruna-dina)

Bernardine (bur-nah-deen, ba-nadin)

Bernardita (ber-nahr-dee-tah, berunarudita)

Bernardo (ber-nahr-do, berunarudo)

Bernd (bernt, berunto)

Berneice (bur-nees, ba-nisu)

Bernetta (ber-ne-Tah, berunetta)

Bernhard (bern-hahrt, berunharuto)

Bernice (bur-nees, ba-nisu)

Bernie (bur-nEE, ba-ni-)

Berniece (bur-nees, ba-nisu)

Bernita (bur-nEE-tah, ba-ni-ta)

Bernt (bernt, berunto)

Berntsen (bahrnt-sen, ba-ntosen)

Berry (be-rEE, beri-)

Bert (bert, beruto)

Bert (burt, ba-to)

Berta (ber-tah, beruta)

Berta (bur-tah, ba-ta)

Bertha (ber-tah, beruta)

Bertha (bur-thah, ba-sa)

Berthe (ber-to, beruto)

Berthold (ber-holt, beruhoruto)

Berthold (ber-told, berutorudo)

Berthold (ber-tolt, berutoruto)

Berthold (bert-holt, berutohoruto)

Bertie (ber-tee, beruti)

Bertie (bur-tee, ba-ti)

Bertil (be-Til, bettiru)

Bertila (bur-tee-lah, ba-tira)

Bertille (ber-tEE-yoo, beruti-yu)

Bertina (ber-tEE-nah, beruti-na)

Berto (ber-to, beruto)

Berton (bur-ton, ba-ton)

Bertram (bur-tram, ba-toramu)

Bertrand (ber-tran, berutoran)

Bertrand (bur-trand, ba-torando)

Berucha (be-roo-chah, berucha)

Berura (be-roo-rah, berura)

Berwick (bur-wiK, ba-wikku)

Beryl (be-ril, beriru)

Bess (bes, besu)

Bessie (be-SEE, besshi-)

Betania (be-ta-nee-ah, betania)

Beth (beth, besu)

Bethanie (bethah-nEE, besani-)

Bethann (beth-an, besuan)

Bethany (be-thah-nEE, besani-)

Bethel (be-thel, beseru)

Bethgea (bEt-ge-ah, be-togea)

Betsey (be-TSi, bettsi)

Betsy (be-TSi, bettsi)

Bette (be-tee, beti)

Bette (beT, betto)

Bettie (be-tee, beti)

Bettina (be-tee-nah, betina)

Bettina (be-TEE-nah, betti-na)

Betty (be-tee, beti)

Bettyann (be-tee-an, betian)

Bettye (be-tee, beti)

Betula (be-too-lah, betura)

Betulah (be-too-lah, betura)

Beukes (bee-u-kus, biakasu)

Beula (bYOO-lah, byu-ra)

Beulah (be-oo-lah, beura)

Beulah (bYOO-lah, byu-ra)

Bev (bev, bevu)

Beven (be-van, bevan)

Beven (bEE-van, bi-van)

Beverlee (be-vur-lEE, bevari-)

Beverlee (bee-vah-lEE, bivari-)

Beverley (be-vur-lEE, bevari-)

Beverley (bee-vah-lEE, bivari-)

Beverly (be-vur-lEE, bevari-)

Beverly (bee-vah-lEE, bivari-)

Bey (bay, bei)

Beyonce (bee-yon-se, biyonse)

Bhajan (bah-jahn, bajan)

Bhang (bahng, bangu)

Bhaskar (bahs-kAHr, basuka-ru)

Bhavani (bAH-va-nee, ba-vani)

Bhimsen (bEEm-sen, bi-musen)

Biagio (bee-AH-jo, bia-jo)

Biana (bee-ah-nah, biana)

Bianca (bee-ahn-kah, bianka)

Bibi (bee-bee, bibi)

Bibiana (bee-bee-ah-nah, bibiana)

Bice (bEE-che, bi-che)

Biel (bee-el, bieru)

Bienvenida (bi-en-be-nee-dah, bienbenida)

Biff (bif, bifu)

Bigas (bi-gahs, bigasu)

Bijou (bee-zhOO, biju-)

Bikram (bik-rahm, bikuramu)

Bilal (bi-lahl, biraru)

Biliana (bi-ree-a-nah, biriana)

Bill (bil, biru)

Bille (bi-le, bire)

Bille (bi-lEE, biri-)

Billi (bi-lEE, biri-)

Billie (bi-lEE, biri-)

Billy (bi-lEE, biri-)

Billye (bi-lEE, biri-)

Bimal (bee-mahl, bimaru)

Bina (bee-nah, bina)

Bing (bing, bingu)

Bipasha (bee-pah-shah, bipasha)

Bipul (bee-puwl, bipuru)

Bird (burd, ba-do)

Birdie (bur-dee, ba-di)

Birger (bi-ri-er, birieru)

Birgit (bir-gEEt, birugi-to)

Birgit (bir-geeT, birugitto)

Birgitta (bir-gee-Tah, birugitta)

Birgitte (bir-gee-Te, biagitte)

Birju (bir-joo, biruju)

Birte (bir-te, birute)

Birthe (bir-te, birute)

Bismillah (bis-mi-LAH, bisumirra-)

Bitty (bi-tee, biti)

Bix (biX, bikkusu)

Bjarne (byahr-ne, byarune)

Bjarte (byahr-te, byarute)

Bjerkan (bee-er-kahn, bierukan)

Bjerke (bee-er-ke, bieruke)

Bjorn (bi-yohrn, biyo-n)

Bjorn (byorn, byorun)

Bjornar (byor-nahr, byorunaru)

Bjorndal (bi-YOn-dahl, biyo-ndaru)

Blaine (blayn, burein)

Blair (bler, burea)

Blaise (blEz, bure-zu)

Blaithnaid (bliez-nayd, buraizuneido)

Blake (blayk, bureiku)

Blanca (blahn-kah, buranka)

Blanch (blanch, buranchi)

Blanchard (blan-chahr-d, burancha-do)

Blanche (blanch, buranchi)

Blanche (blansh, buranshu)

Blanchette (blan-sheT, buranshetto)

Blandine (blahn-dI-nuh, burandi-nu)

Blane (blayn, burein)

Blank (blank, buranku)

Blas (blahs, burasu)

Blasia (blay-zee-ah, bureizia)

Bledi (ble-dEE, buredi-)

Blenda (blen-dah, burenda)

Blondell (blawn-del, buronderu)

Blossom (blaw-Sum, burossamu)

Blu (bluw, buru)

Bluette (blYOO-e-To, buryu-etto)

Blythe (blieth, buraisu)

Bo (bO, bo-)

Boaz (bo-az, boazu)

Bob (bawb, bobu)

Bobbi (baw-bEE, bobi-)

Bobbie (baw-bEE, bobi-)

Bobby (baw-bEE, bobi-)

Bobbye (baw-bEE, bobi-)

Bobcat (bawb-kaT, bobukyatto)

Bobette (bo-beT, bobetto)

Bobo (bo-bo, bobo)

Boctor (bok-tur, bokuta-)

Bodhi (bo-dee, bodi)

Bodhi (bo-Jee, bojji)

Bodil (bo-dil, bodiru)

Boel (bo-el, boeru)

Bogdan (bog-dahn, bogudan)

Boglarka (bog-lahr-kah, bogura-ka)

Boguena (bo-goo-e-nah, boguena)

Bogumil (bog-mil, bogumiru)

Boguslaw (bog-s-wahf, bogusuwafu)

Bohdan (bof-dahn, bofudan)

Bojana (bo-fa-nah, bofana)

Bok (bok, boku)

Bokeem (bo-kEEm, boki-mu)

Bolek (bo-lek, boreku)

Boleslaw (bo-le-swahf, boresuwafu)

Bolivar (bo-lee-bahr, boribaru)

Bolo (bo-lo, boro)

Boman (bO-man, bo-man)

Bonechi (bo-ne-chi, bonechi)

Bong (bon, bon)

Bong (bong, bongu)

Bongkod (bon-koT, bonkotto)

Bonifacio (bo-nee-fAH-cho, bonifa-cho)

Bonifacio (bo-nee-fah-syo, bonifashio)

Bonifatius (bo-ni-fah-tee-uhs, bonifatiusu)

Bonifazio (bo-ni-fAH-tsi-o, bonifa-tsio)

Bonita (baw-nEE-tah, boni-ta)

Bonnie (baw-nEE, boni-)

Bonny (baw-nEE, boni-)

Booker (buw-Kur, bukka-)

Boone (bOOn, bu-n)

Borden (bohr-den, bo-den)

Borghild (bor-ghild, boruguhirudo)

Boris (bo-ris, borisu)

Bosco (bos-kO, bosuko-)

Botilda (bo-til-dah, botiruda)

Botti (bo-Tee, botti)

Botvid (bot-viD, botoviddo)

Boubker (boob-ker, bubukeru)

Bouli (bOO-lee, bu-ri)

Bourg (berg, berugu)

Bourg (bOOr, bu-ru)

Bourg (borg, borugu)

Boy (bOI, bo-i)

Boyce (bois, boisu)

Boyd (boid, boido)

Bozena (baw-zhe-nah, bojena)

Bozidar (baw-zhee-dAr, bojida-ru)

Bracha (brah-chah, buracha)

Brad (braD, buraddo)

Braden (bray-den, bureiden)

Bradford (braD-fohrd, buraddofo-do)

Bradley (braD-lEE, buraddori-)

Bradly (braD-lEE, buraddori-)

Bradsted (brad-sted, buradosutedo)

Bradsted (brad-steeD, buradosutiddo)

Brady (bray-dee, bureidi)

Brahim (brah-heem, burahimu)

Brain (brie-an, buraian)

Bram (brahm, buramu)

Bran (brahn, buran)

Branda (bran-dah, buranda)

Brandan (bran-dun, burandan)

Brande (bran-dee, burandi)

Brande (brand, burando)

Brandee (bran-dee, burandi)

Branden (bran-den, buranden)

Brandenburg (bran-den-burg, burandenba-gu)

Brandi (bran-dee, burandi)

Brandie (bran-dee, burandi)

Brandon (bran-don, burandon)

Brandy (bran-dee, burandi)

Branford (bran-fohrd, buranfo-do)

Branislav (bra-nee-slahf, buranisurafu)

Branka (bran-kah, buranka)

Branko (bran-ko, buranko)

Brant (brant, buranto)

Braulio (brow-lyo, buraurio)

Brawley (brAW-lEE, buro-ri-)

Braxton (braks-ton, burakusuton)

Brayden (bray-den, bureiden)

Braydon (bray-don, bureidon)

Brea (b-re-ah, burea)

Breana (bree-a-nah, buriana)

Breann (bree-an, burian)

Breanna (bree-a-nah, buriana)

Breanna (bree-an-nah, burianna)

Breanne (bree-an, burian)

Breck (b-re-K, burekku)

Brecken (bre-Ken, burekken)

Breckin (b-re-Kin, burekkin)

Breckon (bre-Kon, burekkon)

Bree (brEE, buri-)

Breeann (bree-an, burian)

Breish (bre-ish, bureishu)

Breish (briesh, buraishu)

Bren (bren, buren)

Brenda (bren-dah, burenda)

Brendan (bren-dan, burendan)

Brenden (bren-den, burenden)

Brendon (bren-don, burendon)

Brenna (bren-nah, burenna)

Brennan (bre-nan, burenan)

Brenner (brenur, burena-)

Breno (bre-no, bureno)

Brent (brent, burento)

Brenton (bren-ton, burenton)

Breona (bree-o-nah, buriona)

Bressole (bre-sOl, bureso-ru)

Bret (breT, buretto)

Brett (breT, buretto)

Breven (bre-ven, bureven)

Bria (bree-ah, buria)

Brian (brie-an, buraian)

Briana (bree-a-nah, buriana)

Briann (bree-an, burian)

Brianna (bree-a-nah, buriana)

Brianne (bree-an, burian)

Briant (b-rie-ahnt, buraianto)

Brice (brees, burisu)

Brice (bries, buraisu)

Bridge (briJ, burijji)

Bridger (bri-JAH, burijja-)

Bridges (bri-Jis, burijjisu)

Bridget (bri-jiT, burijitto)

Bridgett (bri-jiT, burijitto)

Bridgette (bri-jiT, burijitto)

Bridgit (bri-jiT, burijitto)

Brie (brEE, buri-)

Brielle (bree-el, burieru)

Briem (bree-em, buriemu)

Brigette (bri-jiT, burijitto)

Brighton (brie-ton, buraiton)

Brigid (bri-jiD, burijiddo)

Brigida (bri-jEE-dah, buriji-da)

Brigida (bri-jee-dah, burijida)

Brigitta (bri-gi-Ta, burigitta)

Brigitte (bri-jiT, burijitto)

Brigitte (brigi-Te, burigitte)

Brigitte (briji-te, burijite)

Brij (brij, buriji)

Brilee (brie-lEE, burairi-)

Brileigh (brie-lEE, burairi-)

Briley (brie-lEE, burairi-)

Brinda (brin-dah, burinda)

Brion (brie-on, buraion)

Briony (brie-o-nEE, buraioni-)

Brisa (brEE-zah, buri-za)

Brisa (bri-sah, burisa)

Brita (bree-tah, burita)

Britany (bri-tah-nEE, buritani-)

Brite (bree-te, burite)

Britney (brit-nEE, buritoni-)

Britni (brit-nEE, buritoni-)

Britt (briT, buritto)

Britta (bri-tah, burita)

Britta (bri-Tah, buritta)

Brittaney (bri-tah-nEE, buritani-)

Brittani (bri-tah-nEE, buritani-)

Brittanie (bri-tah-nEE, buritani-)

Brittany (bri-tah-nEE, buritani-)

Britteny (bri-tah-nEE, buritani-)

Brittini (bri-Ti-nee, burittini)

Brittney (brit-nEE, buritoni-)

Brittni (brit-nEE, buritoni-)

Brittny (brit-nEE, buritoni-)

Brixton (brix-ton, burikusuton)

Broc (brawK, burokku)

Brochs (broks, burokusu)

Brock (brawK, burokku)

Broderick (bro-de-riK, buroderikku)

Brodie (bro-dee, burodi)

Brody (bro-dee, burodi)

Bronagh (bronAH, burona-)

Bronson (bron-son, buronson)

Bronwen (bron-wen, buronwen)

Bronwin (brawn-win, buronwin)

Bronwyn (brawn-win, buronwin)

Bronzell (bron-zuhl, buronzuru)

Brook (bruwK, burukku)

Brooke (bruwK, burukku)

Brookes (brooKs, burukkusu)

Brooklyn (bruwK-lin, burukkurin)

Brooklynn (bruwK-lin, burukkurin)

Brooks (bruwKs, burukkusu)

Bror (bror, buroru)

Brown (bro-uhn, buroun)

Brown (brown, buraun)

Browne (brown, buraun)

Brownie (brow-nEE, burauni-)

Bruce (brOOs, buru-su)

Brucha (broo-chah, burucha)

Brugman (broog-man, buruguman)

Brugman (brug-man, buraguman)

Bruklin (brooK-lin, burukkurin)

Bruna (brOO-nah, buru-na)

Brunaugh (bro-nAH, burona-)

Brunela (broo-ne-lah, burunera)

Brunella (broo-ne-lah, burunera)

Brunetto (broo-neT, burunetto)

Brunilda (broo-nil-dah, buruniruda)

Bruno (brOO-no, buru-no)

Bruno (bryoo-no, buryuno)

Bryan (brie-an, buraian)

Bryanna (bree-a-nah, buriana)

Bryant (brie-ant, buraianto)

Bryce (bries, buraisu)

Brycen (brie-sen, buraisen)

Brydie (brie-dee, buraidi)

Brye (brie, burai)

Brylee (brie-lEE, burairi-)

Bryleigh (brie-lEE, burairi-)

Brylie (brie-lEE, burairi-)

Bryn (brin, burin)

Brynn (brin, burin)

Bryon (brie-on, buraion)

Bryson (brie-son, buraison)

Brytton (brie-ton, buraiton)

Bub (bub, babu)

Bubba (bu-bah, baba)

Buck (buK, bakku)

Bud (bud, bado)

Budd (buD, baddo)

Buddy (bu-dee, badi)

Budhaditya (buh-dah-dee-tyah, budaditoya)

Budi (boo-dee, budi)

Buena (boo-e-nah, buena)

Buenaventura (be-nah-ven-too-rah, buenaventura)

Buffy (bu-fEE, bafi-)

Buford (byoo-fohrd, byufo-do)

Bug (bug, bagu)

Bukkoy (boo-Koi, bukkoi)

Bula (boo-lah, bura)

Bulah (bYOO-lah, byu-ra)

Bulle (byool, byuru)

Bullman (buhlman, buruman)

Bunny (bu-nEE, bani-)

Bunphairot (boon-pie-rot, bunpairoto)

Bunty (bun-tEE, banti-)

Burgandy (bur-gahn-dee, ba-gandi)

Burgess (bur-jes, ba-jesu)

Burghard (buhrk-hart, burukuharuto)

Burgos (buhr-gos, burugosu)

Burgundy (bur-gahn-dee, ba-gandi)

Burke (burk, ba-ku)

Burkhalter (burk-hahl-tur, ba-kuharuta-)

Burkhard (buhrk-hart, burukuharuto)

Burl (burl, ba-ru)

Burma (bir-mah, biruma)

Burn (burn, ba-n)

Burnard (bur-nahrd, ba-na-do)

Burr (bur, ba-)

Burt (burt, ba-to)

Burton (bur-ton, ba-ton)

Burtt (burt, ba-to)

Busby (bus-bEE, basubi-)

Bush (buwSH, busshu)

Busta (bus-tah, basuta)

Buster (bus-tur, basuta-)

Busy (bi-zEE, bizi-)

Butterfly (bah-tah-flie, batafurai)

Butters (bah-turz, bata-zu)

Buyandulam (buyahn-do-lahm, bayandoramu)

Buziak (bOO-zhaK, bu-jakku)

Buzz (buz, bazu)

By (bEE, bi-)

Byambasuren (byam-bah-suh-ren, byanbasuren)

Byrne (bahrn, ba-n)

Byron (bie-ron, bairon)

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