Pronunciation Guide for Names

This guide is intended to be an approximation of how the names in this site are pronounced. In most cases this is satisfactory though if you have a specific question please feel free to contact us.

In general, the pronunciation used in this site is the American English pronunciation.

Sound Example   Sound Example
a cat   ng song, wrong
ah caught   o coat
ay cape   oi toy, joy
b bat   oo boot
ch check   ow noun
d dog   p put
dh that   r rare
e bed   s same
ee clean, seen   sh shot
f fight   t tot
g get   th thanks
h hat   u son, sun
i kit, him   uw push
ie kite, shine   v verb
j just   w water
k car, copy   y yet
l lot, lump   z zeal
m man, mile   zh vision
n new      

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