Custom Japanese Tattoo - Love Design

Custom Japanese Tattoo - Love Design
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Love in Japanese symbolizes the love two people share.


The main character is the kanji for Love (ai) which, in the sample shown above, is in the middle connecting the lover's names. And the names are beautifully written in katakana which is the standard way names are translated to Japanese.

This is a completely custom design and you will be working directly with Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase to create an authentic Japanese Tattoo that is just for you. With over fifteen years of experience and with thousands of satisfied clients, Master Takase is the perfect partner to work with to create the Japanese tattoo that you want. She is often praised not only for her exquisite artwork but also for her approachability, courtesy, and professionalism.

How It Works To begin simply let us know the two names in the Description when you place your order.

With this Master Takase creates an initial set of samples showing several layouts and fonts. We email these samples to you, get your feedback and make changes. And we would do this until the design is just right. Normally this takes two or three sets to get to a final design. When complete with the design process Master Takase creates the final design.

All samples are emailed to you as Adobe PDF files which are nice because they print exactly as Master Takase hand-brushed the design. Along with the samples we also include a detailed explanation and, when appropriate, links to further information. We encourage your questions and feedback as we want you to be completely happy with both the meaning and the artistry of your design.

Once Master Takase finishes the final design When the design process is complete Master Takase then creates the final design. This is professionally scanned and vectorized line art and documentation is added. We then email you the final design also as an Adobe PDF File. Then you simply just print the design and take it to your tattoo artist to have it inked.

The tattoo design is sold as a single use design for personal use only. While the design may easily be resized the design may not be edited.

Ordering is secure and takes only seconds

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