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Year of the Dragon

Year of the Tiger


These hand brushed Designs by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase focus on words and phrases associated with Western and Oriental Zodiacs. Scroll down for a list of all the designs.

Each of our Japanese Calligraphy Designs is carefully researched and comes with independent references. So you can be absolutely sure our translations are correct. We want you to be as happy with the meaning as you are with Master Takase's beautiful artwork!

We also offer each design as original art on handmade Japanese Paper. Each piece personally brushed by Master Takase at the time of your order. These are individually and personally created works of art. We offer options for artwork unframed and framed on hand-made Japanese paper and, when appropriate, as beautiful Japanese scrolls.

If there is a design that you think would go great here then we would love to hear from you! Send your suggestion to StockKanji Design Request.

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Available Designs

Aquarius (mizugameza)

Aries (ohitsujiza)

Cancer (kaniza)

Capricorn (yagiza)

Gemini (futagoza)

Leo (shishiza)

Libra (tenbinza)

Pisces (uoza)

Sagittarius (iteza)

Scorpio (sasoriza)

Taurus (oushiza)

Virgo (otomeza)

Year of the Boar (inoshishidoshi)

Year of the Dog (inudoshi)

Year of the Dragon (tatsudoshi)

Year of the Horse (umadoshi)

Year of the Monkey (sarudoshi)

Year of the Ox (ushidoshi)

Year of the Rabbit (usagidoshi)

Year of the Rat (nezumidoshi)

Year of the Rooster (toridoshi)

Year of the Sheep (hitsujidoshi)

Year of the Snake (hebidoshi)

Year of the Tiger (toradoshi)

New Products For October

Gemini (futagoza) (VB3A)
Gemini (futagoza) (VB3A)
1.2" W x 3.0" H, Block (kaisho), Vertical
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Year of the Tiger (toradoshi)...
Year of the Tiger (toradoshi)...
1.0" W x 2.8" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Vertical
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Year of the Tiger (toradoshi)...
Year of the Tiger (toradoshi)...
1.1" W x 3.3" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Vertical
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