Ten People, Ten Colors (juunintoiro)

Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
3.5" W x 0.9" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Horizontal
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Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
0.9" W x 3.8" H, Block (kaisho), Vertical
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Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
0.8" W x 3.8" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Vertical
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Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
Ten People, Ten Colors (juuni...
0.7" W x 3.8" H, Cursive (sousho), Vertical
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Ten People, Ten Colors in Japanese is 十人十色 which is read juunintoiro.

The Japanese proverb "juunintoiro" literally translates as "ten people, ten colors". Jefferey's English <-> Japanese dictionary gives the meaning as "So many people, so many minds; everyone has his own ideas and tastes; It takes all sorts to make a world.; To each his (her) own; different strokes for different folks". I think Dennis Miller sums the idea up best when he says "People are snowflakes, man". That is, we are all different and this saying celebrates our individuality.

In Even Monkeys Fall from Trees: The Wit and Wisdom of Japanese Proverbs (Vol 1) style= by David Galef , the author equates this to the saying "There is no accounting for tastes".

Translations You Can Trust We want you to be as happy with the Japanese translation as you are with Master Takase's beautiful art. So we have made it easy to confirm the translation for yourself by simply clicking on Ten People, Ten Colors (juunintoiro) which links to the independent Jeffrey's Japanese English Dictionary. Or if you have Japanese fonts see Yahoo's dictionary entry Ten People, Ten Colors (juunintoiro).

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Ten People, Ten Colors (juunintoiro) (HB3A) 
3.5" W x 0.9" H, Block (kaisho), Horizontal
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