Believe in Yourself

jibun wo shinjiru




These hand brushed designs by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase focus on words and phrases that inspire us.


Each of our Japanese Calligraphy Designs is carefully researched and comes with independent references. This way you can be absolutely sure our translations are correct. We want you to be as happy with the meaning as you are with Master Takase's beautiful art!

Along with the immediately downloadable digital designs, we also offer each design as original art on handmade Japanese Paper and, when appropriate, as beautiful Japanese scrolls. Each original work is personally brushed and signed by Master Takase when your order is received.

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A New Beginning (aratana hajimari)

Adventure (bouken)

Auspicious (kouun)

Believe (shin)

Believe (shinjiru)

Believe in Oneself (jibun wo shinjiru)

Born Free (jiyuu ni umarete)

Creation (souzou)

Discovery (hakken)

Dream (yume)

Dreams Come True (yume ga kanau)

Excellent Luck (daikichi)

Faith (shinnen)

Favorable Turn Of Fortune (ichiyouraifuku)

Fleeting (hakanai)

Flood of Customers (senkyakubanrai)

Follow Your Heart (kokoro no mama)

Fortitude (kennin)

Fortune Smiles (un ga muku)

Freedom (jiyuu)

Girl Power (meriki)

Glory (eikou)

Good Fortune (kouun)

Good Luck (kouun)

Health (kenkou)

Hope (kibou)

Hope is our greatest treasure (kibou wa saidai no takara)

I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul

Imagine (souzou)

Impermanence (hakanai)

Invention (hatsumei)

Invictus (fukutsu)

Life is Good (jinseiryoukou)

Lifesaving (kyuumei)

Live Life (seiippai ikiru)

Live Strong (tsuyoku ikiru)

Longevity (chouju)

Miracle (kiseki)

Miraculous Comeback (kishikaisei)

New Life (shinsei)

Power (chikara)

Power of Imagination (souzouryoku)

Powerful (kyouryoku)

Realize Your Dreams (yume jitsugen)

Recovery (saiki)

Robust Health (kyouken)

Sacrifice (gisei)

Self-Preservation (jikohozon)

Smooth Sailing (junpuumanpan)

Strength (chikara)

Strength (kyouryoku)

Strength and Honor (chikara to meiyo)

Strong (kyouryoku)

Survivor (seizonsha)

Truth (shinjitsu)

Try and You Will Succeed (naseba naru)

Very Lucky (kyouun)

Victory (shouri)

Wisdom (chie)

Wonder (kiseki)

World Peace (sekai heiwa)

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