Cross (juujika)

Cross (juujika) (VC4A)
Cross (juujika) (VC4A)
0.9" W x 4.0" H, Cursive (sousho), Vertical
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Cross (juujika) (HS3A)
Cross (juujika) (HS3A)
3.1" W x 1.4" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Horizontal
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Cross (juujika) (VS2A)
Cross (juujika) (VS2A)
0.8" W x 2.9" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Vertical
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Cross (juujika) (VB3A)
Cross (juujika) (VB3A)
1.1" W x 3.4" H, Block (kaisho), Vertical
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Cross in Japanese is 十字架 which is read juujika.

The Japanese word juujika means "Cross, the Cross (of Christ)" and is composed of the word (read juuji) meaning "cross" and the kanji (read ka) meaning "frame; support; construct".

Translations You Can Trust We want you to be as happy with the Japanese translation as you are with Master Takase's beautiful art. So we have made it easy to confirm the translation for yourself by simply clicking on Cross (juujika) which links to the independent Jeffrey's Japanese English Dictionary. Or if you have Japanese fonts see Yahoo's dictionary entry Cross (juujika).

Order as a Tattoo Design, Graphic Art or Art

For Tattoos: You immediately get your design when your order is placed. There is no waiting!And we provide you with everything you need for the perfect Japanese tattoo including the line art (also called a stencil) that your tattoo artist will need to correctly ink the design. Just print the design and take it to your favorite tattoo artist. Getting the perfect Japanese Tattoo is now safe and easy!

Original Art

You may also order your favorite design as an original work of art. These art pieces are individually created originals personally brushed and signed by Master Takase.

We have several options for art including unframed and framed. These options are on handmade Japanese paper which we purchase directly from papermakers in Kochi Japan. This unique paper is perfect for Western-style framing and truly brings out the beauty of the brush strokes.

And, along with the art on handmade Japanese paper, we also offer this design as a Japanese Scroll. These beautiful scrolls which we import ourselves from the scroll makers in Nara, Japan have silk borders and come ready to display. Japanese scrolls are also affordable and will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

While the download designs are available immediately, these beautiful works of art normally require two business days to be completed and mailed from Takase Studios in the beautiful state of Washington.

If you have any questions please contact us

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Cross (juujika) (HC2A) 
2.4" W x 1.1" H, Cursive (sousho), Horizontal
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Cross (juujika) (HS3A) 
3.1" W x 1.4" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Horizontal
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Cross (juujika) (VB3A) 
1.1" W x 3.4" H, Block (kaisho), Vertical
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Cross (juujika) (VC4A) 
0.9" W x 4.0" H, Cursive (sousho), Vertical
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Cross (juujika) (VD4A) 
1.0" W x 4.0" H, Design, Vertical
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Cross (juujika) (VS2A) 
0.8" W x 2.9" H, Semi-Cursive (gyousho), Vertical
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Cross (juujika) (VT3A) 
0.9" W x 3.9" H, Seal (tensho), Vertical
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