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Welcome! StockKanji has thousands of original Japanese designs by artist and Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase.

Whether you are looking for the perfect Japanese tattoo or commercial use graphics we have thousands of designs to choose from all of which.can be downloaded immediately with your order.

Don't see exactly what you want? We also offer completely Custom Japanese Tattoos, Custom Graphics, Custom Art, and Custom Japanese Scrolls.

Happiness Japanese Tattoo Designs True Victory is Victory Over Oneself (masakatsu agatsu) Eternal Love (eiai) in Japanese
Happiness (koufuku) in Japanese
Japanese for True Victory is Victory Over Oneself (masakatsu agatsu)
masakatsu agatsu
True Victory is Victory Over Oneself
Eternal Love (eiai) in Japanese
Eternal Love

Each and every design on StockKanji has been carefully researched and documented. We even provide links to independent sources so you can easily confirm the translations for yourself.

We want you to be as happy with the meaning as you are with Master Takase's beautiful art.

Japanese Tattoo Designs can be immediately downloaded. Place your order then click on the link we provide to get your design. It is just that easy. There is no waiting and we provide you with everything you need for the perfect Japanese Tattoo.

And every design may be purchased as original hand-letter art personally created by Master Takase on beautiful handmade Japanese paper. This original art normally takes a only day or two to complete.

Completely Custom Japanese Calligraphy
Work with Master Takase to create exactly the art you want
Custom Japanese Tattoo   Custom Japanese Calligraphy   Custom Japanese Scrolls

Sample Japanese Tattoo Design Our beautifully crafted and well-documented Japanese tattoo designs are available immediately when your order is placed. There is no waiting. Get the design you want and get it now.

Our Japanese tattoo designs come as an Adobe PDF file which is ideal because it prints out exactly as Master Takase brushed the characters. We also include vectorized line art (also called a stencil) which your tattoo artist must have to properly ink the design. And, because the line art is vectorized, the tattoo can be resized and the line art will print out crisp.

Click on the sample design on the right and see exactly what we mean. Notice the design is fully documented and how nicely it prints out. You may also easily resize the design to fit your needs. This is exactly what your tattoo artist needs to ink the perfect Japanese tattoo.

The Adobe PDF Reader comes installed on almost all computers. If you do not have it or if you have a problem opening the Sample Japanese Tattoo Design then you can download and install the latest version free.

Download the latest Adobe PDF Reader for free: Adobe

My Life Japanese Tattoo Designs Love in Japanese Family Bonds in Japanese
You are My Life in Japanese
Love in Japanese
Family Bonds in Japanese
Family Bonds
Work with Master Takase to create a Custom Japanese Tattoo Design. The process is fast, fun and informative - designs often completed in a few days.

Who Designed Your Japanese Tattoo?

Wouldn't it be nice to confidently reply, "Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase!"?

The truth is many people don't know who designed their kanji tattoo - they walk into a tattoo shop and pick something based on the English. Not sure if it is correct. Not even sure if it is Japanese. The tattoo artist doesn't know. It could be right, it could be ambiguous, it could be something so archaic as to be meaningless, or even much worse. Don't let this be you!

Order from StockKanji.com and shop with confidence as each of Master Takase's designs has been carefully researched and documented. And we prove it! We provide links to independent dictionaries and resources so you can easily confirm the translation for yourself. This way you you can be absolutely confident that your Japanese Tattoo both looks great and is accurate. And if you ever have a question, you know you can always contact us and get your question answered.

Custom Japanese Scrolls

Custom Japanese Scrolls

Japanese Scrolls, called kakemono, are true works of art. Often displayed in traditional Japanese settings such as in a dojo, as a centerpiece in a tokonoma, as part of the Japanese tea ceremony, or displayed with bonsai or suiseki.

Throughout history, Japanese scrolls have been an integral part of Japanese culture and aesthetics. And today one sees Japanese Scrolls, with earth-tone silk borders, as accent pieces in Western-style decor. Whether displayed traditionally, or custom framed, Japanese Scrolls are beautiful and affordable works of art.

Many of the designs on StockKanji.com can be ordered as an original Japanese scroll. Simply check the "Hand-Brushed Art" for your favorite design to see if it is available.

We also offer completely custom scrolls giving you the opportunity to work directly with Master Takase to create exactly the scroll you want. Visit Custom Japanese Scrolls to learn more.

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Susanna With Meaning Lily...
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Susanna With Meaning Lily...
Susanna With Meaning Lily...
Susanna in katakana written vertically with the meaning Lily (yuri) written in kanji.
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Susanna With Meaning Lily...
Susanna With Meaning Lily...
Susanna in katakana written vertically with the meaning Lily (yuri) written in kanji.
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Custom Japanese Tattoo Design
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design
Express yourself with a Japanese Tattoo that is as unique as you are. Work with Master Eri Takase on a Japanese tattoo that is just for you.
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Custom Japanese Scroll
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Custom Tattoo: Love
Custom Tattoo: Love
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