Kaisho Basic CD Set Lessons 1 - 24

Kaisho Basic CD Set Lessons 1 - 24

This set consists of four CD-ROMs and covers the complete basics of the Kaisho font. The diligent student will take one year to complete and master these four CD-ROM's.

The focus should not be how fast one can progress but rather how thoroughly one can master the material.

CD001 Learn Japanese Calligraphy: Lessons 1 - 6


1. tools 2. lines 3. ei (eternity)
4. hon (book) 5. ji (self) 6. yuu (reason)


CD002 Learn Japanese Calligraphy: Lessons 7 - 12


7. shu (lord) 8. tsuki (moon) 9. hana (flower)
10. iwa (rock) 11. tomo (friend) 12. me (eye)


CD003 Learn Japanese Calligraphy: Lessons 13 - 18


13. mimi (ear) 14. te (hand) 15. kome (rice)
16. kuni (country) 17. hikari (light) 18. sora (sky)


CD004 Learn Japanese Calligraphy: Lessons 19 - 25


19. miru (look) 20. tenchi (heaven) 21. haru kaze (spring wind)
22. kokki (self-restraint) 23. senshin (clear mind) 24. ki (joy)


Requires Microsoft Windows (tm)


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