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Full Name in Katakana Vertical
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Special Order Full Name in Japanese (Katakana)

Katakana is the standard way non-Japanese names are translated to Japanese and is how names appear in the dictionary. Katakana preserves the pronunciation and is the option most likely to be recognized as a name. And, because katakana is like an alphabet, the characters have no meanings.

Three Versions Means You Have A Choice

The design you receive has three variations of the name - The translation is exactly the same it is just that we want you to have a choice and so include three unique variations. Each is written vertically in katakana in a style that matches the sample shown on the left and the rest of the names in our catalog.

See What You Get

For an example of the design you will receive see Sophia Vergara. The design is in Adobe PDF format so it prints out exactly as designed by Master Takase. The full name comes in three different fonts. The design also includes line art (also called a stencil) that is particularly useful if you intend to ink the design. The name can be edited or resized and the image remains crisp allowing you to tailor the design to fit your needs. 

Full names in Japanese katakana is perfect for Martial Arts belts and for printing on Martial Arts Certificates.

Ordering is safe, easy, and takes just seconds
Special orders emailed in as little as a single business day

Special order a name in katakana and the design, personally hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, will be emailed to you in as little as a single business day.

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