Cutom Master Rank Certificates

Cutom Master Rank Certificates
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Martial Arts certificates can be a work of art and a source of inspiration in addition to being a method of documenting student and instructor progress.

At Takase Studios we take great care in working with you on both the translation and layout to create a custom master certificate that is just right for your school. We provide the individual attention and work directly with you to create just the right certificate.

Once you are completely satisfied with the sample design, Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase will create the master certificate and a separate sheet with matching dan and kyuu ranks. This hand-lettered master certificate along with the matching sheet of ranks will be mailed to you and so there are no other charges.

Japanese certificates are well defined and have a long tradition. This guides both the wording, the border and the layout. While this is appropriate in many cases, each certificate is an individual work and has particular requirements that must be met.

In some cases English needs to be added to the certificate. Unfortunately Japanese Calligraphy and English calligraphy are very different. In these circumstances we recommend working with the copy company to include a suitable font and layout for the English.

All you need to begin is to place the order and generally let us know the following:

1) Award Text
2) Martial Art Style
3) Issuing Authority or Association
4) School Name
5) Instructors/School Founder and formal titles

That is it. We would then work with you on the translation of the elements and begin with samples of how the certificate might look. We would continue this iterative process until the certificate is just right. Then, based on the final sample, Master Calligrapher Eri Takase will create the master certificate which is mailed to you along with the matching dan and kyuu ranks.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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