Japanese Tattoo Designs - Professionally Combined

Japanese Tattoo Designs - Professionally Combined

It is possible to order several different StockKanji designs and by working with your tattoo artist to combine these into a single design. However, the designs were done at different times and may not match exactly and so we get requests to do this work. This is not a custom design, but rather we would create a single design combining the elements you order into a single design.

To have us do all the work simply order the individual designs you would like combined and then when you order this option let us know in the description how you see the design and we will put it together for you. In the end you will have a single design that combines the design and is sized properly.

This is not a custom design but we do the work of balancing and resizing the design for you. If you would like more changes and customization, we recommend the completely custom tattoo designs which offers much more flexibility in changing the design.

And, as always should you have any questions please contact us.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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