Action Before Words


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Action Before Words in Japanese is Japanese word for Action Before Words (fugenjikkou) which is read fugenjikkou.

The Japanese phrase fugenjikkou translates as "Action Before Words; Actions speak louder than words; No talk, all deeds" and is a combination of the words fugen meaning "Silent" and jikkou meaning "Action".

For other scrolls and designs using this phrase see Action Before Words (fugenjikkou).

This is an original scroll hand-lettered by Master Takase with Master Takase's seal and signature on the lower left of the scroll.

The scroll itself is made in Japan and the border is high quality silk. The scroll comes ready to display. Master Takase is the only person in the US importing and using these high quality scrolls.

The scroll measures 12 3/4" W x 43" H.

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Work directly with Master Takase to create a design this is just for you.

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