Custom Tattoo: Family Bonds

Custom Tattoo: Family Bonds
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Family Bonds beautifully represents the bond that connects a family.

The main character is Family Bonds (kizuna). Surrounded by the family bonds character are the names of each family member translated to Japanese using katakana. Here the parents are written to either side with the children protected in-between. And at the center is a small red seal for Eternity.

This is a completely custom design and you will be working with Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase to create a Japanese calligraphy tattoo that is just for you. You are welcome to enter the names in the description below or email us with the details.

Takase Studios has both native English and native Japanese speaking translators so you know the translation will be absolutely correct. Further we provide you with dictionary references and work with you until you are completely comfortable with the design.

Along with the translation we work with you on the font and layout. We do this by emailing you samples that are hand-lettered by Master Takase. We then discuss and modify the design as needed. In this manner you will have input into each step and is how we will work together to create a Japanese calligraphy tattoo that is just for you.

The final design is delivered digitally in Adobe PDF format. This way you can be sure that the final design will print out just as Master Takase designed it. This is a single use design and while the design may easily be resized then design may not be edited. Also, along with the original artwork we include the line art that your tattoo artist will need to properly ink the design.

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