Jason (jay-son, jeison)

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The Name Jason (when pronounced jay-son) in Japanese katakana is ジェイソン with the romaji jeison. We also offer Jason in hiragana which while not standard may be preferred when a more feminine design is wanted. Jason in hiragana is じぇいそん.

Translations You Can Trust Look up Jason in Jeffrey's J/E Dictionary at Jason. People using this exact same translation are Jason Alexander (ジェイソン・アレクサンダー), Jason Cadieux (ジェイソン・カドゥー), Jason Carter (ジェイソン・カーター), Jason Isaacs (ジェイソン・アイザックス) and Harvey Jason (ハーヴィ・ジェイソン). The popular Japanese site Movie Walker also show celebrities named Jason that use this translation to Japanese.

The name Jason means 'Healer'. Click here to see designs of the Japanese word for Healer (iyasu) The name Jason means "Healer" which in kanji is iyasu written 癒す

If you are only interested in the meaning of the name Jason then click on the image for all the available options.

We also offer designs below that have both the pronunciation of Jason in kana and the meaning in kanji. These beautiful designs translate both aspects (the meaning and pronunciation) of the name to Japanese.

The name Jason is from the Greek. Learn more about the etymology of Jason at BehindTheName. Jason's meaning can also be confirmed on page 13 in A Dictionary of First Names (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Hanks, Hardcastle, and Hodges.

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Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products)


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