Issa - A world of grief and pain, Flowers bloom, Even then (ku no shaba ya sakura ga sakeba saita tote)

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Issa - A world of grief and pain, Flowers bloom, Even then in Japanese is 苦の娑婆や桜が咲けば咲いたとて which is read ku no shaba ya sakura ga sakeba saita tote.

In the book The Spring of My Life: And Selected Haiku style= the translator Sam Hamill suggests the translation "This suffering world: the flowers will blossom, but even at that …".

There are several interpretations to this poem Rev. Mas Kodani writes that "Shaba refers to the world of Samsara, the world of self-centered, self-creating delusion, the unawakened state ..." and Issa is encouraging us by saying that even in such a world, good things still happen.

A second interpretation is more morose. David G. Lanoue touches on this giving the translation "world of pain - and the cherry blossoms add to it". If I recall correctly R. H. Blyth concurs saying this poem was written in reference to the death of one of Issa's children - That beauty had the audacity to be in the same world made Issa's pain all the greater. What do you think?

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)


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