Garden (niwa)

Garden, Gardens (niwa) (VD1B)
Garden, Gardens (niwa) (VD1B)
2.0" W x 1.9" H, Design
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Garden in Japanese is εΊ­ which is read niwa.

Japanese nouns have no grammatical number or gender. So niwa is both singular and plural which means that niwa refers to a single Garden as well as to several. Learn more at Wikipedia's Japanese Language.

Translations You Can Trust We want you to be as happy with the Japanese translation as you are with Master Takase's beautiful art. So we have made it easy to confirm the translation for yourself by simply clicking on Garden (niwa) which links to the independent Jeffrey's Japanese English Dictionary. Or if you have Japanese fonts see Yahoo's dictionary entry Garden (niwa).

Order as a Tattoo Design, Graphic Design or Hand-Brushed Art

Each design may be ordered as a Tattoo Design (Adobe PDF), a Commercial Design (JPG) or as original hand-brushed art. Tattoo Designs and commercial use Graphic Art Designs can be immediately downloaded when your order is placed. The hand-brushed art is personally created by Master Takase when your order is placed and so the art takes a day or two to be created and is then mailed.

For Tattoos: We provide you with everything you need for the perfect Japanese tattoo including the line art (also called a stencil) that your tattoo artist must have to correctly ink the design. And you get your design immediately when your order is placed. There is no waiting! So all you need to do is print the design and take it to your favorite tattoo artist. And your tattoo artist does not even need to know Japanese! Getting the perfect Japanese tattoo really is just this easy.

For Graphics: Each design may also be ordered for use as a graphic image in JPG format in the resolutions 72 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi. The lower resolutions are suitable for websites and crafts. The higher resolutions are suitable for print such as marketing material, advertisements and book illustrations. See the Licensing Agreement for usage information.

For Hand-Brushed Art: We are also pleased to offer each design as an original hand-brushed work of art. Each piece is personally created by Master Takase when your order is placed. We offer several unframed and framed options on handmade Japanese paper which we purchase directly from the papermakers in Kochi Japan. And, when the design allows, we also offer the art as a beautiful Japanese Scroll. See the individual design for the available options.

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Garden, Gardens (niwa) (VD1A) 
1.8" W x 1.7" H, Design
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Garden, Gardens (niwa) (VD1B) 
2.0" W x 1.9" H, Design
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